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Confirmed Valentines Drops 2018


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2 minutes ago, MulciberOrbis said:


thats wrong. just got an alliance uniform

Sorry for the trouble, there is a correlation with this post:

¬†From now on "EP4 ULT¬†‚óÄԳ鬆Satellite Lizard¬†" is¬†a regular drop,¬†thanks for the report.


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Can we get black text for greenhill, skyly, whitill?  Also, I like the presentation.  Thanks for putting this together.

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18 hours ago, ioes20 said:

Slicer of vengence from dark bringer on greenill

do i really need to say its on ep1 on ultimate



this wasn't added and a friend of mines just got one from it.

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22 minutes ago, Chrisds said:

Also the whitil melqueek is named twice once on kroes sweater and angel harp and I found the angel harp.

There is a correlation with the previous post from Thales:

On 15/2/2018 at 12:03 AM, thales_du_has1@hotmail.com said:

Kroe's Sweater
EP1 ULT ‚óÄ Ôłé¬†Ôłé¬†¬†Melqueek¬† - Whitill


Since your confirmation is matching with the previous dropchart from 2017, I will remove the White Kroe's Sweater drop. Thanks for the report, its fixed!

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