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  1. hey, I need help with the PSO Charcter reader scanner thing, I put it into the Games Directory and When I open PSO, it opens a Tab at the Top left Corner that says ModUI and It has the Options (About, Help, Memory, Addons and Log) But when I click on Addons, Nothing Is there
  2. That's insane dude! I'v never found a Tech higher than lv 26
  3. Wow, That's Insane. Definitely don't have enough for 8DTs per Tech Lmao
  4. How much would you want for Lv29 Techs
  5. I need Level 30 Techs. Every Tech.
  6. Howdy, I need a Psycho Wand!
  7. I'm Interested In the Devil's Wing Mag. How many PDs you want for it?
  8. Does anyone have either an Nidra, Tellusis or soniti Mag for a FO?
  9. I need a Sato Mag (any color) for a HUcast
  10. Hey, I should Probably start Raising My Stats. You got 24 Power and 30 Luck? I want to get my mat stats to something like that. Power: 37 Defense: 51 Mind: 0 Evade: 27 Luck: 35
  11. Ecchi_Desu


    Sato (Black) 5/150/45/0 (Estlla,Pilla ,M&Y) I'm interested
  12. I need a Good mag for Ranger (RAcaseal) With stats something like 0/135/65/0/ I'm New to Blue Burst and I need to find an appropriate mag and Sato are pretty good. Any help would be appreciated!
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