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Name: Seien (So used to that name online, let's stick with it)
Age: 23
Preferred contact method: Preferably in game, PM might slip attention.
Hobbies: Gaming, playing bass, climbing (inactive though..), music (not much of a hobby, but I'll be damned if I sit in silence). If my shared household wasn't composed of such small and/or packed rooms, I'd want to look into woodworking a bit (with and without a friend/housemate).
Picture: Here's one of my cat, Vanadís. (Picture is from the pound, but I'll be damned if it (and she :wub:) isn't pretty.)

A little more about your self: PSO was one of the first games on my GameCube. I loved and played it a lot, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. After a long time, I picked up the Gamecube again. Boom. Memory card corrupted, would you like to format.

There go my 50+ Force, 80+ Hunter and my main, 130+ RAmar..

I still (love) play(ing) it on my GameCube, but wanted PC alternative. Here I am.

As for more on me personally; talk to me. :)

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Name: Elliot (in game name: RareFelin)
Age: 25
Preferred contact method: Steam (RareFeline http://steamcommunity.com/id/randymoose/), in game contact or pm on forums.
Hobbies: Music and gaming.
Picture: (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
A little more about your self: Played PSO way back in the Dreamcast days as a kid. It was the first online game I played. I did start playing on SCHTHACK servers around 2012 but I don't think they're still up so I tried out Ultima and I'm really liking it so far. I don't think I could ever get tired of this game. Been thinking of trying out PSO2 but it just seems like too much of a hassle.

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Name: Jay (Asdead in game)

Age: 32

Preferred contact method: in game or pm

Hobbies: diablo, art, photography, exploration

Picture: n/a

A little more about your self: new to the Ultima server, new to blue burst yet familiar with the game. Used to play pso on DC and later xbox, minor GameCube play. Used to love this game, decided to google pso since pso2 is not released in NA and I fear it never will. Played the crap out of PSP 1&2. So glad there's a private server, many fond memories. Looking forward to seeing you all in game!

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Name: Chris

Age: 29

Preferred contact method: Here or in game

Hobbies: Gaming, discovering new Linux distros and programming, anything computing, hanging out with my wonderful fiancé.

Picture: Look that the heartagram!!!!

A little more about your self: Just a 29 year old dude trying to relive some of his teenage years when he used to play PSO on DC, back when MMOs weren't a dime a dozen.

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Hey everyone!

Name: My name is Matt.
Age: I'm 20.
Preferred contact method: This forum. Message me! :)
Hobbies: Music, aggressive inline, cycling, some running, some swimming, getting out in my hammock and reading, making the occasional YT vid for my channel.
Picture: https://tinyurl.com/kldybmm
A little more about your self: I'm in music school studying to be a professional horn player, but I also love building computers, learning about computers, gaming, and outdoor activities. I usually end up playing a 'rotation' of games. My mainstays (for now) are Team Fortress 2, and PSO, with a few single player games on the side.

Check out my finished build here: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/345476-the-helm-my-finished-build/#entry4705354

Now that I'm a lot older since I first started playing this game, my goal is to become one of the top hunters on this server. I play every morning from about 10-12 EST.

I love helping new players out so feel 100% free to send me a message on here and I'll walk you through all the keybinds and things. :)

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While waiting for the magical patch... lemme introduce myself too :D

Name: Julius
Age: 23
Preferred contact method: Forum Private Message
Hobbies: Playing, Web Development, Playing and did I already say Playing LOL :D
Picture: I'm just a rappy lololjk :D *shy*

A little more about your self:

I am from Philippines, and I am more of enjoying games with friends. A full-time employee doing web development work for a small company.

See you in game. (IGN: JBear)

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Hello Everybody!

I'm new to the server but not new to PSO! I have played since the GC/Xbox era and continued to play after that on private PSOBB servers. Decided to give this beautiful game another go with a truly fresh start. If anyone wants so be my friend (I love new friends :wub: ) I would enjoy playing anything and everything!

See you in game,


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Name: Welp my name is Isaac but i still preffer to be called by my in-game name haha

Age: 18 (almost 19 >:o)

Preferred contact method: Forum PM i guess

Hobbies: Music, videogames (mostly MMORPGs or indie/horror games), Drawing/watching anime, etc

Picture: Since i dont really want to show a pic of myself im just gonna show a simple drawing of Chrona from Soul Eater :P and yeah i know i took that picture with a toaster e.e


A little more about myself:

Im a random architecture student from Costa Rica who is not sure of what he really wants to study :onion59:

BUT leaving that aside :D i love playing almost any kind of videogames but my favorite genres are RPGs and Horror ones, i also enjoy playing piano from time to time and drawing (mostly anime) when im bored.

I have never played PSOBB before because -unfortunately- i didnt grow up with those consoles at the time (GC or dreamcast) , however, i have played PSZ on the DS so i kinda have an idea of how this game works lol, but im still kinda new to the game so im learning how to become better slowly haha :D

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Welcome to Ulitma, Neon. I'm sure many people will help you out if you have questions.

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Welcome to Ulitma, Neon. I'm sure many people will help you out if you have questions.

Thank you! im sure they will haha :D

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Name: Juan

Age: 21

Contact: PM

Hobbies: Reading, writing, restaurants, basketball, music, league of legends (i used to love DotA Allstars; but i got more into LoL>Dota2)

Old picture to mess up with you: 1936513_1175482503720_6568384_n.jpg?efg=

(right corner holding my hands)

About me: I played ep I and II on the Gc with my street friends; then played psobb about 700hrs or so back in 2011. I enjoy to play alone, but i like to be helpful if i can be, and to spend some time with some cool people and have fun. If you get to know me a bit ill be there to kick some mobs with you:P

[LoL lan-server ign: Kuja]

[Favorite book: the dark tower (all 7, but 4 is the best)]

See you around~

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