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  1. @Reishu I need Techs such as Grants, Megid, Foie (Basic) Zonde (Basic) and Barta (Basic)
  2. I need free techs for my FO (Lv25-30) If anyone has some. Thanks! owo/
  3. Okay thanks @Terrybriggs711 I would still like to know who hacked my Account.
  4. For me, That's not true. My Website Info and Game info are the Same i'm pretty sure.
  5. @Lemon To farm PDs in a WOI, do you have to be in Ultimate? and if not, Is the Finding Rate the Same for all Difficulties.
  6. Is there a way to find who knows my Account information if it's been hacked? @Soly
  7. I was bored and I decided to finish my Profile info for This website. I looked at my last used Devices that were synced to my Account on here. It Showed that one of the Devices was an Android and was located in a Different Places far from me that I haven't been to before.. I'm concerned if my Account have been Hacked.***NAMES OF PLACES*** Sevierville, Tennessee, 37876, United States Nashville, Tennessee, 37211, United States Asheville, North Carolina, 28804, United States Hendersonville, Tennessee, 37075, United States Maiden, North Carolina, 28650, United States Actually, I'v been to Asheville and Maiden. I'v NEVER Been to Tennessee.
  8. What is the Default Font for PSO? My Font got messed up and I don't know which one to Choose.
  9. I have a Kit of DreamCast and Kit of SEGA Saturn. What do I do with them?
  10. I recently got my friend to play PSO and he needs a good Mind Mag (Sato)
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