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Hunter's Weapons Guide.


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Hello everyone :), after noticing that many people were often asking me for advices to optimize their hunters equipments, i've decided to create this topic in order to help as many people as possible to know the best possible choices when it comes to hunter's optimal gears.


- Primary Category often refers to endgame equipments, it's basically the best and strongest equipments you can get ( along with the situationnal/crowd control items ofc.. ).

- Secondary refers to low lv/cheap items, often not hard to get but still useful and decently strong. 

- Red Color stand for Hunter Type Weapons.

- Blue Color stand for Ranger Type Weapons but equippable by Hunters Class.

- Yellow Color stand for Force Type Weapons but equippale by Hunters Class.

- Green Color stand for Armors.

- Purple Color stand for Shields.

- Cyan Color stand for Units.


If you want to get full and detailled informations on any items, click on their names and you'll be linked to the wiki.

( Thanks Captain Obvious lol )


Let's start :


:swo:Sword :



Primary : 


- Dark Flow : the extremely OP special, which is throwing 5 huge waves of divine fire in front of you does make it the best sword of the game and if correctly used, the strongest one target weapon of the entire game as well, abeast/machine and native/dark is the best attributes combinations in my opinion if you want to play optimally everywhere ).

- Tsumikiri J-Sword : ( special is a big wave of energy that can never miss and does the damage of hard attack, even if it become situationnal and only used for special as long as you have DF, a set would be optimal ).


Secondary :


- Master Sword : ( special is same of TJS but with inferior damage ).

- Crimson Sword / Red Sword : ( crimson is arrest special, red is unreduced seize special, both can also be used for decent damage  ).

- Zanba : ( special berserk for hucast/humar only, very strong but very risky, so it's situationnal ).

- Charge/Berserk/Spirit Calibur : ( cheapest way if you can't afford DF/TJS ).

- Flowen's Sword 3084 : ( special is spirit, only worth using with humar/hunewearl ).

- Chain Sawd : ( if you care about recovering your hp's while hitting monsters ).

- Sil Dragon Slayer : ( with 650 ATP max and 70 ata base, its decent for damage dealing and the blizzard special also help you to freeze monsters )


:swo:Partisan :


Primary :


- Vjaya : ( with an attack charge with a multiplier of 5.56, this special is VERY strong but will cost you 10k mesetas per swing, so be warned : do not waste all your mesetas if you are still doing low damage, it's much better to use it atp maxed and with a good shifta ).

- Great Fairy Sword : ( with charge special and 348 ATP once fully grinded, this is a solid choice to deal significantly high damage ).

- Ultima Reaper : ( best multitarget hell weapon for hunter along with hell jcutter and can also be used for damage ).

- Tyrell's Parasol : ( optimal for hunewearl support, special charge, boost resta/anti/shifta/deband range ).


Secondary :


- Yunchang : ( special berserk, still strong and fun to use but situationnal ).

- Madam's Umbrella : ( for hunewearl support, special berserk, boost shifta/deband range ).

- Madam's Parasol : ( for hunewearl support, special spirit, boost resta/anti range ).

- Sword of Ultima : ( with customs special : charge/berserk/spirit. )

- Soul Banish : ( used for HP drop for DF special ).

- Chameleon Scythe : ( kinda weak to deal damage but it's a nice TP stealer )


:swo:Slicer :


Primary :


- Slicer of Vengeance : ( special charge, very strong and allow you to play safely, a sphered set would be optimal ).

- Diska of Braveman : ( special berserk and also worth to get a sphered set if you can't afford SOV.. it can still be used to lower your hp's quickly for DF special ).

- Slicer of Fanatic : ( special demon, has extended range but 3 target only, mostly for humar/hunewearl ).

- Boomerang : ( a better version of arrest J-Cutter, with more ATP base and 5 less ATA but the possibilities to have hit on it ).

- Kiss of Death : ( same as the above but with even more ATP base, no ATA reduction compared to J-Cutter and hell special + the ability to get it with hit ).

- S-rank Slicer / J-Cutter : ( get it customized at gallon's shop, you'll be looking for the following specials : zalure/hell/arrest/blizzard.. all those are situationnal but very good : zalure on boss, hell in ep2 most likely, arrest can be used everywhere but doesn't work against machine and is obviously more useful against monsters immune to freeze like girta or dorphons, blizzard can also be used everywhere but has an advantage over arrest as it's effective against machine monsters ).  

Secondary :


- Rainbow Baton : ( special chaos, has extended range, better to use on hucast/hucaseal due to the 30% chaos boost in ultimate for casts ).

- Diska : ( with charge/berserk/spirit special, it's very cheap and still strong ).


:swo:Dagger :


Primary :


- Fury of the Beast : ( OP fist with charge special and high ATP base, it's safe and really nice using against one target monsters ).

- Daylight Scar : ( special berserk, pretty strong if sphered, especially with hucaseal dagger animations ).

- Blood Tornado : ( deal nice damage as it has pretty good ATP for a dagger, along with demon special, which can be very helpful with humar/hunewearl ).

- S-Red's Blade / Macho Blade : ( S-reds Blade provide a lv 3 SD, Macho Blade is lv 7 SD, still pretty helpful to CK certain stuff in solo ).

- Lavis Blade : ( used for fast HP drop for DF special ).


Secondary :


- S-Beat's Blade : ( for hell usage, very efficient but one target at once ).

- Flapjack Flapper : ( special gush, good if you want to recover your hp's ).

- P-Arms's Blade : ( special arrest and the looking is great if you want to look cool ).

- Two Kamui : ( good looking imo, decent damage and the special throw a low lv zalure on all the ennemies around ).


:swo:Double Saber :


Primary :


- Inferno Girasole : ( highest ATP of all the double sabers and the special is also a good way to drop your HP for DF usage ).

- Black King Bar : ( good ATP base with a high grind limit and deal great damage when sphered but special is devil instead of demon sadly.. )

- Twin Blaze : ( very useful situationnaly : used to detonate your traps by using the low range gifoie special and also stopping dorphon/zu/delbiter/dark bringers/ep2 sinows charge etc... ).

Secondary :


- Double Cannon : ( special can be used for HP drop for DF special also ).

- Vivienne : ( special is heart, help you to recover your tp's with hunewearl ).

- Girasole : ( special can be used for HP drop as well ).


:swo:Saber :


Primary :


- Excalibur : ( strong ATP, special berserk, pretty solid choice on almost every hunters and still superior to hundred souls with hucast/hucaseal, use the special at your own risks.. ) .

- Hundred Souls : ( an ATP increased version of excalibur with spirit special, full potential damage with humar/hunewearl obviously.. also give + 65 MST ).


Secondary :


- Flamberge : ( can do decent damage with spirit on both huney and humar if you are cheap ).

- Galatine : ( it has spirit special like flamberge but it can deal much better damage if you use the weapon in the right internet time beat, which is around @500 to @624 ).

- Lavis Cannon : ( HP drop for DF special even though it's slow ).



:swo:Twin Sword :



Primary :


- Jizai : ( special is hell and it has pretty good atp and therefore, it is decent to deal damage ).


Secondary :


- Sange & Yasha : ( special gush to recover your hp's, also increase your ATA by 10 and your ATP by 100 when equipped with blue odoshi violet nimaidou ).

- Musashi : ( has berserk special, it might be interesting to use in some place if you want diversity of gameplay ).



:swo:Katana :



Primary :


- Maggic Hammer : ( a cool weapon ith good atp base and berserk special, nice damage dealer )

- Orotiagito : ( HP drop for DF and some others interesting usage like destroying dubswitch through wall, if you want to use it for damage make sure to equip samurai armor to increase the atp of the weapon by 30% and gains a 20 ATA boost ).


Secondary :


- Yamigarasu : ( special hell, not useful imo but if you don't have any good hell weapons, why not ? ).



:swo:Fist :



Primary :


- Power Glove : ( very powerful fist with high ATA and very high ATP base, in addition it also boost gifoie by 200% and gizonde by 100% and has spirit special.. sadly hunewearl can't equip and even though i haven't tried, i imagine it's very broken with humar lol ).


Secondary :


- Sacred Duster / God Hand : ( as saith mentionned earlier, it can be used on humar with v801 to stunlock vol opt form 1 with gizonde ).



:swo:Claw :



Primary :


- Rika's Claw : ( boost all stats by 10 and all Gi techs by 20%, good ATP ).

- Nei's Claw Real : ( hunewearl only, boost all SI techs by 20%, high ATP and spirit special ).



Small note : Unless they release better claws than the current choices ( which is vanilla ), i don't recommend using them at all as they are usually slow and awkward to use by their animations.... ( in additions of not having good special/range/smart usage except maybe the 2 mentionned weapons above.. but honestly who care about SI or even GI techs on humar/hunewearl... considering the DMC factor, who would even use it as damage dealing appart of battle mode or intentional trolling lol ?? ).



:gun:Handgun :



Primary :


- TypeGU/Handgun / TypeGU/Mechgun : ( with arrest/hell/demon/charge/berserk/spirit/gush/blizzard special and the following : arrest, blizzard and hell are for all hu's, even though arrest and blizzard work better with cast in ultimate, démon and spirit for hunewearl/humar, gush if you want to save your mates with hucast/hucaseal, charge and berserk is mostly for hucast/humar because female hunters has better options ).

- Supressed Gun : ( with charge/berserk special and mostly for hucast/humar, it's good to have a sphered set of those if possible ).

- Morolian Blaster : ( basically an improved version of tension blaster and theorically the best option for an arrest handgun with the highest ATA base ).

- Last Swan : ( usable by female only, best handgun for hucaseal and can be also used on hunewearl for stunlocking monsters and if you don't have lindcray ).

- Asteron Striker : ( best hell gun for all hunters, it has autorange like heaven striker also ).

- S-rank Handgun : ( with zalure special, it's VERY useful on cast for boss and high dfp monsters, especially on hucaseal ).


Secondary :


- Raygun : ( with special arrest/hell/demon/charge/berserk/spirit/gush/blizzard, basically same as above for type GU handgun but in a cheaper and easier version to get ).

- Master Raven : ( for both humar and hucast.. it's not exceptionnal combo locked but feel free to try it ).

- Red Handgun : ( try to get it full machine attribute maxed to trick vol opt first phase with a good timing and destroy the screen quickly ).



:gun:Mechgun :



Primary :


- TypeME/Mechgun : ( with charge for safe damage, berserk for fast HP drops and demons special for hunewearl/humar ).

- Psycho Raven : ( very strong mechgun for hucast/humar, better have a sphered set ).


Secondary :


- Vulcan : ( with special charge, remain a solid choice if you can't afford the above weapons, was just the best mechgun ever on vanilla BB ).

- M&A60vyse : ( special is berserk, helpful to drop HP quickly for DF special ).

- Dual Bird : ( highest range of all mechguns, decent on hucaseal at low lv/without shifta because of having good atp base ).

- Rage de Glace : ( special is blizzard, high ATA base and extended range ).



:gun:Rifle :



Primary :


- Lindcray : ( the ultimate broken toy for hunewearl ^^ also boost anti & resta range by 100%, get a sphered set ! ).

- Holy Ray : ( best arrest special gun with long range for hunewearl/humar ).


Secondary :


- Drill Launcher : ( only used by hucast/hucaseal for vol opt 1 screen glitch, so you better have it machine attribute maxed and learn the timing.. ).

- Egg Blaster MK2 : ( good damage rifle with berserk special, feels a bit awkward to use though ).



:gun:Shot :



Primary :


- Crush Cannon : ( special is gush, pretty nice shot to recover your HP's very fast and while it has low damage, it can still be used damage wise for close range dangerous spawns with spread monsters ).

- Rambling May : ( 2 non bullets projectiles per attack, handgun range, usable for female only, use it with safety heart to increase your ata by 30 ).


Secondary :


- LK38 combat : ( not very useful combo locked sadly.. but maybe it can be decent with full attributes maxed and much hit ).



:can:Cane :



Primary :


- Clio : ( increase zalure range but for hunewearl only ).



:can:Wands :



Primary :


- Marina's bag : ( boost anti & resta range by 100%, the toy to have if you want to be a supportive nurse hunewearl :P )



:can:Cards :



Primary :


- Kunai :  ( has infinite vertical range and can be used to destroy dubswitch, special is arrest and it's fun to use if you want to be like a ninja ;) ).



And now, let's go for the protective gears part :



:arm:Armors :


Primary :


- Sonicteam Armor ( the most broken armor ever, almost make you invincible to every elemental attacks... give 500 DFP/EVP and +80 to all resists ).

- Sue's Coat : ( equippable by female only and mostly used for the good ATP boost of +100 ).

- Dress Plate : ( protect you against those evil megids by giving you 70 EDK ! often used in TA gameplay to stay safe and save time )

- Wedding Dress : ( pretty good stats overally and can goes up to + 500 DFP ).

- Kroe's Sweater : ( +10 ATA boost and 40 EDK, equippable by female only ).


Secondary :


- Lieutenant Mantle : ( very decent armor with trap vision integrated and correct resists, pretty useful for huney/humar low lv ).

- Thirteen : ( when equipped with diska of bravement, ATP is raised by half of the weapons, ATA is raised by 30, and Attack Speed is raised by 10% ).

- Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou : ( boost the ATP of sange & yasha by 100 and it's ATA by 10, has 40% battle speed integrated in it, therefore it can save you a slot if you don't have centurion battle and need it for something else ).

- D-Parts Ver1.01 : ( cast only but can be useful on hucast under certain circumstances like TA because it provides an ATP boost.. ).

- Crimson Coat : ( has good resists for a low lv armor and it's cheap and easy to get ).

- Black Hound Cuirass : ( high DFP for low lv but terrible resists.. ).

- Sacred Cloth : ( has cure paralysis integrated and can be useful to wear if you want to save a slot when fighting those annoying lillie's as fleshies ).

- Sweetheart : ( increase ATP but lower DFP if you are near a male character, increase speed by 30% if equipped with vivienne, increase DFP by 10 and resists by 5 if equipped with safety heart ).

- Stealth Suit : ( it remove the mini lag that can occur sometime while switching weapons too fast, it also provide a nice invisible effect if you want to look like a ninja :p, drawback is 0 EDK though, so use it at your own risk in dangerous area.. ).

- Vampire Cloak : ( low DFP/EVP but give a decent 32 EDK and 50 extra MST, 30 extra LCK ).

- Samurai Armor : ( boost attack speed by 30%, boost all resists + 20 if equipped with genpei, increase orotiagito ATP by 30% and ATA by 20 if equipped with it ).

- DF Field / Guard Wave / Luminous Field / Brightness Circle : ( decent stats armor for low lv if you have nothing else better ).

- Aura Field : ( decent DFP armor for huney/humar near lv 150 ).



:shi:Shields :



Primary :


- Frank The Bunny Costume : ( increase ATP/reduce MST + boost JZ range from min RR, better for hunewearl/humar ).

- Catscratch Fever Costume : ( increase ATP/reduce MST + boost SD range from min RR, better for hunewearl ).

- Guardian Angel Costume : ( boost resta & anti range from min RR, better for hunewearl/humar ).

- Bewb's Costume : ( trap search integrated and stats a bit different from min RR, better for hunewearl/humar ).

- Red Ring : ( high DFP/EVP if max stats and + 20 all stats make it pretty good, especially for the extra ATA ).

- Anti-Dark Ring : ( + 60 EDK resist, use it to be protected against megid ).


Secondary :


- Kasami bracer : ( boost your ATP by 35, good at low lv ).

- From The Depths : ( provide high resists and DFP but with stupid random confuse effect.. ).

- God Shield Kouryu : ( same as the above without the unwanted effect but less DFP/EVP.. ).

- Shifta / Deband / Resta / Anti Merge : ( to use by humar/hunewearl for better support but not very useful in practice ).

- Safety Heart : ( if equipped with a rambling may, the ATA of the weapon is increased by 30 and if equipped with a sweetheart, DFP is increased by 10% and all the resistances by 5 ).

- Hylian Shield : ( for humar and hunewearl mostly, boost all techs level by 1, boost rafoie by 75% and razonde by 60%, also has decent resists and + 20 MST ).

- Gratia : ( equippable by cast only, pretty decent shield for low lv ).

- Rupika : ( double the range of shifta, so mostly for hunewearl ).

- S-Parts Ver2.01 : ( equippable by cast only, boost your ATA by 15, good for low lv ).

- Hunter wall : ( + 15 ATP boost and can be equippable at pretty low lv ).

- Attribute Wall : ( good elemental resists and DFP for a low lv shield ).



:uni:Units :



Primary :


- Smartlink : ( VERY important to use as hunters because it gives a good virtual ATA boost that goes over your max.. ).

- Centurion Battle / V101 : ( those speed boost units are absolutely essential if you don't want to fee like a turtle.. centurion battle boost speed by 110%, V101 by 40% ).

- Centurion Arms / Adept : ( both boost your ATA base, centurion arms by 35 and adept by 20 BUT add + 10 to all other stats and + 6 to all resist, adept is also much more useful on humar/hunewearl due to the ability of reducing TP consumption by 25% and this effect can even be cumulated by equipping more adept ).

- V502 : ( this unit is essential if you are going to use hell and arrest/blizzard/chaos as it boost them all by 1.5x and hell by 2x ).

- V801 : ( very important units if you are doing supports/stun with humar/hunewearl and for vol opt screen glitch with gizonde ).

- Cure Confuse / Freeze / Shock / Paralysis : ( all those units are very useful situationnally as it immune you against certain unwanted effects.. ).

- Trap Search : ( allows you to see the dangerous traps with humar/hunewearl, essential in certain quests if you play low life for DF special or to not be bothered by annoying effects of the traps like confuse/paralysis/slow/freeze etc.. ).

- Centurion Resist : ( boost all your resistances by 15, needless to say it's really effective when you need to support/lower the elemental damages taken by certain monsters/attacls ).

- Heart Container : ( increase you max HP by 150 while equipping them ).


Secondary :


- Centurion Ability : ( give + 30 to all stats and + 3 ATA ).

- Centurion Power : ( boost your atp by 75, it's very usefull when you need to equip strong weapons early and at low lv ).

- Centurion HP : ( increase your max HP's by 125, pretty much useful in some cases where you need to survive fixed HP based attacks like dorphon/delbiter charges or dark falz punch in last phase ).

- Heavenly Battle : ( + 40% attack speed, easiest and cheapest speed boost unit to get than the above ).

- Heavenly Arms : ( boost your ATA by 25 ).

- Heavenly HP : ( boost your max HP by 100 ).

- Proof of Sword Saints : ( boost your ATA by 30 and your EVP by 60 but lowers your DFP by 20 when equipped with certain sabers, katana and twin swords ).

- PB/Increase : ( used to build your PB faster, mainly for TA strats... ).


It's finally done, good luck :)

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I would add Crimson Coat as secondary armor because of the resists which can be useful in certain situations when you are low level and need the resists. Also gives nice ATP/ATA bonus to some Red weapons which are sadly outclassed by many other weapons here.

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1 minute ago, El Socko said:

I would add Crimson Coat as secondary armor because of the resists which can be useful in certain situations when you are low level and need the resists. Also gives nice ATP/ATA bonus to some Red weapons which are sadly outclassed by many other weapons here.

yeah i also had other stuff to add but that's already too much imo xD, see how long the post is hahaha

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Kunai can also break dub switches, and has infinite vertical range, I know the damage isn't great but I did find it to be the most reliable thing to hit dragon bosses with to keep them from going underground provided you did enough damage to them beforehand(if you don't have a df). So far I have preferred it over anything for arresting a single dorphan, hunter or fo(because arrest needle kind of beats everything for ranger)

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Just now, Depassage said:

Will you do the same guide for Ranger =)?

i'm not mother teresa ;) ( jk ) we'll see when i have time haha

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Great Job Sylph! Lots of good info in this guide. Thanks for making it.

Personally I think Kroe's is primary level armor, that 40edk and 10ata is extremely powerful, but maybe that's just me.

A few other situational weapons could be useful for some hu setups too.

Chameleon Scythe - Unreduced Geist for tp stealing on groups

Red Dagger - Unreduced Soul for tp stealing on single enemies
Pan Arms Blades - Arrest Daggers

Twin Sword
G-Assassin's Sabers - Arrest TwinSword, does not work with PoSS however.

Rage de Glace - High ata Blizzard mechs, humar/hunewearl and extended range(100), can do decent damage still and often kill in same # of combos as other options. Good vs high evp enemies and for freezing enemies.

Sacred Duster - Can be used on Humar with v801 to stunlock Vol Opt form 1 with gizonde.
God Hand - See Above

Attribute Plate - 5 efr/eic/eth 20edk/elt, only level 54
Crimson Coat - 10efri/eic/eth 14edk/elt (high elemental resists for an armor), cheap and easy to get
Vampire Cloak - 15eic, 32edk, 30luck, level 117. def/evp range from low level rare armor values to slightly more than high level vanilla rare armors (i.e. dfp of aura, evp of bovn). Good for mid level chars with it's ice and luck bonus.

Attribute Wall - 30efr/eic/eth 5edk/elt, only level 41, great low lvl shield with high resists/dfp/evp before high level rare shields are available.
Hylian Shield - Humar/Hunewearl 25efr 32eth 35edk, +1techlevel +20mst 75%rafoie 60%razonde (hu cannot grants), good edk option
Regenerate Gear Adv. - restores 5%hp+tp on block, difficult to use in later areas of ultimate (Regen Gear BP is more evp and 15 all resists, but only 2% restore)
Shield of Delsaber - 25edk, cheap edk shield (more common than Light Relief)
Tripolic Reflector - 22efr 27eic 22eth 7edk/elt, 20% chance to nullify elemental attacks (RESIST in blue letters pops up on proc)
Ylvis Costume - min RR stats, extra edk (25) but reduced eth(20) and elt(0)

A couple of extra notes

Slicer of Fanatic and Rainbow Baton have extended range.
Two Kamui uniquely works with PoSS even though it's a dagger.
Dual Birds has extended range, highest range of mechguns (120 vs standard 85), quite noticeable
Rambling May is not pierce, it's 2 non-bullet projectiles per attack (i.e. launcher/card style properties) with handgun range.
False Nei's Claw is not Spirit (Real Nei's claw is spirit and 20% SI), Rika's Claw is 20% GI which can be useful with a red merge to gifoie falz spinners in 2 techcasts.

Lieutenant mantle has decent resists (6efr/eic/eth 16edk/elt)
BOVN boosts Sange & Yasha +100atp +10ata (and some other katanas too) good resists but low edk (8 all resists)
Samurai Armor has 50 LCK boost and nice resists but no edk (296dfp 277evp 11efr 11eic 50luck), orotiagito gets quite strong with it (1040atp). Great for mid level chars.
Aura Field drains TP on walk, which can reduce spirit use potential (spirit garment regens tp on walk).
Brightness Circle is 25edk, higher than average on armors.
Can confirm Stealth Suit is both Super Sweet and removes possibility to 'slingshot' bullets from weapons by switching too fast. I've found that with Rifle/Handgun/Needle type(probably only weapons that can attack fast enough), if you can float your attack key extremely fast after selecting it from quick menu (went from mechgun equip to rifle/handgun/needle, my turbo controller could not even reproduce this effect), a graphical glitch will turn the first bullet invisible, however it still functions as normal, will hit the enemy and impact on wall. It is extremely difficult to pull this off, however it is merely a graphical glitch of the bullet turning invisible and not an actual slingshotted bullet. The 0 edk is a drawback of the armor though.

From the Depths has poor efr, and only slightly above average eic. It's main useful extra 'resists' is only the EDK (20efr 32eic 40eth 28edk 28elt).
God's Shield Kouryu is 40efr 40eic 40eth 0edk 0elt (highest elemental shield), and has built in PB/Create.
Bewb's Costume is just min-rr stats (was fixed during event).
Rupika gives 25edk and the shifta boost works on S-Red's Blades Shifta.
S-Parts 2.01 is equipable at only level 17!!!!!

Centurion/Ability is 3ata, not 2 (description lies).
Heavenly/Arms is 25ata.
Proof Of Sword Saint works on certain Sabers(e.g. excal, galatine), Katanas(e.g. yamigarasu, orotiagito), and Twin Swords (jizai, sange&yasha). Description lies when it says swords and doublesabers. Stat Boost goes over max and stacks with multiple PoSS on. Also works with Two Kamui daggers for some reason, maybe because katana daggers.

I hope any of this stuff is useful for the guide.

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yup, thanks saith, i just couldn't put everything i wish, i wanted to add many stuff of your post but it felt already too long and i wanted to be essential, i'll edit it and add some stuff later and maybe the stats of weapons also, i've been lacking time.

PS : indeed i've just seen some mistakes of descriptions that i wrote, i was almost in hurry making this, i'll edit it fully when i have time :)


Edited by Sylph777
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Fank The Bunny ( increase ATP/reduce MST + boost JZ range from min RR, better for hunewearl/humar ).

...is that confirmed? I thought they also boost SD Range.

I need them in my life if that's true :cr-calm-down:

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17 minutes ago, Izaya said:

...is that confirmed? I thought they also boost SD Range.

I need them in my life if that's true :cr-calm-down:

The Catscractch Fever costume boosts s/d range, Frank the Bunny costume is just j/z range. It's actually a quite a nice thing, can save time from having to switch to clio/glide and then back to other weapon, and the extra range can make humar's small j/z range actually hit all enemies in a room (helps him with soloing).

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Ok hmmmm... I've updated and highly improved this topic ( thanks to mudd because i logged earlier and saw something about class guides, so i though i'll take care of this xD ) by adding new informations and also the new event items, along with linking all items to the wiki... i hope this will provide some help for the beginners and feel free to correct me if i posted false informations ( what ? who said anything about saith ? hmmm i haven't.. :P ), enjoy !

Edited by Sylph777
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