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Found 16 results

  1. Momoka will be around on this weekend! Hello Ultima! I heard the news that Momoka has came to visit and decided to redeem those tickets that we've been holding for a long while! Momoka's Shop room will be open for a while today and tomorrow, all you have to do is bring your item tickets and request an item from this list. 2 items tickets = 1 item Item list: DAISY CHAIN LE COGNEUR GETSUGASAN METEOR ROUGE MURASAME 5TH ANNIV. BLADE NICE SHOT JITTE SYRINGE HAMMER AKIKO'S CLEAVER BATTLEDORE Cell of Mag 502 Cell of MAG 213 Heart of RoboChao Heart of Opa Opa Heart of Pian Heart of Chao Heart of KAPU KAPU Heart of Angel Heart of Devil Kit of Hamburger Panther's Spirit Kit of MARK3 Kit of MASTER SYSTEM Kit of GENESIS Kit of SEGA SATURN Kit of DREAMCAST HUGE BATTLE FAN WOK OF AKIKO'S SHOP ROCKET PUNCH DRILL LAUNCHER MARINA'S BAG PANTHER'S CLAW SONIC KNUCKLE AMORE ROSE SPECIAL SERVICE! After you redeem your fun items, you can add up to 50hit on them, using photon crystals 10pc = 10 hit 20pc = 20 hit 30pc = 30 hit 40pc = 40hit 50pc = 50 hit and Add a special to your fun weapon, use 4 Item tickets to get the desired special.* *some item specials might not work correctly, make sure you test before you leave the room. Only for items with no special assigned!! -Le cogneur -Getsugasan -5th Anniv. Blade -Jitte -Battledore -Amore Rose Momoka will be around this weekend!
  2. I had a question about the samurai armor. All the information I can find on it says it has some benefits when using specific katanas(which makes sense for the name). However my friend found on the forums someone said that it boosts ra techs. Was it changed for this server? Is there anywhere I can find all the major changes to items for ultima?
  3. Sean bienvenidos a mi tienda, por ahora sólo vendere espadas etc. (Armas pistola etc. Pronto.) Armas: espadas, slicer etc. 1: DB'S Saber (A.Beast 10%) 1pd 2: Kaladbolg (A.Beast 5%) 1pd 3: D. of Braveman (N. 30%, D.50%, H. 40%) 4pd 4: Double Saber (0%) 1pd 5: Photon Claw (0%) 1pd 6: Stag Cutlery (A.B. 25%, M. 20%) 3pd 7: Brave Knuckle (A.Beast 15%) 2pd 8: Víctor Axe (A.Beast 25%) 2pd 9: Red Saber (N. 25%, H. 15%) 2pd 10: Durandal (0%) 2pd 11: Riot Claymore +7 (A.B. 5%, H. 30%) 2pd 12: Last Survivor (Hit 35%) 3pd 13: Dragón Slayer +12 (A.Beast 20%) 2pd 14: Thunder Edge +5 (N. 5%, H. 45%) 2pd 15: Charge Berdys +12 (D. 35%, H. 40%) 2pd 16: Silence Claw (A.B. 30%, M. 25%) 2pd 17: S-Beat's Blade (0%) 1pd 18: Ancient Saber (0%) 1pd 19: Red Partisan (D. 30%, H. 25%) 3pd 20: Flowen's Sword (M. 25%, H. 20%) 2pd 21: Demolition Comer (M. 40%, H. 40%) 3pd 22: Vivienne (N. 20%, H. 10%) 1pd 23: Daylight Scar (A.B. 35%, H. 30%) 2pd Me pueden mandar un mensaje por privado pidiendo dicho objeto. Mis personajes son Kira, Neku, Rich & Elena. Sí me ven por ahí y quieren algo de lo que vendo, pueden venir a mi y con gusto se lo vendo. Gracias y espero les pueda algo de aquí en mi tienda. XD
  4. Busco Chromatic Orb para hacer la Crimson Sword. Sí alguien la tiene por favor que me la guarde y si quiere ponermele un precio razonable para venderme la con gusto haré lo mejor posible para comprarsela. Gracias.
  5. Hello Everyone ! Someone can help me about the weapons gold badge? Can be used here? And where? Thanks
  6. I lost 2 of my No0b/Hps today when taking them out of the common bank I got disconnected and upon logging back in the items were gone. Can anyone help me? Guild Card: 42162276 Character slot: 4
  7. First of all, I don`t want to start any drama here, this is a simple question, and all I want to know is if there is a rule about it or not. Easter event is here, and with it, comes a lot of event only rares. I was running a RT with 2 other players, I`m a FO level 189. Everything was fun, we were sharing the drops from the Rhappys(eggs) even the ones from the bosses... but as soon as we got to Olga 2nd form(Yes, the 2nd form where you have to grab his "soul" for him to wake up) the room leader which I don`t feel like sharing the name said: "the drops is mine"... Me and the other player started laughing thinking that he was joking, but he replied: "I`m not kidding, the log is here, if you guys steal the drop, I`ll ask for a gm to give it back to me." & I replied: "Don`t you think you should have claimed it before the quest begun? I mean, we ran the whole RT together as a team, and now you say that the item is yours? isn`t it a little bit selfish from your part?" and with all the attitude he finished: "Well, I am the room leader, so I can claim it whatever I want, whenever I want." Thank god no rare was dropped, but it made me wonder... Is it true that if me or the other player had grabbed the item before him, even tho he just claimed it on the last minutes, the gm would transfer it back to him if he showed his log? I got really confuse, cuz I wasn`t being carried nor the other guy(which was level 200) ... it just didin`t make complete sense in my head. What do you guys think? Is there a rule?
  8. This has been happening for the past couple of days. About half of the time, bosses do not drop any item. I mean they drop literally nothing, not even meseta or a monomate. I was playing with a friend today and this was still happening, but not for him. We killed Dark Falz and I didn't see any item as usual, but he saw a Saber. He picked it up and dropped it, but I still didn't see it. We went to town and he tried dropping it there. It made me get disconnected. What is going on? I know Soly is working on a new Drop by Player system, so could this be related somehow?
  9. Guildcard: 42160604 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: 6/1/2016 - : 12:14 PM CST Description: Syn loaned me a DM when I was on my FOmar and I deposited it into the common bank to change to my RAmarl when I logged back in the item was not in my common bank. I contacted Syn and asked if he still had the item he got back online and it wasn't there Comments: The stats on the DM are 0/100/0/90/80. I was just recently schooled on the common bank and now I don't use it all this is where my problems come in at and I noticed its always around the same time in the am on the nights I stay up really late and play. Notes: Guildcard -Syn's GC number is - 42086467 -Syn's Character Slot is 3 -N/A Character Slot -Character slot 1 -Character Bank -Character Person Date/Time -2:45 am server time apx -4:45 am CST apx ​Sorry for the inconvenience
  10. Hola amigos, me reporto para preguntar si es normal que las armas vengan solo con el nombre de lo que son. Por ejemplo: Una "Cane" en vez de llamarse "Glide Divine" (U otro nombre, es solo un ejemplo) se llama simplemente "Cane". No llevo mucho en el juego y me gustaría saber si esto es normal. Otra cosa es que mi MAG se llama simplemente "MAG", pero llegó cierto momento en que inicie el juego y se llamó durante toda una partida "Utatah" (O algo así, no recuerdo bien) y varias armas también cambiaron de nombre, ya no solo eran "Cane", "Blade", "Barrier" o "Frame". Pero al cerrar y volver a iniciar había cambiado nuevamente el nombre de lo que son. Tengo el juego con el Launcher viejo (Ya que el New launcher no me inicia) y con el idioma en Ingles. Llevo más de 6 horas de juego (No es mucho, pero creo que lo suficiente como para ver otro nombre xD). Un Saludo a todos.
  11. So i just picked this game back up from god knows how long ago. Glad the sever is here, really missed this game. But any who your not here to read about me you want some tips!!! First tip: if you need to give items to another character you have but don't know/trust anyone to hell you drop trade. There is a server command to help. "/bank" just type it in as you would normally type in your chat. Without quotes of course and after pressing enter you will get a message on screen on the right side in the middle saying "bank:common: this means your bank is now an account bank not a character bank. Feel free to put items and meseta in here and with draw them on another character just make sure you enter the command back in so the new character is set to common as well. Same command bring you back to character bank setting when you are done. On to tip 2: this is for you mag farmers out there. "/magtimer x" x being a number either a 1 or 2. Entering this command with a 1 will give you a toast notification "small text on center right of screen" telling you when your mag is hungry. Done with a 2 will give you a full screen message as well as a sound when your mag is ready. Commands must be re entered at every login. I know the message work while out in the game. I am not 100% when youron pioneer or not. Anywho I hope this helps some people. And all the commands can be swapped back and forth between on/off and character/common by using the command again.
  12. Lost my lvl 200 sato when larva restarted the server with no warning any ideas on how to get my sato back? Character name: Koneko
  13. I have an idea of how to choose a weapon most people will love. It also evolves the whole community. There should be a topic where everyone can post there item that they would like to see in the game. The gms can set the detail like the perimeters. Then the gms will choose the six ones they think are the best. Then everyone will vote on those six and the person who came up with the idea will get there name in the description or item's name. It will encourage everyone to post something because who doesn't want their name in an item's name or description? I hope one day this could happen!!
  14. Tengo una duda sobre el Drop del D-Photon Core... También se obtiene solo por evento, como el Parasitic Gene "Flow" (PGF)... o se puede obtener a cualquier momento y si es asi, que ID lo bota!?? Antes que nada, gracias por solucionarme mi interrogante!
  15. So I got this error than my PSOBB.exe crashed. nature: When i open my Common bank I could scroll around, but as soon as you scroll over the items that say ??????? or X999999 ect. Your game will imediatly crash out, I took a screenshot of everything but this was all that was pulled out of the game, which makes me kinda scared. I also lost a meteor Crush/Crash, but I didn't need it. Lady Xios is my main character at the time being and my Common-Bank holds all my goodies. I do not want to lost it all Is there anyway to fix this?
  16. Thatguy

    Quest Request

    Ok what I'm thinking is that it would be nice if we could have a quest made in which the rewards were item tickets, I know there was an item ticket event some time ago but it would be awesome to use the items that you can get by using item tickets. I understand that there are some exclusive weapons in the Item Present quest and it would be nice to use them even if they are just gimmicks, also there are some nice mag cells which would be fun to get a hold of. So what I propose is that the quest be laid out like is something like this... -10min time limit which you are in one room and enemies spawn in realitively large waves (maybe 20 enemies per wave? give or take a few) until you kill them all which would be 100-150 basic enemies i.e booma, boota, gibbons, etc With a final wave of 3-5 Special enemies i.e Delsabers, Astarks, Sinow Zele, etc. -No items drop what so ever because it would turn into a quest to spam, to hunt weapons and such, which we don't want to happen. -Only playable in Ultimate with the reward being 2 Item Tickets and maybe a small amount of meseta for your trouble (7500) -Scape Dolls should not work, if you die you lose. -Also if this does get made an awesome song should be playing to get you hyped up, i.e burning rangers or scatman lol For An added challenge so you really have to work for your prize... -make the room dark with only 1 switch that you have to stand on to keep the light on located in the center of the battle area. -have one of those annoying freeze turret traps with high health so you dont blow it up with 1 hit located in the corners (2 in total in stage) -Make the quest single player only, to make it really tough. Basically its very close to the black paper deal quests except harder, because after all the prize is quite useful. Also putting Item Tickets would add to the games "economy" as some people call it, so it would be used in trade along with pds,pcs and normal trading stuff. I think reintroducing Item Tickets back to Ultima would make many players very very happy.
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