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  1. POWER PLANT PLIGHT So if you know me, I've probably been ranting about the quest I've been building. Well, it's now in open beta (after much cursing), and available for all to download and run. All I ask is that you give me credit for it if you decide to distribute\alter it. Post your thoughts\feedback\suggestions on the quest here. Before starting this quest, you need to know that if you get into a room with no way out, that is intentional. Enemy Count Change Log
  2. I think people don't play enough in Mines so here it is : New quest implemented : Intelligence Defense Systems >>> Episode I > Ultima > IDS Defeat the machines ! Play it preferably with a team or Note that the final room drops are disabled. Also there are some secret things hidden in the quest ... Have fun ! http://i.imgur.com/y6ni0h4.jpg Enemy count Changelog Rewards (secrets and final included) Video (just in case you are too lazy to try it out)
  3. Hi, I'm new here, and just started playing (I've played this before years ago but as far as it goes i'm pretty much a noob) . So, as the title says there's a quest in the side story menu in ep 1 that's in japanese. It's the only japanese text in my game so far. Is it a bug or a missed translation? And can anyone help me with what the quest is about?
  4. Mysteries of the Void Episode II (multiplayer) > Ultima As usual, not impossible to solo but better play with a team. Can you find all the secrets ? Maps Enemy count Rewards Changelog
  5. Harmony of Despair This time I made a quest in Ruins composed of two parts. The two are finished but only the first will be available for the time being. _____________________ The second part requires a Crystal Badge to be played on Ultimate, make sure every member of your team has one in inventory before you start the quest. Those Crystal Badges are the reward of the first part on Ultimate. Hard and Very Hard are free to play but Normal is not available for obvious farming/unsealing reasons ... _____________________ Better play with a team, but can be done solo too I guess ... ? Have fun ! (or not ?) Enemy count Changelog Pictures (spoiler !) Videos
  6. At the time of this posting the video is still uploading but here:
  7. I recently play Episode 4 with my Force character and want to complete all main quests like in the other episodes with my Hunter and Ranger. I have never met a situation like this, maybe it's just my imagination but I felt I should had to ask the following. This quest is named as 'The CHOSEN 2/2' where you have to rescue a girl called Rupika from another NPC. When you reach Subterraen Desert, there's a part with laser fences which you need to get through by activating switches (red, blue, green, purple). This place has a bunch of transporters as well, if you didn't manage to cross lasers you can use them to transoprt you to the starting point. I was just not in the mood to do this, tried it a couple of times but decided to leave. So, my question is: Can I do this quest alone? Or do I need team mates for it? As I mentioned earlier you can do in solo the other quests in every Episodes, but perhaps this one is an exception. I'm a bit confused, help me by telling the answer Admins if you can, and I'll wait for you players who do quests, too!
  8. Heyho, little chimps! I just want to ask if you do Main Quest (Government) in Ep4. Usually I do these alone, but if you've done or want to do them join me in PSO room (I always make this name). My character is Yuma, a Force man. I have two others, they are Nagi (for Ep1) and GunJack (for Ep2). Later I'll continue with these too, and will wait for you as well. It's sometimes boring to do these quests alone. I'd like to know more about the story, and have fun with you guys! I hope there are a few people here who play the game the way it's supposedly to be played. Which is nothing else than DO quests! I'll be waiting for you!
  9. Hey Can someone tell me how i can get the Soul Eater? I know that i have to do some quests but i dont know how to unlock the quests.
  10. @Larva @Soly @chuk @serverus @kajex @Fyrewolf5 @Cyane @Lemon Hello everyone!! I would like to share an idea I had for a quest and I hope I can get some comments. Since a while ago I’ve noticed that there are a lot of weapons that are considered useless in the game (Unless the weapon has a good hit %). What has caught my attention is that most special weapons don’t have any value at all in shops. I thought that maybe there could be a quest in which you can exchange a certain amount of items for a pd. I don’t want this quest to be easy of course, it would have to be challenging before getting to do the exchange. A quest in which you first have to kill some monsters and if you manage to do so you can exchange your items for a pd. For example 5-8 items of the same kind (5 last survivor for 1 pd, 8 god/hp for 1 pd) and the reason I consider it should be the same kind of item is because generally in one mission you’ll get a lot of repeated items. It would also be good to, in the same quest, be able to sell your special weapons for a 20000 or 25000 meseta (for when you need some meseta) I think the idea that you need a lot of the same item gives it some more challenge, but it doesn’t need to be that way necessarily. It could be that they only ask you for a certain amount of special weapons but that would make it all easier. Maybe the number of items should be higher (10 special items for 1 pd or so). The quest could be in Ruins because quests in Ruins are played a lot and you can get some good drops on the way. Most important thing is that this quest should only be playable on ultimate difficulty so you can exchange your items by the end. I think it would be very good and would lead to looking for different items of all kinds and would lead to players wanting to play more on different quests. If this quest is possible sooner or later and the exchange is done by giving a certain amount of the same special item, some of the most common could be considered. Like: All god/… devil/… cure/slow cure/poison. Weapons like the lastsurvivor, silence claw, gae bolg, diska of liberator, diska of braveman, bravace, LK& combat, victor axe, elysion, red saber, sange, demolition comet, Vivienne, flamberge, kaladbolg, db’s sabers, guardiana, storm wand: indra, mahu, kamui, crush bullet, windmill, Vjaya, wals-mk2, twin Brand, stag Cutlery, Guren, inferno bazooka, maguwa, M&A60 vise, red scorpio, guilty Light, angry first, Froozen shooter, cannon rogue, Cross scar, Club of laconium, Club of zamurian, caduceus, Berdysh, Agito (any model), ano bazooka, sting tip. and more... Of all these a lot of them just get in the way or are sold for just 10 mesetas… I think the most ideal thing would be that a NPC receives 10 special items and gives you 1 pd for them, or that it receives 5-6 identical special items to get the pd, without having to specify the item (I mean that if we give away 5 lastsurvivors the NPC recognizes them as 5 of the same item, same for all other items; 5 vivienne, 5 demolition comet, etc.) I think this could be a good idea because it will give players motivation to go look for rare items in general, there’s people who try to go looking for an specific item and never get it while others get more than one in one play, this way you could at least be comforted knowing that you can exchange all “useless” rare weapons you find for some pds and with a chance to get something in the way. This quest shouldn’t have a final boss because then there would be too much to be won in it. The point of the quest would be finishing the level to get your useless special items exchanged for some pd which are useful in the game. If only the exchanging NPC is implemented I think the exchange should be more than just 10 special items. Why 10 or more? Because one account has up to 5 banks and you can have up to 1000 items, and considering a 10 special items for 1 pd trade, then 1000 items = 100 pd. Not everybody would have an account with 1000 items in bank but anyway many will have a lot of items saved just for saving. I’ve played this game enough to know that in some quests you can get 10-20 special items (if not more) so in theory it could be really easy to get 10 special items. So yeah I think the exchange should be more than 10 items if the NPC will receive any (20-30 items) because it isn’t that hard to find lots of items with no use (if you play a lot) obviously the bank should be working in the quest to keep your items saved because obviously you can’t be holding 20 items if you’ve got all your equipment with you and it would be very uncomfortable to go to the quest and just get 1 pd :P. This could also help players have their banks clean also it would give a use to all those useless special items, and also a reason to play in any level to get special items. To finish and after saying all this I would really like to see a quest like this and honestly I wouldn’t care if the item quantity was ridiculous (like 50 items for 1 pd) I would like the challenge of looking for more special items and then go to a difficult quest to exchange those items for some pds. And don’t forgot the most important. If this become to real, I would love that my character was the character of the quest. Something like an "Ana G's Deal XD (ok no, I just said). What do you think?
  11. @Larva @Soly @chuk @serverus @kajex @Fyrewolf5 @Cyane @Lemon Hola a todos!! Megustaria ofrecer una idea para el juego y hojala tenga una respuesta. Desde hace un tiempo me he dado cuenta que hay muchas armas que se consideran ya inútiles en el juego (esto claro a menos que el el arma cuente con un muy buen % en hit mas que nada). Lo que siempre ha llamado mi atención es que todas las armas S no tienen si quiera valor en las tiendas. Bueno pensaba que tal vez se pueda crear una quest que te intercambie una cierta cantidad de ítems por un pd. Más no deseo que tampoco sea algo sencillo si no que tenga algo de reto por hacer este intercambio. Una quest en donde tengas primero que eliminar a los monstruos abajo y si lo consigues podrás hacer el intercambio de ítems por un pd. Por ejemplo podrían ser 5-8 items del mismo tipo (5 Lastsurvivor por 1pd) o (8 god/hp por 1pd) y la razón por la que consideraría que deben ser del mismo tipo es por en una misma misión por lo general los ítems encontrados se repiten. También sería bueno que hay mismo tuviera la opción de vender ítems de rango S por meseta en donde todas se vendieran por 20000 o 25000 (para esas ocasiones en que alguien ocupa meseta). La idea de que sea un mismo ítem creo que le da algo de reto también. Sin embargo no necesariamente tendría que ser de ese modo (puesto que hay muchísimos ítems que dejan de tener uso muy rápidamente) podría ser que solo te pidiera una cantidad de armas S pero esto sería más sencillo para el usuario ya que no tendría que buscar ítems en específico por lo que lo ideal sería que si fueran por cualquier ítem S, la cantidad debería ser más alta (algo como 10 ítems S por 1 pd). Y la misión puede ser una en Ruinas como la quest de Hod1, por que las misiones en ruinas son muy atractivas y además da el plus de que se pueden encontrar algunos ítems valiosos en el proceso. Pero lo más importante para este reto es que solo se pueda jugar en ultimate para que al final se pueda hacer el intercambio. Considero que sería bastante bueno y provocaría nuevos tipos de búsquedas o ganas de jugar más, solo por buscar cualquier ítem. Si esto llega a ser posible en algún momento y la decisión es que el intercambio sea por un mismo tipo de ítems toma en cuenta los más comunes de rango S. Ta les como: todos los god/.. los devil/ los cure/slow cure/poison. Armas como lastsurvivor, silence claw, gae bolg, diska liberator, diska of braveman, bravace, Lk& combat, victor axe, elysion, Red saber, sange, demolition comet, vivienne, flamberge, kaladbolg, db´sabers, guardiana, storm wand: indra, mahu, kamui, crush bullet, windmill, Vjaya, wals-mk2, twin Brand, stag Cutlery, Guren, inferno bazooka, maguwa, M&A60 vise, red scorpio, guilty Light, angry first, Froozen shooter, cannon rogue, Cross scar, Club of laconium, Club of zamurian, caduceus, Berdysh, Agito (cualquier modelo), ano bazooka, sting tip. De todas las anteriores hay muchas que simplemente se quedan en el camino o las venden en la tienda por la increible cantidad de 10 mesetas…. Yo supongo que lo más sencillo de hacer en la quest (me refiero para la creación del mismo ya que supongo que no es algo sencillo) lo más ideal es que si fuera que el NPC te reciba 10 item de caja roja (desbloqueados en el caso de armas) y que te de 1 pd o bien no sé si sea posible que el NPC simplemente pueda reconocer que se le entregan 5 o 6 items idénticos. Sin tener que decir uno en específico ( Es decir que si le doy 5 lastsurvivors el NPC lo reconozca como los 5 items iguales y así con cual quier ítem mientras que fueran de caja roja; 5 vienne, 5 demolition comet. 5…) Sigo pensando que la idea es muy buena puesto que le dará algo más de motivación a los jugadores en general puesto que cuando se trata de ir a buscar items raros, hay quienes simplemente no encuentran nunca dicho ítem, mientras que otros lo ganan en la misma partida (y a hasta mas de una vez) por lo que al menos puedes tener el consuelo de que todas las armas de rango s que encuentras te servirán en otra quest para intercambiar por algunos pd y con la oportunidad de encontrar algo mejor en el camino. Eso si, esta quest no debe tener jefe final (porque eso implementaría que habría un gran premio como un red ring, weddin dress, anti-dark, etc. Etc. lo que solo provocaría que solo quisieran jugar esa misión y no otras, y la idea es que esta quest simplemente te haga jugar por el hecho de cambiar items (dígales repetidos, inútiles, basura, inservibles y lo digo sin ofender, pero es como veo que lo llaman los jugadores) por los pd que al final son útiles en el juego y por ejemplo si solo se puede hacer que el npc te cambie los items de rango S sin diferencia (es decir cualquier ítem rango s) Considero que la cantidad de 10 items es buena o incluso podría ser más de 10 ¿Por qué 10 o más de 10?: Porque simplemente tu cuenta puede tener 4 bancos y 1 banco común, lo que te da un total de espacio de 1000 items por lo que en dado caso eso se traduce como 1000 = 100pd… y sí, ya se que no todos tendrán los 1000 items de su banco listo para hacer el intercambio pero igual muchos tendrán una buena cantidad de items que solo están guardados por guardar. Y yo he jugado lo suficiente a este juego para saber que hay misiones en las que puedes sacar desde 10 a 20 items de rango S (si no es que hasta mas) así que en teoría llegaría a ser relativamente sencillo obtener 10 items (obviamente jugando, porque esa es la idea y no que te caigan del cielo) De hecho creo que si deberían ser más de 10 items, si es que el NPC recibirá de cualquiera (tal vez hasta 20-30 items) porque realmente no es tan difícil encontrar montones de items que no tienen uso (como dije esto es si juegas) obviamente el banco debe estar en funcionamiento en la quest para mantener guardados los items puesto que es obvio que no podrías traer cargando contigo 20 items siendo que traes tu equipo de armas contigo, y que si sería un poco incómodo tal vez ir a la misión para solo poder hacer un solo cambio de un pd :P. Esto ayudara mucho a que los jugadores tenga limpios sus bancos de cosas inútiles además que, como dije, le dara mas plus valia a las armas que no se usan, ,mas plus valia a jugar en donde sea y que no te sientas tan mal de no haber encontrado el ítem raro que buscas. Por último y después de haber escrito todo esto; Me gustaría ver muchísimo una quest como esta y honestamente no me importaría que la cantidad fuera ridícula (no se 50 items por un pd) me gustaría más el reto de estar coleccionando de todo para luego ir al reto de una misión difícil y con el fin de obtener algunos pds. Pero lo más importante de todo es que si se puediera hacer me encantaría que mi personaje fuera el personaje de la quest. Algo asi como un “Ana G ´s Deal XD (ok no……perdón pero no podía evitar no pensarlo después de tanto meditar la idea para una quest). ¿Ustedes que opinan sobre esta idea? En resumen: Una quest difícil en donde al final el npc te pagara 1 pd por cada 30 items de caja roja que tu le dieras (los cuales son items que tendrias en el banco por que la idea es que el banco este activo)
  12. Hello Everyone ! Someone can help me about the weapons gold badge? Can be used here? And where? Thanks
  13. NEW QUEST - Caverns of Gloom Episode 1 Multiplayer Quest. This is the first quest I've ever made, so this topic will probably exist mostly for bug reports. Something has happened in the Caves, and you have to solve the matter immediately. There is currently a bug in the quest that can prevent continuing the quest. In Caves 2, when you get to the room that is completely dark, and 2 doors open up allowing you to go North and South, the south door leads to a warp that is blocked off by a green laser fence. This room will lock itself back when someone runs near the switch for the lasers, and is unlocked again by killing some enemies that spawn at the same time. Currently, If someone runs into that room with the laser switch again after those enemies are killed, it will lock the door back and prevent continuing the quest. Do not run back into the room with the laser fence switch after you hit it once. You can also put a pipe in the room with the laser fence and warp when it is unlocked the first time. I have fixed the issue and sent Soly an updated file.
  14. This guide will show you how to get the Christmas Present that we usually get on Santa Rappy during Christmas (obviously). Pioneer Christmas has two different opportunities to obtain a Christmas Present per character. The first present is only available in ultimate difficulty, and requires 2 perfect runs of the quest to obtain. The second christmas present requires a bit of setup, but can be done on normal and is quickly repeatable once it's ready. First Present: Here is the steps, you can do it in like 30 minutes depending on how good you will be at not screwing up the puzzles : Epsiode 2 Ultimate difficulty multiplayer, run [event] Pioneer Christmas . You must be alone (because 3 NPC will follow you). Note: Bring an extra shop weapon along with you for the end. Go in the mountain with the 3 NPCs and complete the level 3 puzzles. No mistake allowed (aka : /lobby -> rerun if you fail). Go into the cavern, talk to the woman at the right side and give her the extra shop weapon (don't do armor or shield). Complete the quest (you should get 500 mesetas). Launch Pioneer Christmas in Ultimate once again. This time, you unlocked level 4 puzzles. So complete the level 4 puzzles without any mistake (your score must be 20/20) The rappy will give you a Christmas Present when you finish the last puzzle. Note : the Christmas Present can only be obtained once per character. Here are the puzzles (pictures are from univers-ps, made by Kra) : Concerning the puzzle completion : you must step on the switch in the right order before the timer ends. What interest us is the level 3 and level 4 puzzles. Useful link (if your french or know how to translate a page) : http://universps.online.fr/pso/bb/quetes/pioneer_christmas.php Note for new players : the N00b/Hp unit comes from Christmas Presents Second Present: At the end of Pioneer Christmas, you will be asked to wrap an item from your inventory. Wrap up a random extra weapon from the shop (buy this before you go to mountain, as pipes are disabled in the quest). When you drop this present, you will notice that it is no ordinary present. These presents come in different colors! The color present you receive is tied to your account. If you take this present to Gallon's Shop quest (Ep2 Shop), if you speak to a man looking out the window near the telepipe area, you can show him your special present. Doing so will unlock that color as an wrapping option in Gallon's Shop. This does not use up the present, so you can keep it around to give to other players and let them unlock more wrapping papers as well! There are 9 alternate wrapping papers to unlock in addition to the default White + Pink Ribbon. Since the presents are not used up when unlocking more wrapping options, it should be fairly simple to help other players unlock all possible options of presents. These colors only work with Weapons, they do not work with Shields or Armors. -Yellow + Blue Ribbon -Black + Yellow Ribbon -Light-blue + OrangeRibbon -Pink + Yellow-green Ribbon -Magenta -Blue -Yellow -Vermillion -Green Once you have all 9 alternate wrapping papers unlocked, you can easily get many more christmas presents. Simply wrap 9 cheap shop weapons with all the alternate colors (wrapping costs 10,000 meseta per item), give them to any character (can recreate a lvl 1 char repeatedly for this), then take the presents into Pioneer Christmas. If you donate all extra colors of presents to the children with the lady near the bottom of the ramp by the telepipes, you will receive another christmas present! TL;DR 1. Trade/borrow for all colors of presents with other people. 2. Unlock wrapping options by showing all colors to the man by telepipes in Gallon's Shop (ep2 shop) 3. Wrap 9 cheap shop weapons in all 9 alternate colors. 4. Give the presents to any character (recreate lvl 1 char repeatedly for more) 5. Turn in the presents in Pioneer Christmas to the lady by the telepipes for a Christmas Present! 6. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Credits: Misombre for creating the topic and writing the guide for the first present and for allowing me to edit in more to the guide to make it more complete. Fyrewolf for writing up the guide for the 2nd present and wrapping options, and for some screenshots. Univers-PS and PSO-world for hosting nice guides for the quest here and here. And everyone on Ultima for making this a great server to play on.
  15. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had compiled a list of enemy counts for each of the Ultima quests? I often use http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/6440-enemy-counts/ when trying to hunt specific things, but that doesn't include everything (notably, the Ultima quests). Specifically, I'm looking for a faster way to hunt Melqueeks than Ice Spinner (which requires 2 people). Let me know. Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone, and welcome to the new time attack records page! I'm aware there have been a few of these in the past, but the thread starter seems to always disappear. This makes it hard to keep the records updated. I see myself sticking around for a while so I thought it would be a good idea to start another thread dedicated to time attacks. Time attacks are a fun way to spice things up and get some competition going. Since this will be a new thread, I won't be adding any previous records as that would be to time consuming for me to go through all previous threads and copy down the times/class/photos etc. However if you have a good time on hand that you previously submitted on another thread you are allowed to resubmit it here. With all that said there will be a few rules: - Legit runs only, no cheating whatsoever. - Any questionable/suspicious times will have to be judged by me, and more than likely require extra proof (video etc). - These times will only be for Ultimate difficulty. - To submit a time you MUST post a picture with the amount of time remaining. When posting your time please include: - Name of quest - Number of players - Player class(es) and name(s) Now that we have all that out of the way.. LETS GET THIS THING STARTED Solo Times Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 4: Duo Times Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 4: Team Times Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 4: If you find that I may have missed a quest just shoot me a pm
  17. HI people, i was wondering if they have added this weapon here on ultima, havent seen it on the drops table or event drops, and its name is on the item donation list, but is market as N/A. anyone know something about it? ive tested the weapon in mi server(not real server just mesing around with server files locally) and its an awesome launcher type weapon. http://www.pso-world.com/items.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2204&sortby=name
  18. When making TWO KAMUI does any stat % of mi KAMUI's goes to TWO KAMUIS? and if it is, How?
  19. Hola, buenas tardes a todos, recientemente queria comenzar a convertir armas de los enemigos haciendo las quest en modo one person, pero al irlas haciendo me di cuenta que solo aparecen hasta el Gran Squall, y he intentado pasar las pantallas, activar las torres que salen en las mismas y volviendo a entrar y nada, T__T, las misisones que pase solo aparecen hasta Gran Squall, no carga las demas que faltan, que esta pasando? tengo que descargar algun archivo de misiones o como esta el rollo? me seria de gran ayuda me dijeran si es que ahora convierten las armas de otra manera o que esta pasando con las Quest que no aparecen las demas.
  20. Hello Everyone. This is my first time making a topic. I do hope this is the right area! I played through Government Quest 9-8: The Final Cycle on Ultimate Mode. Kondrieu appeared at the end. I defeated him. (This was my first time fighting against any episode 4 boss.) The problem is, I don't think he dropped any item. Not even Meseta or a Saber. So my question is, if Kondrieu drops an item, where does he drop it? And is it possible that he drops nothing at all? After I beat Kondrieu, the only items that I found were inside boxes around that giant green egg thing. (I'm bluefull if it matters. So I had a 50% chance of getting a Siren Glass Hammer.) I watched videos of other people beating him, and sometimes Kondrieu crashes through stone walls opening up a few small new areas. Kondrieu never did that for me. I stayed by the glowing egg in the center the entire fight, and so did he. So I guess I was afraid that the drop was somewhere I couldn't get to or something. If someone could offer me any info, that'd be great!
  21. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post this topic but... I've been playing on this server for a bit now, and I've been enjoying things for awhile, but I've been experiencing problems where I'm busy doing quests, and suddenly, after several minutes of going through the quest itself, the game just disconnects for no reason. And I'm feeling a bit impatient here since I have to start all over on these quests after I reconnect to the server. Is there any way I can return to where I was on these quests, or will I have to just suck it up and start from the beginning? Thanks in advance for any answers~
  22. I'm making this topic basicly to ask for help in translation of the new quests that we have. we have 3 new quest in the server " Crisys en dos Tierras" (Crisys in two Earths). I would love to bring this quests to the english community. But i dont have time to translate the quests myself, If anyone is interested in help the community to translate at least one quests please post here.. thanks.
  23. Hola a todos. Mi duda y problema es el siguiente... Yo he jugado este juego hace ya bastante tiempo en la consola GC pero solo la jugue offline y pude jugar las Quest que se deben de hacer; como por ejemplo la de la "Soul Eater" que si pude hacerla. Yo siempre quise convertir las partes de animales que han salido en armas, y si podia, pero para poder convertirlas necesitaba desbloquear 2 Quest que eran: "Unsealed Door" y la otra que es "Dr. Osto's research", en cualquiera de las 2 Quest salia el Dr. Montague. Para convertir las partes de animales en armas habia que ir con el Dr. Montague (un force Newman), hablabas con el y el te podia convertir estas partes de animales en armas. Para desbloquear estas 2 Quest ya mencionadas habia que cruzar el Forest, Cave y Mines, y salian mas Quest por realizar para llegar a esas 2. Aqui en PSOBB Ultima no he podido desbloquear las Quest por alguna razon, y si tengo partes de animales que quisiera convertir. Acaso hice algo mal?? O aqui en PSOBB Ultima no se puede desbloquear mas Quest??. Si me pudieran decir que hice mal, diganmelo por favor. Gracias...
  24. Thatguy

    Quest Request

    Ok what I'm thinking is that it would be nice if we could have a quest made in which the rewards were item tickets, I know there was an item ticket event some time ago but it would be awesome to use the items that you can get by using item tickets. I understand that there are some exclusive weapons in the Item Present quest and it would be nice to use them even if they are just gimmicks, also there are some nice mag cells which would be fun to get a hold of. So what I propose is that the quest be laid out like is something like this... -10min time limit which you are in one room and enemies spawn in realitively large waves (maybe 20 enemies per wave? give or take a few) until you kill them all which would be 100-150 basic enemies i.e booma, boota, gibbons, etc With a final wave of 3-5 Special enemies i.e Delsabers, Astarks, Sinow Zele, etc. -No items drop what so ever because it would turn into a quest to spam, to hunt weapons and such, which we don't want to happen. -Only playable in Ultimate with the reward being 2 Item Tickets and maybe a small amount of meseta for your trouble (7500) -Scape Dolls should not work, if you die you lose. -Also if this does get made an awesome song should be playing to get you hyped up, i.e burning rangers or scatman lol For An added challenge so you really have to work for your prize... -make the room dark with only 1 switch that you have to stand on to keep the light on located in the center of the battle area. -have one of those annoying freeze turret traps with high health so you dont blow it up with 1 hit located in the corners (2 in total in stage) -Make the quest single player only, to make it really tough. Basically its very close to the black paper deal quests except harder, because after all the prize is quite useful. Also putting Item Tickets would add to the games "economy" as some people call it, so it would be used in trade along with pds,pcs and normal trading stuff. I think reintroducing Item Tickets back to Ultima would make many players very very happy.
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