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Found 6 results

  1. At the time of this posting the video is still uploading but here:
  2. Heyho, little chimps! I just want to ask if you do Main Quest (Government) in Ep4. Usually I do these alone, but if you've done or want to do them join me in PSO room (I always make this name). My character is Yuma, a Force man. I have two others, they are Nagi (for Ep1) and GunJack (for Ep2). Later I'll continue with these too, and will wait for you as well. It's sometimes boring to do these quests alone. I'd like to know more about the story, and have fun with you guys! I hope there are a few people here who play the game the way it's supposedly to be played. Which is nothing else than DO
  3. @Larva @Soly @chuk @serverus @kajex @Fyrewolf5 @Cyane @Lemon Hello everyone!! I would like to share an idea I had for a quest and I hope I can get some comments. Since a while ago I’ve noticed that there are a lot of weapons that are considered useless in the game (Unless the weapon has a good hit %). What has caught my attention is that most special weapons don’t have any value at all in shops. I thought that maybe there could be a quest in which you can exchange a certain amount of items for a pd. I don’t want this quest to be easy of course, it would have to be challen
  4. @Larva @Soly @chuk @serverus @kajex @Fyrewolf5 @Cyane @Lemon Hola a todos!! Megustaria ofrecer una idea para el juego y hojala tenga una respuesta. Desde hace un tiempo me he dado cuenta que hay muchas armas que se consideran ya inútiles en el juego (esto claro a menos que el el arma cuente con un muy buen % en hit mas que nada). Lo que siempre ha llamado mi atención es que todas las armas S no tienen si quiera valor en las tiendas. Bueno pensaba que tal vez se pueda crear una quest que te intercambie una cierta cantidad de ítems por un pd. Más no deseo que tam
  5. Hello Everyone ! Someone can help me about the weapons gold badge? Can be used here? And where? Thanks
  6. HI people, i was wondering if they have added this weapon here on ultima, havent seen it on the drops table or event drops, and its name is on the item donation list, but is market as N/A. anyone know something about it? ive tested the weapon in mi server(not real server just mesing around with server files locally) and its an awesome launcher type weapon. http://www.pso-world.com/items.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2204&sortby=name
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