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How to play World of Illusion


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Since WOI is a very interesting quest to farm during Christmas Event, I decided to make a guide for it.

First of all I’m posting videos of every pattern of Tower stage since it is usually the most deadly, and many people don’t know what to do (especially with the Switches).
Then I will give detailed tips / information in different level sections:


  • D-rank Quest information for ignorants
  • C-rank : Beginner Guide for WOI newbies
  • B-rank : Intermediate Guide for regular WOI players
  • A-rank : Advanced Guide for expert WOI players / Soloists / Dark Flowers


Each guide beyond D will be split into stages sub-sections.
I am not listing every single tip (especially what is not specific to the quest) or it would never end and it would be a hassle to read.


So here’s the 6th stage in pratice:


Tower - Switches pattern


Tower - Bunkers pattern


Tower - Flat pattern



World of Illusion a.k.a WOI is a quest available on Ultimate only, composed of 7 different stages.
Every cleared stage can get you a Photon Drop. The probabilities for each stage are:

  • 20%  Temple Alpha
  • 40%  Temple Beta
  • 80%  Spaceship
  • 90%  Central Control Area
  • 100% Seabed
  • 100% Control Tower
  • 100% Olga Flow


The particularity of this quest is that as soon as your HP reach 0, you get instakicked from the quest (sent to Forest then Lobby). Usually you will not even notice you died before seeing the loading screen, but don’t think there was a bug: something definitely got you.
You will also be ejected after clearing the quest.

WOI is known as the fastest quest of Ultima to farm PDs, but you will a need a decent gear and a solid team in order to survive. It is one of the hardest quests on the server.
It is also the “potential” fastest way to Olga Flow with a 4P team.
The quest spawns vary from a run to another because every stage has different possible patterns.



While you run the quest, make sure you always have a free slot in inventory before stage clear because you CANNOT receive Photon Drops if your inventory is 30/30 (even if there are Photon drops already).
Starting from Seabed, if you don’t receive a PD, that means your inventory was full.


Always bring a cast OR something that gives vision on traps (trap vision, trap/search, Lieutnant mantle, Agent-K costume, Bewbs costume) because almost all traps of this quest are deadly. Unless you are playing with veterans, make sure to destroy every single trap as soon as possible if you are a Cast. There are traps in Temple Beta, Spaceship, Seabed and Tower.

I will name the people in charge of traps the Deminers.


Save your mates and traps as much as possible because the further progress in the quest, the more you will need them.


If you feel uncomfortable with keeping a Photon Blast ready, just reset it (unequip/reequip the mag) whenever you hit 100. Because a PB mistake can mean your whole team failure.
Even when everyone is ready, wait for a veteran’s signal because while sometimes it “looks safe”, it may actually not. A delayed spawn that appear during PB animation might then kill every player who did not do a PB and there is nothing they can do to dodge.


Temple Alpha

There is a lot of Lilies in that room, so try to get as much EDK as you can for this stage, and if you can’t, make sure to stun or dodge them when they shoot. If you are non Cast, don’t stay too close to them or you might often get paralysed.


Temple Beta

Deminers shall move forward first and destroy the traps while the laser fences open.
At some point the lights will turn off, 2 megid towers will pop at center of the top half of the room, while 2 gizonde towers will pop at center of the bottom half. So there are two safe spots to use if you have low ETH or EDK: stick to the door at very north or at the very middle of the room. You will be out of detection range from those two points.



Deminers shall destroy 4 traps that circle the middle of the room. 2 of them are behind the walls.
When the laser fence open, there will be 4 gizonde towers. You can either destroy them (need 10 hits per tower) or stay at center.


Central Control Area

This is where the real danger starts.
Gibbles crits, Mericarol spits, Gi gue multiple rafoie balls, there are many ways to die.


Freeze Gibbles if you are cast or ranger, same with MeriX (short for Mericarol/Mericus/Merikle) IF you cannot combo kill them at spawn (Mericarols can also be paralysed easily).

There is one pattern that has 4 gibarta traps at some point. When they get out, go to any cardinal border. Destroying them is not recommended because it requires 99 hits per tower.
Remember you are out of detection range but NOT out of gibarta range: that means if a teamate lined up with you triggers the tower, you can also get frozen.
Getting frozen here can get you killed in 0.01 second because of Gibbles multi-hits so do not underestimate the weak gibartas.



2 deadly traps above laser fences for deminers.

At some point, an alarm will ring with flashing red lights. You will get about 30 seconds to rush into a safety zone.
One (or two) of the two laser fences will open. 
If it’s the little plateform, get to the very corner, as far as possible from the center of the map, behind the foie tower, and don’t touch the door until everything explodes.
Hit the tower 99 times to destroy it (use some mechguns).
If it’s the large plateform, go wherever as far as possible from the room center. Just for safety purpose, have deminers go first because you might encounter 3 death traps here. (Those actually don’t need trap vision because 3 seconds delay before boom) If they’re not here, you’ll get gizonde towers instead.
Once the big explosion happened, you are free to go wherever you want (not to hell).




Flat Pattern


4 wide range mines in the room at the beginning. Careful sometimes they appear slightly later.

Make sure deminers did their job before you even start to move.
Don’t do PB at beginning because Delbiters incoming after a few seconds.


Bunkers Pattern


Always stay far from the walls in the middle, because mines appear in there.
One spawn is composed by a MeriX in every bunker and a Delbiter, either handle the MeriX or take the Delbiter aggro so they won’t interrupt other players stunlocking the MeriX.

Switches Pattern


The infamous "WOI Tower Switches".

DO NO PRESS THOSE SWITCHES if you don’t know what you are doing.
Pressing a switch will cause an instant blast in the room quarter corresponding to the switch location. This blast will kill everything (monster or player) in that area.
They are used to get rid of the biggest threat of this pattern: the four 5x MeriX spawns.


When the laser fences open, one player shall place to the middle north of the switches, ready to press (I will name it the Lighthouse role because it doesn’t move much and enlightens the whole room with the switches), while the others first stay at south part of the room (I will name them the Scouts roles).


The one who does the switches has to stay BETWEEN the two switches at north at first for two reasons:
1) The blast will hit you if you are a little too close to a room quarter.
2) You will have to react quickly and hit the CORRECT switch when the enemies appear.
The spawn order is not "fixed" so just remember this:
- the First Merigroup spawns at north (east or west)
- the Last Merigroup spawns at south (east or west)
Once you got rid of the north spawns, go to the south for the next ones, and do the same thing.
When pressing a switch, do not directly move towards the blast, or you will die as well.

You can press it as soon as you hear the spawn sound, just don't hit the wrong button or you will be summoning chaos.


First of all, DO NOT stay in danger area. When the laser fences open, stay at south. Once the first switch has been pressed, go to the corresponding room quarter (without passing through the other north quarter) so that you can be safe from the remaining Lighthouse explosions.
Defend the Lighthouse: if for some reason they cannot press a switch, then attack/stun the Mericarols. If everything goes fine, just get aggro and kill the other monsters (Epsilon, Delbiter, Gibbles) before they bother the Lighthouse. Try to attract Epsilons so that they don’t prevent the Lighthouse from pressing a switch.


Note that the roles are not fixed: you could get 2 Lighthouses, one at north and one at south, or even get 4 Lighthouses and attribute one switch per person if you like to play with fire. (only 1 or 2 is highly recommended)
And feel free to replace the Lighthouse as a Scout if they cannot reach the next switch.

If you still are all too afraid to do the switches, it is definitely possible to deal without those.
Have a cast at Meri locations so they can use Freeze traps at spawn. Or a ranger to stunlock the 5 MeriX with something like Dark Meteor. There can only be at most 2 Merigroups alive at once.


Olga Flow

Wait a few seconds before hitting the second form at beginning for no early Divine Punishment.
Get rid of Gael Giel before the next Divine Punishment for more safety.
Beware feet multi hit can instakill big HP characters such as Racast, so stay away from them.
If you can’t kill Gael Giel in time, freeze them while they’re far from everyone.




The biggest threat in Temple is groups of Indi Belras.
As a Force, you MUST Jellen them as soon as they activate in order to reduce the chances of them death-comboing one of your teammates.
Remember Jellen and Zalure have a 10 targets limit, so you might not necessarily tag all of them if there are more monsters.

Then you have the Lilies. Groups of Ob Lilies usually aren’t dangerous, but as soon as there is a Mil Lily in a group, it is possible that every Lily in the room gets a randomly boosted Megid (that can reach lvl 30) so be careful and watch the Megids size and speed.




Baranz: either kill it in one combo if you are sure you can get it before it fires or freeze it with freeze trap, Frozen shooter or Snow queen. The latter is useful when you know triple Baranz spawns locations.
NEVER damage a Baranz if it’s not frozen or you are not finishing it. It will cause it to fire 8 or 16 missiles instead of 4 when full life.
When the first wave of this stage is a 9 gillchichs group, it means you are getting the most dangerous (but also the fastest) pattern: there will be 2 groups of triple baranz and everything will go very quick. If you don’t freeze them asap, there will be casulties. First group will appear at north, second group at south (beyond the laser fence). There will also be a single Baranz at middle.


Central Control Area

Mericarols: while their spit attack speed is much slower than her other two sisters, be very careful because they often don’t get stunned if you hit them a frame too late. And you can guess what happens next if you finish a combo while the Mericarol is firing a shot at you.



Trick the 4 Morfos by looking away at spawn so that their lasers can’t hit you.

Split your team so the Delbiter won't all charge everyone.



In this stage (as well as CCA), always pay attention to what monsters appear at every wave so that you won’t get surprised by a MeriX on your back or something. Remember there is a specific spawn sound that only MeriX and Gi Gues (instaspawn type) use in this area.

Del Lily: there are only 3 of them and in only one of the 3 patterns. 92 EDK gives you immunity against their Megid.


Ill Gill: jellen them if you can to nerf their charge damage. But remember their purple scythe can always one shot you if your EDK is below 100.

Epsilons: There are two types of Epsilons in WOI:
- Regular Epsilons, they open after 4 Rafoie blasts and move at normal speed.
- Warping Epsilons, they open after 6 Rafoie and keep teleporting next to nearby players.
2 out of the 3 patterns have 4 Warping Epsilons as a final wave. If you are lucky, there is no purple one. 
If there are, split them as much as possible: everyone gets a different corner and try to stand still. Run only WHEN they open.

Purple Epsiguards from Warping Epsilon are genuinely dangerous because an unexpected warp location with early Epsiguard activation can send any Veteran with STA straight to Forest/Lobby.
If you feel like it’s going to be a close call and you have 100 EFR, try to unequip your shield in order to get knocked down by Rafoie, so that while the 6th Rafoie hits you, you get a couple frames of invulnerability in order to escape from the purple Epsiguards. Of course do not forget to equip the shield back or even Blue Epsiguards will be deadly.


Olga Flow

Don’t jellen. It’s useless.

It does not affect Olga stomp damage unlike what PSO-World says.



In fact, you need no more than 2 Trap visions to clear the whole quest solo.
Every traps but the ones in Temple Beta can be dodged or destroyed before blast.


As force, right before you get hit by big DPS enemies (Delbiter, Gibbles, Ill Gill), spells (if not 100 RES already), fast equip Glide Divine for additional 90 DEF and 15 RES.


Temple Alpha


If you are using DF, remember Indi Belras first shoot with their right arm so move to your right to dodge the first hit. 
Without Jellen even the weakest mobs can kill you.
Care hildebear spawns and lost belra arms.
Don’t yell at the force for using Resta when they need to.


Temple Beta

The traps in that area deal exactly 1960 damage, so you can tank them on some class and also trigger invincibility.
DO NOT try to do that if you see a teammate ignoring your intentions who is going to rush into the next corridor part when the lasers open. It would be selfish to cause one’s death because you didn’t want to break the trap.

On solo, you might want to get behind the walls to have a wider maneuvering area. Jellen a weak monster remaining (if you can) and let it hit you through the rock part of the wall and push you to the other side.


For DF, there are some delayed Belras, don’t Freeze trap those, spawn kill them one by one before they attack.



If you are solo and get overwhelmed by Baranzes, you can use a safe spot at the north west door. Do not do that in teams because it would concentrate their fire power on your other teammates thus increase their chances of dying.

The Baranz missiles deal 232 damage each, so you can tank a full-armored Baranz (928 damage), you can tank a first-armor-removed Baranz if you have more than 1856 HP, but you will not survive a full missiles-voley from a second-armor-removed Baranz (3712 damage).


Central Control Area

For solo, you can leave one Gee alive at the beginning in order to delay a part of the next enemies spawn.


If you are Force and feel like you will eventually get hit by a Gibbles, do Jellen first.
It is common belief that Jellen doesn’t affect Gibbles’ damage. It does, Jellen prevents Gibbles from OHKO’ing a maxed Fomarl with critics although you will often get a fixed 600 damage punch.


For DF, always keep an eye on the minimap. You see Gibbles drops before they land and can hence quick mate to survive.



It is possible to break red alarm traps before they explode. Note that this is difficult to perform because they explode very quickly, so do not try that unless you are certain you won’t have time to go up. A timed force’s Gifoie is the easiest and safest way to perform, but that is also risky: if your timing or placement is a little off, you will die as well.


Doing that on solo can be useful because you will not have enough time to get rid of the Foie tower trap alone before next spawn.

Foie tower combined to incoming Sinow Zoa’s / Delbiter can be deadly: if it hits you at the same time as the enemy, it might cancel your knockdown hence let you get multiple hits of insane damage (easy 2-hits K.O)




Warping Epsilons
If there are purple ones, you can try to trigger invincibility by unequipping your armor with proper mag and HP removal.
BEFORE you do that, make sure Epsilons spawns are at least slightly delayed. Because two rafoie blasts at exact same time and you’re dead. Watch their first blasts carefully to see if they are synchro. If so it might be better not to trigger.
Don’t trigger on the first blasts or your invincibility will go too early when they actually open.

Epsilon damage:

  • 1169 if 30 EFR (no armor, Red Ring)
  • 1671 if 0 EFR (no armor, no shield)
  • 1420 if 15 EFR (no armor, no shield, Glide Divine)


If you are solo, safe and think you don't have time to kill them all before they close again, focus them in that order:

Yellow > Blue > Red Purple.

(Because Yellow ones become Purple next, in this order: Red => Blue => Yellow => Purple => Red ...)


Switches Pattern:
You can glitch in to get between the 4 switches (with daggers for example), and camp in the room center point. From this point you can press any of the 4 switches, just make sure you don’t press one "by mistake".


Do that only if you are very confident about your situation control, because you will not be able to dodge any MeriX attack from here, use A-action and an Epsilon is going to annoy you.

If you see someone in the danger area, you can choose to save them by covering them and NOT press the switch. Just value the danger and estimate if you can handle this safely.


Bunker Pattern:
For DF users, the white walls can protect you from delbiter lasers, just make sure they don’t CHARGE at you.

Now you are no longer allowed to die in this quest. Good luck with the PGF hunts ~




@assface's solo Hucast videos





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Added Assface's video
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4 hours ago, R-78 said:

Beware feet multi hit can instakill big HP characters such as Racast, so stay away from them.


That.... I've never witnessed so far :onion-head49: (only weak kicks and also stepping on me, but multihit? Only Kondrieu Is so evil with spinners and trucking me mid-hit Dx ) (Dark Falz second phase Is another case ;o)

4 hours ago, R-78 said:

If it’s the little plateform, get to the very corner, as far as possible from the center of the map, behind the foie tower, and don’t touch the door until everything explodes.


The door also kills? :onion-head06:

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The switch room makes a whole lot more sense now. So basically once you open the barriers it's:


Top Left (North West) first....5 seconds before next spawn, Top Right, wait 20 seconds...Bottom Right...wait 20 seconds...Bottom Left. 


So start top left and work clockwise...easy enough to remember.


Thank you!

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@TheIronSheik be carefull, sometimes right spawns before left

if you deal with north buttons, turn your camera to north in order to see the both spawn zones 

And ofc camera looking at the south for the south buttons

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1 hour ago, Kotta said:

The door also kills? :onion-head06:

Not the door itself, but mines area affect reach the door.


50 minutes ago, TheIronSheik said:

Top Left (North West) first....5 seconds before next spawn, Top Right, wait 20 seconds...Bottom Right...wait 20 seconds...Bottom Left. 

So start top left and work clockwise...easy enough to remember.

As I said, no. It can also start with top right as it can finish with bottom right.


4 hours ago, R-78 said:

The spawn order is not "fixed" so just remember this:
- the First Merigroup spawns at north (east or west)
- the Last Merigroup spawns at south (east or west)


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6 hours ago, Kotta said:



That.... I've never witnessed so far :onion-head49: (only weak kicks and also stepping on me, but multihit? Only Kondrieu Is so evil with spinners and trucking me mid-hit Dx ) (Dark Falz second phase Is another case ;o)




I witnessed something new against Olga Flow:

In the first phase, he Insta-killed me with his Flow special.


It was something like, he did a weak attack with a sword that made me flinch (weird since the sword would make me fall), and right before ending frame of staggering, the flows proceeded and killed me Instantly. [Yes, multi-hit flow special]


(of course, I was playing RAcast, so It shouldn't apply to certain other classes, hopefully:onion-head49: )


Edited by Kotta
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On 12/31/2020 at 1:06 AM, Kotta said:

he did a weak attack with a sword that made me flinch (weird since the sword would make me fall)

Attacks that deal less than 25% of your total HP don't make you fall (except specific ones such as Ill Gill charge or Epsilon rafoie).

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  • 1 year later...

This is such a great guide i never saw this post before, but i actually saw all the wois videos from shiida youtube channel wihout knowing this guide,  i downloaded these videos  and study every single part to be able to do it as a solo. ((So this is the right place to put my solo woi version.

ty Shiida keep the good work!

Pd: i have to thank my team legion for join me in my adventures and the silly Crank(hucast) as well that is always doing woi spam.


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