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  1. Depassage


    I enjoyed the talk and games we had together best of luck of what you do in the future
  2. I'm sure I'll see you in the future, so I'm not saying farewell but, see you soon.
  3. S>Spread Needle 35N 25M 30H 10Dts

    CB are gone

  4. Ready to redeem 7 bronze badge + mag cell
  5. S>50 Christmas Present 15 Dts & Spread Needle 35N 25M 30H 10Dts

    1. kanibal


      Hi. How much Spread Needle?

  6. Happy B-Day, enjoy it man =)

  7. Joyeux Z'annif =3

  8. S> 52 Christmas present 9 Dts,  Psycho Wand 5 Dts , S Parts 2.01 2 Dts  

  9. B> Musashi with high hit 40+, Sell Dress Plate 10 Dts S> Max Wedding Dress 20 Dts S> Psycho Wand 5 Dts S> Blank Type D.S/D.Saber 4 Dts,  Heaven punisher hitless 2 Dts  S Parts 2.01 3 Dts  also selling  50/0/0/50/50 Striker 3 Dts

    1. Depassage


      Wedding Dress Sold

  10. Well both are mechgun with long time recovery time and short range unlike handgun type
  11. Could it be possible to lower master raven Atp and make it combo unlocked again?
  12. Is it possible to make the Rare chime an SFX instead of a BGM? I always cut the BGM via the command for my own playlist and it cuts unfortunately the chime aswell.
  13. It seems the forum character viewer doesn't notices that weapons are untekked and doesn't up their value by 10. Unlike the previous PSo BB reader program. could it be changed please?
  14. Excuse me, and sorry in advance to complain but why did the costume got reverted to min RR stats? Bewb costume was awesome with its 40FR resist, 250 dfp and built in trap search what is the point to get them for hunter/ranger against max red ring now beside aesthetic and tech boost? well just my 2 cents, sorry for the rant
  15. Guildcard: 4170908 Character Slot: 2 Reiz Date/Time: 13/10/2016 - approximatively 17:15 GMT+1 16:15 UTC -0 Description: I withdraw an Gush Raygun 50/0/0/50/50Hit from the bank, when I realized I didn't had it on my inventory and also I double checked on all the normal and common bank. I left the room and changed the block. I noticed the Gush Raygun was back but My DF was grayed out. I entered another room and went on the equip menu to realize that my mag wasn't here anymore. I cannot provide pictures with precise stats but it was a Tellusis 5 DEF 147 POW 48 DEX With Twins farla and another i forgot I can however provide a picture with both the tellusis equipped and DF if necessary Could a Gm help me out? http://imgur.com/a/xL2Kr
  16. Happy Birthday, thanks for all your dedicated work towards the server and the players.

  17. Could someone host pictures of the new enhanced weapons?
  18. As a shield you can find Ranger Wall (which add 20 ata over max like red ring) quite easily for Meseta and time spent on galleon shop. Here's a guide http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=772
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