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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ULTIMA Hi Ultima It's been 15 years since we started this journey, 15 years since we stepped into Ragol to slay the first Rappy!. There are a lot of things that have happened in your life during the past fifteen years. For example, when I started here I had only one child, and now I have 3 more, moved to another country, changed jobs a couple of times, opened my own company and many more things. But the server has prevailed all these years, with the help of all the great staff that has been here for all this year. And of course Big shoutout to the OG crew who've been here since day one and a warm welcome to the newbies joining the ranks. You all are what makes this community awesome! Your passion, support, and pure gaming spirit have turned this place into the great community and PSO server that we are. I'm very grateful and thankful for been here and been part of this great community, for some users this just another online game, but for me Ultima it's just something that its part of my life, something that has been there since forever and that it will remain part of my life as long the server lives. There is one sure thing, I'm not as active as I once was, but the passion and the willingness of keeping the server alive it's something that hasn't ever gone away. Thanks Everyone!! Let's continue this journey together, crafting new legends and memories that will endure for years to come. I want to give a special thanks to @R-78 for all these years that she has stepped out for us, she has done a lot of work here, and put a lot of time into the server. She deserves a big thanks and recognition for all that she has done on her own. For another 15 years!!! Have Fun 15th Anniversary Event Combine Frozen Booster with Panzer Faust +9 to make Frozen Faust Combine Arrest Booster with Panzer Faust +9 to make Arrest Faust Both weapons can hit up to 8 targets just like Iron Faust. They hit the main target twice. Hucast cannot equip those weapons. (There is a hidden 202 ATA requirement) SonicTeam Armor 500 DEF 500 EVP 80 All resistances All classes Required level: 200 Asteron Striker Handgun 300 - 380 ATP 60 ATA Autolock Hell Special Ultima's engine Use on a mag Level 50+ to obtain Ultima Mag. D-Photon Core Use on a Kama Level 100+ to obtain Gael Giel. Mr. Naka's Business Card Exchange 3 of them for an S-rank Weapon with the special of your choice. Ask a GM once event is over. Add a Christmas Present to get a custom name on it. Sonic Magazine Wand 5 ATP 25 ATA Hand of Justice Handgun 400 - 400 ATP 65 ATA 25 Grind Demon Special Tyrfing Twin Sword 700 - 740 ATP 80 ATA 13 Grind Geist Special Sword of Ultima Combine it with Psycho Black Crystal to obtain Ten Years Blade Ultima Bringer's Good Luck
  2. Hi everyone, For the last couple days (November 19-21, 2022) I've been cutting music tracks from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Official Soundtrack for use in PSO. I want to express my gratitude to @Fyrewolf5 for showing me how to add in the meta-data so the music loops automatically, Thank you so much @Fyrewolf5!!! As I was cutting tracks and testing them on the title screen, more and more of them felt like the title music shouldn't be the Final Fantasy Prelude..... and as I looked at the title screen more and more, empty space, planets just floating in the nothingness, no movement, just emptiness.... I felt more that the title music shouldn't be all upbeat and happy-go-lucky like the Final Fantasy Prelude is. So, I searched and searched and searched through the soundtrack (it's on 7 discs (8 if you count the jukebox tracks from the game) and there's over 300 tracks in the FF7R Soundtrack) and I eventually found a track that has echo-like wispy parts in it and sounds lonely, somber, and just fits perfectly with the title screen picture. So, I cut it as the title, put it in and OMG i fell in love with PSO all over again with that music. Since there's a 1MB limit for uploads on the forum, I can't post the music pack here, but if you'd like it for your game to change up the music, I would highly recommend my music pack, and I'm not just saying that because I'm the creator...... I just followed my feelings and went track by track and visulized the parts of the game where the track would fit and cut the music to that area. In the mines, for example... the music is all soft and ethereal-like and "lulls you into a false sense of security" before tearing you to shreds.... well my music pack fixes all that - the music for the mines levels is ominous, foreboding and as a plus - it has machine widget things in the music - so the music will be playing and all of the sudden you hear these mechanical scratches to different notes in a wacky fashion - I love it for mines. The following is the track list I used for my music pack TITLE: Title "The Promised Land - Cycle of Souls" ADVR: Character Select "The Prelude - Reunion" CHARA: Character Creation "Chance Meeting in Sector 8" CITY: Pioneer 2 "Main Theme of FFVII - Nighfall in the Undercity" MEDICAL: Hospital "Tifa's Theme - Seventh Heaven" SHOP: Stores "Wall Market - The Town That Never Sleeps" GUILD: Hunter’s Guild "An Unforgettable Night" SOUTOKU: Principal’s Office "The Oppressed - Beck's Badasses" LABO: Lab "A New Operation" Areas Slbgm_forest: Forest 1 & 2 "On Our Way" Slbgm_cave: Caves 1, 2, & 3 "Rough Waters" Slbgm_machine: Mines 1 & 2 "S7-6 Annex Diversion" Slbgm_ancient: Ruins 1, 2, & 3 "Train Graveyard" Slbgm_ruin: Temple Alpha / Beta "Collapsed Expressway" Slbgm_space: Spaceship Alpha / Beta "Bombing Mission" Slbgm_seabed: Seabed 1 & 2 "Mako Reactor 1" Bosses DRAGON: Dragon "Let the Battles Begin - A Merc's Job" DELO: De Rol Le "The Trap is Sprung" VOL_OPT1: Vol Opt phase 1 "Ignition Flame (1st movement)" VOL_OPT2: Vol Opt phase 2 "Ignition Flame (2nd movement)" Slbgm_dark: Meadow before Falz "-Drum- The Drum" DARK1: Dark Falz phase 1 & 2 "Catastrophe" DARK2: Dark Falz phase 3 "One Winged Angel - Rebirth" DELO2: Barba Ray "Operation: Save Aerith" DRAGON2: Gol Dragon "Scorpion Sentinel" GRYPHON: Gal Gryphon "Whack-a-box" PROTO1: Olga phase 1 - "Mako Reactor 1 - Battle Edit HALL: Room before fighting Olga 2nd time "Trail of Blood" PROTO2: Olga phase 2 "J-E-N-O-V-A - Quickening" Slbgm_boss9: St. Million "The Valkyrie" Slbgm_boss9b: Shambertin / Kondrieu "The Valkyrie" Special Events T1: Rico Tyrel "A Tower, a Promise" T2: Heathcliff Flowen "Who Am I?" clear: Quest Completion "Victory Fanfare" ENDING_LOOP: After you kill Dark Falz "The Star of Seventh Heaven" CUBE_ENDING_LOOP: After you kill Olga Flow "Aerith's Theme - Home Again" EP4_ENDING_LOOP: After you kill ep4 final boss "Credits" LOBBY: The game lobby - This track is a surprise - if other music is playing in the lobby like christmas, or halloween, or user requests, just type: /lobbyevent 2 and you can listen to this very special track! Be ye warned, it's nearly 13 minutes of music, but I hope you love it like I do! That's what I have done so far - tomorrow I might cut tracks for the holidays, do 12 tracks for the music discs - but we'll see. **DISCLAIMER - As much as I would have liked to make music for the Jungle, Mountain, Seaside, CCA, Towers, Crater, Crater Interior, and the Subterranean Desert, the way the game is coded screws up the custom music for those areas at best, CRASHES IN A GIANT FIRE at worst, and the custom music just won't work for those areas.** If you would like my music pack - here's how you install it to change the music of PSO Open your UltimaPSOBB folder on your hard drive .... the default location for install is C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/UltimaPSOBB. In your PSOBB folder you'll find a DATA folder, and in that DATA folder you'll find a folder called OGG. *****MAKE A COPY OF THAT OGG FOLDER******* Rename the copy of the folder to something like Music Backup so if you ever want to go back to original PSO music, the files are there and untouched. Then, click this link for the music pack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1925stpcsmbyxxm/FF7Remake_PSO.zip/file Download the Zipped folder of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Music (there are 37 .ogg files plus one .txt of the track listing) After you download the Zipped file, right-click it and say "EXTRACT HERE" This will uncompress the folder and give you access to all the .ogg files inside. Now, select all the .ogg files and copy them over into the OGG folder in the PSOBB directory. When your computer asks if you would like to REPLACE all the files SAY YES! this will change the music of your game to the music listed above! If you would like me to make special music for you - just let me know - I'm always happy to help. Cheers, -Z
  3. 13th Anniversary Event Ultima is turning thirteen years!! hey that's almost the half of my life, and older then must of my child's. I'm very thankful to all our members and to all the staff who voluntary invest time of their life to give all of us a place to enjoy PSO. Certainly we aren't the must visited server, but Ultima has always stand out as a great community. A place were users can have a great time and make friends. To me that's always been the must important part of Ultima. And for that we been online thirteen years. Thanks you All for been here!!! Hope you all enjoy the event!!! --Larva Ultima's 13th Anniversary event has started! Frozen Faust and Arrest Faust updates Both weapons can now hit multiple targets (8 max) just like Iron Faust does. In addition: the weapons are more effective at projectile impact point: they hit the main target twice, which means more damage and more chances to Freeze or Paralyze your main target! Combine Frozen Booster with Panzer Faust +9 to make Frozen Faust Combine Arrest Booster with Panzer Faust +9 to make Arrest Faust Note that Hucast cannot equip those weapons. There is a hidden 202 ATA requirement. Other event items SonicTeam Armor 500 DEF 500 EVP 80 All resistances All classes Required level: 200 Asteron Striker Handgun 300 - 380 ATP 60 ATA Autolock Hell Special Ultima's engine Use on a mag Level 50+ to obtain Ultima Mag. D-Photon Core Use on a Kama Level 100+ to obtain Gael Giel. Mr. Naka's Business Card Exchange 3 of them for an S-rank Weapon with the special of your choice. Ask any GM once event is over. Add a Christmas Present to get a custom name on it. Sonic Magazine Wand 5 ATP 25 ATA Hand of Justice Handgun 400 - 400 ATP 65 ATA 25 Grind Demon Special Tyrfing Twin Sword 700 - 740 ATP 80 ATA 13 Grind Geist Special Sword of Ultima Combine it with Psycho Black Crystal to obtain Ten Years Blade Ultima Bringer's Keep in mind that those items are prone to possible balance changes in the future. Thanks to @C01D1for the banner! Good Luck Everyone!
  4. Thought you guys might get a kick out of this: Phantasy Star Online (original) for the Switch. What we've really been waiting for
  5. Hey everyone, my name is FALC0N (UsurpDr7 in game, cuz I was really edgy 3 years ago), and I love to draw. I'll be posting here fanart of characters from different episodes, my characters, and if anyone wants to, requests from other users. Hope everyone enjoys what I do! The first one i'll be posting here is the nurse from Episode 2. I died once, and couldn't revive, so, when I went back to Pioneer 2 and saw the nurse, I just decided to draw her. Yep, nothing interesting. If anyone wants to make a requests, just PM me!
  6. Hey. I hope you enjoy my Pso package containing custom skins, ogg, and neatly positioned Enb add ons for the upcoming events. The ogg pack contains music from various video games such as Zelda OoT, Zelda WW, Zelda MM, Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy, and .hack//G.U. Custom textures are applied for various effects, NPC, and HUD including these areas: Episode 1: Forest, Caves, Ruins. -(Separate skins for Ultimate) Episode 2: Temple, Jungle, Seabed. -(Same skins for each difficulty) Episode 4: Crater routes, Crater Interior, Subterranean Desert 1. -(Same skins for each difficulty) Instructions: 1: Backup your current Pso folder. 2: Download Terror's Ultima Pso. http://www.mediafire.com/file/t3xamf9s8mem4ww/Terror's_Ultima_Pso.rar/file (The modular texture pack in the Pso folder contains stuff which you can use to further edit your game.) (Double click the add on menu tab to edit Enb add ons how you see fit.) Note: Vertex Fog recommended.
  7. The Sunniest event of Ultima has come! Happy summer guys, we hope all members enjoy this event. The staff really wanted to bring something new to the community. It's nothing over power but I'm sure some users will appreciate the work that has been done here. thanks to all Ultima members. You guys really make Ultima the great place that is for all of us! Thanks and Enjoy. Summer Items Centurion/Legs - 75 EVP Centurion/TP - 125 TP Centurion/Technique - 5 Technique Levels Trap Search - Makes traps visible Zanbacon - Delicious sword Summer Main Items Blood Sword Do not underestimate the power of blood... Soul Booster Need a boost on Excalibur? Combine them to obtain Hundred Souls. Psycho Black Crystal Give to your Master Raven the ability to curse your enemies with death by making it Psycho Raven. Centurion/Battle Is this game too slow for you? Then this item is gonna be your best friend! +110% Attack Speed Alis' Resolve Foie +35% Barta +35% Zonde +35% New Content Serene Swan Fight with the serenity of the swan. The blessing on this weapon channels photon energy to purify the corruption in its targets through removal of dark energy. Buffed Monsters Morfos have been genetically enhanced Baranz have been upgraded to a better version ____________________________________ Event is active until August 05, 2019 Credits for the Banner to @FALC0N almost one year creating original content for us man! Credits for the Original Topic to @R-78 Credits for Serene Swan skin and portuguese translation to @Noob Saibot Thanks! Good Luck / Bonne Chance / Buena Suerte / Boa Sorte !
  8. Here is to another RASP but this time a double pack. I finished Volume 3 almost as soon as I uploaded 2 and I didn't want to upload it immediately after. I decided to work on 4 and just upload both at the same time. Here is the download link for 3: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8mpinrjphwglk/ Here is a list of tracks for 3: ADVR - Ghostbusters(Genesis) ~ Character Select CHARA - Sega Rally Championship ~ 13 End Road of Monaco CITY - Die Hard Trilogy ~ Harlem CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Rage Racer ~ Credits DARK1 - Chrono Trigger ~ Magus Battle DARK2 - Chrono Trigger ~ Final Battle 2 DELO - Metal Black ~ Phantasm DELO2 - Tales of the Tempest ~ Enemies Raid DRAGON - Ghostbusters(Genesis) ~ Boss DRAGON2 - Sonic Generations ~ VS Metal Sonic DUEL1 - Toonami ~ Scratch My Back DUEL2 - From TV Animation Slam Dunk 2 ~ Rival's Star Player ENDING_LOOP - Jurassic Park(SNES) ~ Hi-Score EP4_ENDING_LOOP - Digimon Frontiers ~ Opening (Instrumental) EPI1 - Pokemon Rumble World ~ Results EPI2 - Art of Fighting 2 ~ Next Stage GRYPHON - OneChanbara ~ Attagirl GUILD - Dynasty Warriors ~ Character Select HALL - Mega Man X5 ~ Deep Sea HEARTS - Burning Rangers ~ We Are Burning Rangers (EN) LABO - OneChanbara ~ Shawty LOBBY - Street Fighter V Arcade Edition ~ Main Theme MEDICAL - Michigan Report From Hell ~ ZaKa TV Team Log PROTO1 - Asura's Wrath ~ Asura vs Oni The Mad Demon PROTO2 - Asura's Wrath ~ Fear God SHOP - Legend of Legaia ~ Dance Against the Queen slbgm_ancient - Wild Arms 2 ~ Spiral Tower slbgm_boss09 - Sonic Adventure 2 ~ Supporting Me (Biolizard) slbgm_boss09b - Kizuna Encounter ~ King Leo's Palace slbgm_cave - Tekken 3 ~ Nina Williams slbgm_dark - Chrono Trigger ~ Magus Battle (Intro) slbgm_forest - Muscle Bomber ~ Moscow slbgm_machine - Mortal Kombat 3 ~ Street slbgm_ruin - King of Fighters Neowave ~ Spirits slbgm_seabed - Sonic Adventure 2 ~ Dive Into the Mellow (Aquatic Mine) slbgm_space - Gungage ~ The Big Boss SOUTOKU - Front Mission ~ Arena Title - The King of Fighters '95 ~ Title VOL_OPT1 - Bomberman Hero ~ Spiral VOL_OPT2 - Bomberman Hero ~ Landlord And here is the download link for Volume 4: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/q548zss74mp0j/ As well as the list of songs for this volume as well: ADVR - Mortal Kombat ~ Choose Your Fighter CHARA - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater ~ Main Menu (1st Part) CITY - Wild Arms 2 ~ Town Where the West Wind Blows CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Legend of Legaia ~ Dance Queen Mary DARK1 - TNA Impact ~ Su Yung (Undead Bride) DARK2 - Final Fantasy XII-2 ~ Invisible Depths DELO - Cadillacs and Dinosaurs ~ Boss 2 DELO2 - Galerians ~ Birdman Battle DRAGON - Pinball of the Dead ~ Boss DRAGON2 - Star Ocean 3 ~ Bitter Dance DUEL1 - Baki the Grappler ~ Self-Confidence DUEL2 - Nitro Ball ~ Combat Field ENDING_LOOP - Ridge Racer Type 4 ~ Ready To Roll EP4_ENDING_LOOP - Deadly Sport ~ Ending EPI1 - Super Mario Kart ~ Bowser Rank EPI2 - Wild Arms 2 ~ Win! GRYPHON - Hunter the Reckoning ~ Instability GUILD - Maken X ~ World Map HALL - Capcom VS SNK 2 ~ Groove Select HEARTS - Bust a Groove ~ 2 Bad (Heat-s Theme) LABO - Texhnolyze ~ Fantasia LOBBY - Capcom VS SNK 2 ~ Player Select Version 1 & 2 MEDICAL - Xenosaga Freaks ~ Xeno-Pittan Stage Select PROTO1 - Dead or Alive 4 ~ Alpha-152 PROTO2 - Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles ~ Virus Syndicate SHOP - Tekken 5 ~ One More slbgm_ancient - Revolution X ~ Pacific Rim Elevator slbgm_boss09 - Legend of Legaia ~ My Name is Songi slbgm_boss09b - Mortal Kombat 4 ~ Goro's Lair slbgm_cave - Bust a Groove ~ Power (Strike-s Theme) slbgm_dark - Jewel Master ~ Vital Signs slbgm_forest - 100% Orange Juice ~ Kai's Theme slbgm_machine - Resonance of Fate ~ Hughes Power Station-Night [A] slbgm_ruin - Tekken 4 ~ Kitsch slbgm_seabed - Sonic Forces ~ Fading World (Imperial Tower) slbgm_space - Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad ~ Promise of 505 (Stage 5) SOUTOKU - TNA Impact ~ Robbie E (Get Your Fist Pumpin In The Air) Title - Mega Man X 3 ~ Title VOL_OPT1 - Sonic Forces ~ Battle with Egg Dragoon Mk. II (1st) VOL_OPT2 - Sonic Forces ~ Battle with Egg Dragoon Mk. II (2nd) So with that the RASP Volume 3 & 4 Double Pack is complete! Be sure to backup all your original files!
  9. Spanish: Hola, me llamo Richard, pero otros me dicen Rich, y mi nombre artístico de ilustrador es Richjr. Bueno, mi evento favorito es el Halloween, considero que es agradable y divertido, ademas de que las decoraciones en el juego son buenas, y me encanta cuando sale las calabazas moviéndose un lado para el otro. English: Hello, my name is Richard, but others tell me Rich, and my artistic name is Richjr. Well, my favorite event is Halloween, I think it's nice and fun, besides that the decorations in the game are good, and I love when the pumpkins come out moving one side to the other.
  10. *Decided to make a separate thread from the Volume 1 thread for this* It's been awhile but I'm back with another RASP; Volume 2 hits the interwebs today! I've looped and replaced several new tracks including the boss themes from Episode 4. Here is the download link for this pack: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/e9l19jnhf2993/PSOBB OST Pack Vol 2 And here are a list of tracks(also included in the TXT file: ADVR - King of Fighters '95 ~ Demon Select CHARA - Karnov's Revenge Fighters History Dynamite Arranged ~ Indomitable Spirit CITY - Time Trax ~ Mission Briefing (60Hz) CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Fighting Force 64 ~ End Credits DARK1 - Clock Tower 3 ~ Burroughs in Anger DARK2 - Devil May Cry 2 ~ Ragnarok (The Despair Embodied Battle) DELO - Rocket Knight Adventures ~ Versus Boss DELO2 - Death by Degrees ~ Type J DRAGON - Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles ~ Moon Fight DRAGON2 - GunValkyrie ~ Plug In Monster DUEL1 - Beatdown: Fist of Vengeance ~ Hammerlock DUEL2 - Fighting Force 64 ~ Boss ENDING_LOOP - Duane's Song EP4_ENDING_LOOP - Blue Stinger ~ Merry Christmas EPI1 - Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of the Vampire ~ Donovan Winning EPI2 - Super Smash Bros. ~ Game Clear GRYPHON - King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 ~ Native People of the Same Hole GUILD - King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 ~ Super Excited HALL - Resident Evil Remake ~ Lab Entrance LABO - Megaman 4 Complete Works ~ Password Screen LOBBY - Megaman Zero Remastered ~ Intermission MEDICAL - Marvel VS Capcom 2 ~ Continue PROTO1 - Viewtiful Joe 2 ~ True Heroes PROTO2 - The Bouncer ~ Domnique Cross SHOP - Janet Jackson ~ Got 'Til It's Gone(Instrumental) slbgm_ancient - Tekken Tag Tournament ~ Unknown slbgm_boss09 - Shadow Hearts ~ Blade slbgm_boss09b - The Wonderful 101 ~ Vijounne, Fouth-Class Officer slbgm_cave - Onechanbara Bikini Zombie Slayers ~ Death Rhapsody slbgm_dark - House of the Dead 4 ~ Garden of Rotting Flowers slbgm_forest - Megaman X4 ~ Web Spider(Jungle) slbgm_machine - Devil May Cry 3 ~ Battle 1 slbgm_ruin - Kensei Sacred Fist ~ Spot slbgm_seabed - Sega Rally 2 ~ MNF slbgm_space - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle ~ Space Trip Steps (Meteor Herd) SOUTOKU - Art of Fighting 2 Arranged ~ I Decided on this One (Player Select Theme) Title - Tekken 3(Arcade) ~ Intro VOL_OPT1 - Battle Mania Daiginjou ~ Ma Ha Ra Ja VOL_OPT2 - Vanquish ~ Argus Battle And just as before a RAR file is included as well as individual files.
  11. Old Linux Method So recently, the Nintendo Switch was able to run the Unbuntu Linux OS through hacking. This could be a pretty cool opportunity to give PSO a Linux Compatible Version / Installer! Someone could possibly say "Use Wine to launch PSO", well from what I've seen, PSO doesn't really cooperate well with Wine. In the Linux OS, it is possible to use an On-Screen keyboard which is useful, and it is also possible to use your own keyboard and mouse to use the OS. Im not sure if the Joycons can control your Character in PSO since i haven't tested anything yet, but if it couldn't, i'm pretty sure you can use other controllers and such! Theres many things you can also do with this OS, such as search the web, listen to audio files and watch videos! Its even possible to run the Dolphin Emulator (Gamecube/Wii Emulator) with this os! UPDATE 5/20/19: The Nintendo Switch has a ARM Cpu, which is a Phone Cpu. Windows 10 has a specific 32bit version where it supports ARM Cpus. This is amazing news! As it now allows us to forget about Linux, and instead makes us focus on Windows, which is a much simpler OS to use! There is a video of a person loading up the Windows 10 Installation, however he doesn't show any further progress of what he does with Windows 10. The publisher that made it possible for Windows 10's Installation Process to show on the Switch has yet to make it public. If anything new every shows up with this new Windows 10 OS, I will update this thread ASAP! Thank you @Mugiwara for finding this amazing information! Here is a video of the person loading up Windows 10 on his Switch: I'm hoping to see a lot of support for PSO on the Switch! It would be awesome to play PSO BB on the go! And speculating how PSO is a somewhat light game, i'm pretty sure the Switch can handle it just fine! I don't want this opportunity to slip by without anyone noticing since this is great! I would even go as far as to make a tutorial on how to install the Windows 10 and Installing PSO if it were possible! Please feel free to let me know what you guys think!
  12. Hi, I've been playing around with the audio loops for the past few months and have come up with a custom OST pack for PSOBB. I didn't do every track but I did most of the ones from Episode 1 and 2. The download link is here: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/68v7nezbej9s9/PSOBB_OST_Pack_Vol_1 Be sure to backup your originals before applying this to the original OGG folder. Here is also a list of the replaced tracks(also included in the download link). Hope you enjoy!: ADVR - Fighting Force 64 ~ Fighter Select CHARA - Virtua Fighter 4 EVO ~ Customization Theme CITY - Mad World ~ Jefferson Island Map CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Street Fighter 3 Third Strike ~ Name Entry (3rd Strike) DARK1 - The Last Story ~ Evil Beast DARK2 - Tekken 5 ~ The Finalizer DELO - Resident Evil Code Veronica ~ Here They Come DELO2 - Galerians: Rion ~ Birdman Battle DRAGON - Night Slashers ~ Chaser DRAGON2 - Crypt Killer ~ High N-R-G Protection DUEL1 - Tekken 5 ~ Unforgiven (with Background Crowd) DUEL2 - Last Alert ~ Boss Theme ENDING_LOOP - Street Fighter 3 New Generation ~ BPM 114 (Name Entry) EPI1 - Vampire Hunter Darkstalker's Revenge ~ GALLON Winning EPI2 - Street Fighter III Third Strike ~ Ending 1 GRYPHON - Beatdown Fist of Vengeance ~ D.O.A. GUILD - Parasite Eve ~ Out Of Phase HALL - House of the Dead 4 ~ Chaotic Order LABO - Mega Man X2 ~ Stage Select 1 LOBBY - Super Mario Galaxy ~ Super Mario 2007 MEDICAL - Bubblegum Crisis 2040 ~ Mood In Dub PROTO1 - The King of Fighters '95 ~ Hal, Bass and Melody (Last Boss Stage 1) PROTO2 - The King of Fighters '99 ~ Dear Falling Angel (Krizalid 2 Theme) SHOP - House of the Dead 2 ~ Item Shop slbgm_ancient - Lightning Returns ~ Altar of Light slbgm_cave - 10,000 Bullets ~ Striking Distance slbgm_dark - Mega Man Zero 3 Remastered ~ Return to Zero slbgm_forest - Bomberman Hero ~ Redial slbgm_machine - Shinobi(PS2) ~ Strange Device slbgm_ruin - Lost Kingdoms ~ Rohbach slbgm_seabed - Final Fantasy XIV ~ Rival Wings Astragalos Theme slbgm_space - King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 ~ Enhanced Category X SOUTOKU - Fatal Fury Arrange ~ Player Select Title - Virtua Fighter 3 ~ For you VOL_OPT1 - Haunting Ground ~ Ultimate Demento VOL_OPT1 - Shadow Hearts ~ Sicking Fucking P.S. Also included RAR file for all tracks just to make it easier than downloading them individually. Titled "RASP Vol 1"
  13. Hey everyone, As a newcomer to the phantasy star series I was wondering if this version was including the episode 4 that doesn't seem to be on any console Version and as I'd really like to play all of this series of it's possible
  14. Ultima Christmas Event 2018 Santa Claus is late because he had a sleigh accident and he is so sorry… But he finally arrived! And with all the children’s promised toys! Unfortunately, he actually lost all of them on Ragol… and the monsters ate them. (That was on purpose but don’t say it!) Santa Claus knows the children of Ultima suffered enough from boss farming during the 10th Anniversary of Ultima, so this year do not rely too much on the old drop tables because… Christmas items will no longer come from bosses! (…Except the Parasitic Gene Flow, but do I really have to write this?) New Year Cards are no longer usable to add stats to weapons. They will have a different use than past year. Indi Belras are back to normal. Drop tables have been totally reworked. Everything can be found on Ultimate. Most can also be found on Very Hard but the rates are better on Ultimate. Remember the Parasitic Gene Flow is not an easy drop so do not expect Olga Flow to drop it in a couple runs. Here is Santa Claus’ loooong present list: Asteron Belt (ep 4) Chameleon Scythe (ep 4) Crazy Tune (ep 2) Daisy Chain (ep 4) Galatine (ep 4) Girasole (ep 2) Harisen Battle Fan (ep 1) Murasame (ep 1) Sonic Knuckle (ep 2) Soul Eater (ep 4) Toy Hammer (ep 2) L&K38 Combat (ep 1) Phonon Maser (ep 2) Rambling May (ep 1) Tension Blaster (ep 2) Broom (ep 1) Earth Wand Brownie (ep 1) Game Magazine (ep 1) Kunai (ep 1) Syringe (ep 1) Valkyrie (ep 4) Kroe’s Sweater (ep 1) DF Shield (ep 1) Honeycomb Reflector (ep 1) Foie Merge (ep 2) Barta Merge (ep 2) Zonde Merge (ep 2) Gifoie Merge (ep 2) Gibarta Merge (ep 2) Gizonde Merge (ep 2) Rafoie Merge (ep 2) Rabarta Merge (ep 2) Razonde Merge (ep 2) Red Merge (ep 1) Blue Merge (ep 1) Yellow Merge (ep 1) Green Ring (ep 4) Blue Ring (ep 4) Yellow Ring (ep 4) Amitie’s Memo (ep 2) Heart of Morolian (ep 1,2) Tablet (ep 1) New Year’s Card (ep 1,4) Parasitic Gene "Flow" (ep 2) Saint Rappies will drop Christmas Presents (If you see a Love Rappy, please let a GM know because they are not welcome here!) in which you can find many mag cells like the pretty Ashura cell that makes Elenor, and Noob… HEART CONTAINER!! Yeah, I said Heart Container Use Parasitic Gene Flow to make one of those famous weapons Dark Meteor Dark Bridge Dark Flow This event will conclude a year of joy and happiness on Ultima… but is also going to start a fresh new one and hopefully even better!!! Happy Hunting and Merry Christmas Everybody! Thanks to @FALC0N for the banner, you are really helpful!
  15. hey, I need help with the PSO Charcter reader scanner thing, I put it into the Games Directory and When I open PSO, it opens a Tab at the Top left Corner that says ModUI and It has the Options (About, Help, Memory, Addons and Log) But when I click on Addons, Nothing Is there
  16. Does anyone have either an Nidra, Tellusis or soniti Mag for a FO?
  17. Good evening fellow BB players! Glad to be back in such an amazing community of one of the most memorable games. I was introduced to the game a few years back on the original Xbox. My friend loaded up the game and after such an intro, the music just wrapped up the rest. I always kept coming back to it even after the servers were taken down. Private servers would start coming up and I played those as well. It seems no matter the time that has passed, this game will be the best nostalgia trip I'll always look forward to. Glad to be back and ready to take on the world with a new character along with the same friend that got me into it. If anyone has any beginner tips that could help us out, do feel free to drop it down below, any advice would be greatly appreciated. If anyone would like to join, message me anytime.
  18. Yo, I got a Cent/Body for sell. That's it. what more do you want me to say.
  19. Finally Christmas has arrived in Ultima. It's our last event of the year, for some people it's probably the most awaited one for other not so much. Olga will be exchanging Parasitic Gene Flow in exchange of some blood. This year he is more "giving" but more eager to kill you.... This is Christmas it doesn't mean the drop will be easy ok... so don't expect santa... Anyway hope everyone have fun in our last event of the year. Thanks to everyone who have been here for the entire year and for playing with us. Hope you guys keep enjoying this little piece of PSO that we bring to you. have fun and Merry Xmas to every Ultima member !! Christmas is full of surprises here at Ultima Special drops on bosses and St Rappy will be dropping the Mag Cell for ELENOR and Heart Container! St.Rappy can be found in the Temple (Episode2), it's a rappy with a 'Santa Claus dress' xD Here is the drop list for the bosses. Ultimate Gal Gryphon Ultimate: Special Drop:Tablet Mag cell / Heart of Morolian BarbaRay Ultimate: Special Drop: L&K38 Combat / Crazy Tune / Phonon Maser Gol Dragon Ultimate: Special Drop:**Earth Wand Brownie Saint Million Ultimate: Special Drop: ***Galatine Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]: Special Drop: Valkyrie Kondrieu Ultimate: Special Drop: ***Girasole. Ragol Dragon Ultimate: Special Drop: SONIC KNUCKLE / SOUL EATER De Rol Le/Da Rai Le Ultimate: Special Drop: HoneyComb Reflector. Vol Opt v2 Ultimate: Special Drop: ASTERON BELT / KROES SWEATER Dark Fallz Ultimate: Special Drop: Df Shield V.Hard Gal Gryphon V.hard: Special Drop:Harrisen Fan / Game Magazine BarbaRay V.hard: Special Drop: Amitie's Memo Mag cell - Puyo Gol Dragon V.hard: Special Drop:Murasame Saint Million V.hard: Special Drop: Rambling May Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]: Special Drop: Tension Blaster Kondrieu V.Hard: Special Drop: Toy Hammer / Kunai Ragol Dragon V.Hard: Special Drop:Green ring / Syringe De Rol Le/Da Rai Le V.hard: Special Drop:Broom / Chameleon Scythe Vol Opt v2 V.Hard Special Drop: RA- MERGES Red/Yellow/Blue RING's (no red ring) Dark Fallz V.Hard: Special Drop:Daisy Chain And the most awaited Item : Parasitic Gene Flow obviously Olga flow will be dropping it P.GenFlow date: PGF is dropping now through January 11 January 14th. Other drops continue through January 20th. From the Easter event, use Proof of Sonic Team on Dark Bridge to make Psycho Bridge! ATP 395-600 ATA 65 HP +100 EVP -80 Tech boost Rafoie 85% boost, Rabarta 95% boost , Razonde 85% boost (Psycho Wand is 45%) Thanks to @ItchyFlamingo for the Event Banner!
  20. I did not make any of these guides, Quick Note: When I say "Final Evolution Mag" I mean a mag that has been raised into a mag that has fufilled a perfect Formula. Some examples are: Rukmin, Sato, Nidra, and Pushan But I figured I would share these Feeding charts and other guides since everyone asks me what to feed their mag! Episode 1 & 2 Mag Cell Mag, and Non Episode 2 Final Evolution Mag Feeding Chart: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1021 Non Cell Mag Evolutions and Photon Blast List: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2452 Standard Mags and Mag Cell Mags Feeding Chart: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1021 EPISODE 1 & 2 "Final Evolution Mags and Feeding chart: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1031 0 Defense MAG guide by TRIPLE R: For those of you having trouble getting the right Photon Blasts you want here: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2452 Enjoy!~
  21. Curious if anyone wants to buy and how much these go for
  22. [Link Removed] easy to setup and play pso v.1 very oldschool gameplay lol.
  23. Sorry. I should have posted my work in the Fan Art section. Try this. Well. I can see some people aren't too fond of my videos since I guess they were expecting actual PSO videos. Most of these will have nothing to do with PSO itself but just with the models. This one was a test for using clusters. I had a plane model and wanted to work with some After Effects so I threw it all together. Plus the Yu Yu music is great. Hello The Adult Swim bump. Soda This one is a clip I'm working on for a project. Hildebear This last video is for the curious on how I set up poses. I was going to animate her about half way through but decided not to. Curious The pictures below are just things I threw together within an hour or two. Mind you animation takes a long time and can be tedious. I only animate something serious when I'm motivated to do so. Otherwise just expect random stuff like these.
  24. A few things to note before you read: 1. This isn't the EXACT story. I don't know every tiny little detail. If you know there's something wrong, message me and I'll fix it 2. This only covers episodes 1 & 2. I don't know the storyline behind 4. If you care to message it to me, feel free. 3. This is actually kind of long. Don't read it if you don't care. Now, without further delay, let's begin with Episode 1: After extensive advancement in technology beyond our current reach, the pollution created by the mechanical age of man has caused the earth (Let's assume it's earth, a name is never given) to start to wither and die. Areas of the planet have become uninhabitable to human life, and these areas are growing exponentially. With this crisis at hand, planet earth sent out their bastion of hope: Pioneer 1. This ship had been sent after a planet that had been determined to be habitable by humans. The ship contained mostly soldiers, sent out purely to scout the planet in hopes that it could be humanities' new home. Ragol is the planet they found. At first, when soldiers were sent to scout out Ragol, almost none of the animals were hostile. Reports including the wildlife status and habitability of the planet were sent back to Earth. They saw promise in Ragol, and sent out another ship, one almost entirely full of the first group of people hoping to settle on the surface. Before their arrival, a large explosion occurred suddenly, and all contact with pioneer 1 was lost. When Pioneer 2 arrived, Pioneer 1 was missing in it's entirety. The structures that were created on Ragol were perfectly fine, however there was nothing to be seen of those who created them. They soon set down troops to the surface of the planet, however unprepared for what they faced. The creatures on the surface of Ragol, unlike the reports given to them by pioneer 1, were hostile and soon killed most of the troops they sent. The hunter's guild soon started giving jobs to hunters to explore the planet and find out what happened. That's when you come in. The protagonist's first destination is the Central Dome, the base of operations for Pioneer 1 operatives who were on the surface of Ragol. There you find the dragon that attacked you, with no new leads on what happened. The second location is an underground cave system. You find the De Rol Le, an experiment Dr. Osto, one of the scientists on Pioneer 1, was working on. It escaped into the sewer system and would have gotten much stronger had it reached the ocean. (Wink wink, Barba Ray) Next is a set of mines, where Dr. Osto's research took place. Finally it's the Ruins. The ruins have much more backstory than any other location. The ruins is in reality a space ship launched from an ancient planet that acts as a prison for Dark Falz. You fight him, defeat him, and save Pioneer 1. However, he was originally released when Heathcliff Flowen and Red Ring Rico fought him. That's the end of Episode 1. Now, before we continue to Episode 2, there's some things we need to discuss. Mainly, Red Ring Rico and Heathcliff Flowen. These two were personnel originally found on pioneer 1. After the explosion happened on the surface of Ragol, they were stranded without any communications with anyone but each other. They went through the same areas as the protagonist, with Rico leaving the capsules you find. Messages to explain their story and help an unfortunate adventurer along. They went through all 4 areas, finding and fighting Dark Falz. They, however, lost. Rico was killed, her soul stolen by Dark Falz. Flowen escaped, however not without injury, as the Del virus had infected him via. a wound inflicted by Falz. This begins Episode 2. 7 years have passed since the events of Episode 1. With signs of life mutated by an unknown contagion, the hunter's guild have continued the process of hiring hunters to explore Ragol. The VR Temple and Spaceship are tests laid out by the president of Pioneer 2 to find hunters capable of doing the job. When you arrive on Ragol, you're on an island named Gal Da Val. This island had a large number of facilities on it, and your job is to investigate an organism much larger than the other inhabitants of the island and seek access into the nearby facility. After using 3 access panels, one in the seaside area, one in the mountains area, and one in the jungle area, you return to Pioneer 2, and are given a task. This task is to explore a seabed facility found by Pioneer 2. This facility houses a large number of deadly creatures, as well as the Olga Flow in a shaft that was meant to be a disposal area. You defeat him and head home. This concludes Episode 2. Flowen, after getting injured by Falz, found his way to Dr. Osto's facility on Gal Da Val island. There, in the Seabed facility, he gave himself to Dr. Osto to study. His injury had begun to grow, as the Del virus was growing within him. Instead of notifying the other members of Pioneer 1 about the threat the Del virus posed, he began to take samples of it and started testing. He used the samples of the virus on various wildlife samples, to a dangerous conclusion. Eventually, he took his testing further, allowing Flowen's body to be merged with an AI, dubbed Olga, and the wound fused with it. The result of this ended up being Olga Flow. This is where our story ends. I'll be putting up a passage on Episode 4 in the instance in which someone decides to explain that to me, but I think even less people know the story behind Episode 4 than 1 & 2. It really is an amazing game. I hope you've all enjoyed. Thank you.
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