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  1. Um I asked YOU if it were only single player drops and u said you dont know exactly but it seems like it and you thought so, thats why i assumed its only single drops ^^' to mention; it was the first day the post was released so maybe we misunderstood each other its no biggie but it was kinda confusing and a lil tilting after i tried to hunt it solo and failed to kill olga x3 *edit. maybe you can post something important like that on the forum again, officially so ppl dont get confused bc i was just scrolling thru facebook and just read it by "accident"
  2. i appreciate your reply. kinda tilting tho last time i asked a gm i got told its only singleplayer. unlucky i guess could've farmed stuff then :/.
  3. thought the olga drops are only singler player mode? ._. cg tho ❤️
  4. Congratz to everyone. I found nothing but a few PDs.
  5. Yo dudes and dudettes :3 Im from Germany and dont have many players to play with at max lvl I guess; So I wanted to ask if a group needs a 4th player or some peepz just wanna hunt something , during this event and exceed :3 Im playin lv 200 HuCast, with some experience over the years (I would call myself a noob still) but im doin decent damages I guess x) I hope its not too cringe to post this under this event but, summer and this event ends soon, so I'll try my best shot x) Greetz to all of you, and of course gl with ur hunts ❤️
  6. Hm maybe yeah, sadly i can see that too that many players dont want to actually go on a test server but it would make sense. At least if you want to really participate in the event. It bugs me tho, that people who actually have good gear, can get more of it because they know how to do it. Now this event is adding it on top..^^' It feels kinda unfair to be honest, but idk how to actually change the fact that the reward goes to players who dont have max max gear. I think many players would be sad that ur gone tho :x But i wont fish for anything here, I guess you have ur reasons so (st
  7. Wait does this mean good bye..? :(( and the event sounds pretty fun , but i guess without the test servers many players dont stand a chance against some dm/df users *cough*
  8. ahhhh now it makes sense.. i feel kinda dumb now xd thx a lot ❤️
  9. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item/&id=006201 not true? ;o or is it a mistake on the wiki? But im here because im having a bit of trouble understanding whats going on right now I reached lv 150 on my hucast, I had adept equipped. With it I had over 201 ATA, so beyond the cap. But if I'm dequipping it and equipping Ylvis Costume (rr costume) it should give me +20 ATA but it doesnt rly do it oO Wanted to equip PR but I cant lol, it says in the stats that I have 201 (Cap) but if I hover over any Weapon with ATA Requirement it says th
  10. So 30 is way too less? or is it still "enough"? bc i got one with 30 hit
  11. Hey dudes n ladies My question is: when becomes the hit on blood tornado good or how much hit is enough to hit the special on ultimate? thx in advance
  12. Noice! :3 Ima be hunting all day now *-*
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