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5 hours ago, Hatsodoom Reiga said:

Man you look like a very disgruntled Vinny. Anyway if you even wanna just run areas in game lemme know.

Vinny? Well thats an old pic but i dont like pics of me. Thanks for the offer, i'll see you in game soon i hope :)

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Name: shield_hero

Age: Unknown

Preferred contact method: Direct Message

Hobbies: Video Games, Anime, Manga, Xbox, PC, etc.

Picture: image.png.8a213c640f201d1975ba061b1e105adb.png

A little more about your self: I like playing First person Shooters, and want to get into more MMO RPG's that are decent.

Favorite Games: I used to play Marvel Heroes 2015, more recently Marvel Heroes Omega- until Disney shutdown Gazillion 6 months after Xbox One release:(

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Name: Fanfan


Preferred contact method: PM

Hobbies: Music, movies, guitar and video games

A little more about your self: I played PSO on my game cube 15 years ago and today wanted to play my old party and the files was corrupted and I was so sad. I made some research on the web and I found Ultima and here I am.

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Just signed up out of curiosity, after finding a link to this on Gab. My name is John, I'll be thirty three this year, and I'd prefer a forum PM unless it's something important regarding my account, either here or the game itself. My only hobby is video games, as I work two jobs and that doesn't leave much time for much else. I'd rather not post a picture of myself.


I generally work, and on the free time I have I play various games. The first MMO I've ever played was Runescape. I haven't played another one in a very long time. I'll likely only be playing a little bit, as I'm currently also playing Disgaea 4 Complete+ and Deep Rock Galactic on Steam. I've never played PSO before, and what I've seen of the gameplay comes from a video on Youtube of someone walking down memory lane, up until they got owned by a dragon. By getting stepped on by said dragon. I am still slightly nervous about interacting with other players, as I'm still very new to this game. I managed to launch the game, create a hunter, and get to the lobby area, but I couldn't figure out how to get to a dungeon. I found a guide to getting started, and I've saved an image of the keyboard controls, though I may try to use a gamepad. I tend to not post on forums very much, unless I have an issue I'm trying to find a solution for. But for now, Disgaea is calling me, so I'm off to play that.

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Name: Carlos
Age: 23
Preferred contact method:PM
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, playing
A little more about your self: I´m just a normal guy wanting to play some good, old PSO
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Name: Aaron

Age: 17

Preferred contact method: In-game

Hobbies: Video games, volunteering

A little more about yourself:

Before I played here, I had three characters and almost 2000 hours in-game on Ephinea and I was just looking for a fresh experience. Expectations from others got sorta overwhelming so I started playing what I thought was a less crowded PSOBB server. I'd consider myself decently experienced, but not the best. My character's name is Mindcandy for anyone willing to either help a noob out or just hang out. Hi Ultima!

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Name: Constantine

Preferred contact method: In-game, PM, Email

A little more about yourself:

I have a very long history with PSO. I was there day one, playing online with my Dreamcast (over 2000 hours), played on Gamecube (another 2000 hours), and have played on some other private servers (2015-2020). I am looking for a new permanent home for all my PSOBB needs and I am hoping Ultima becomes that place :). I am experienced in PSO (might need a bit of dusting off and to refresh myself lol), but love playing casually and hardcore. My name in game will be Brobot. If you see me, please stop and say hello! Looking forward to good times and creating new friendships.

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Removed some personal info
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Name: Robert
Age: 35
Preferred contact method: PM, I guess
Hobbies: video games (FFXIV and retro stuff these days), bass guitar and music in general
Picture: maybe another time
A little more about your self: Just refurbished my old Dreamcast and got nostalgic about PSO. Pretty complicated to play online with my DC these days so here I am.


Nice to meet y'all! *has no idea what's going on*

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Preferred contact method:discord Mr.Mime#2674
Hobbies:My favorite video game series are Final Fantasy Elder Scrolls Phantasy Star Godzilla 
and Pokemon games. going to the pool and smoking pot.

A little more about your self: I have autism Asperger's syndrome I love to play video games just 
for fun. I am the boyfriend of Swordsmasterguy (twitch.tv/Swordsmasterguy). 
I first started playing phantasy star back on the Xbox and I have recently returned I found no 
other game like phantasy star and it's one of my favorites.


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Name: MysticalMachineGun

Age: 40

Preferred contact method: PM

Hobbies: Music, sports and video games

A little more about your self: I played PSO on my Dreamcast! Never actually played any of the Episode 2 and beyond content, but I've been streaming the whole PS series on Twitch and found this forum by googling. I already love the Ultima server and it's higher exp rate!

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Name: Kalastat

Age: 35

Preferred contact method: Forum pm / discord

Hobbies: Fishing, video game, hiking

Picture: i' ll add it later

A little more about your self: Nothing special to say, gamer since 20 years, i' m working in networks for Allied Telesis company

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Preferred contact method:email
Hobbies:physics, metal music, anime
A little more about your self:i really love sega games, dreamcasat be my first love so im here now
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