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  1. Zanbacon Ep 1 NORMAL Hildeblue drop Yellowboze Confirmed best weapon
  2. I got a kit of Mark 3 and kit of Dreamcast to make a dreamcast mag. The requirements for the kit of dreamcast say a lvl 101 mark 3 mag. I have my mark 3 at 101 and i cant use the kit of dreamcast.
  3. Update: I found out that windows 10 has a universal controller input driver that comes with some versions of the software. If you ever have problems with controller inputs just try deleting the driver. The system will always download a new driver when you plug in a new device as long as there isn't one that already exists for it.
  4. He had to delete all drivers pertaining to controllers and then when he plugged back in it automatically redownloaded them and after that it worked for whatever reason. Hope that if anyone has this issue they come across this forum
  5. Thank you!! I will have him try my controller. Its an Amazon basic xbox controller and works very well for me. He has only tried xbox brand controllers. I will also see if other controllers would work. I'll be back with updates.
  6. Its windows 10 and he's using an xbox one controller. Again the controller works for everything including pso up until the server connects and he loads into the lobby. This leads me to believe it has something to do with ports. The application was also given full access and exceptions from firewall. I had a similar issue with my own game. When the game connected to lobby my sound would cut out. I tried everything and only a full system restore fixed it. He doesnt want to do that so i was hoping someone may have found what is actually causing this issue.
  7. He tried that. He can't configure anything because the game wont recognize his inputs. This only happens once he makes the connection with the server.
  8. My buddy downloaded pso and is trying to play with a gamepad. The game pad works perfectly until he loads into the lobby. The game pad also works perfectly fpr everything else on his pc. Is there some sort of glitch that disables gamepad when loading into a lobby?
  9. Sorry for the late update. Thanks to everyone who tried to help. I tried every thing I could but ultimately it came to me doing a full system reset to fix the problem.
  10. I had a question about the samurai armor. All the information I can find on it says it has some benefits when using specific katanas(which makes sense for the name). However my friend found on the forums someone said that it boosts ra techs. Was it changed for this server? Is there anywhere I can find all the major changes to items for ultima?
  11. Thank you for replying!!! I have an ASUS ROG G752VL CPU: Intel Core i7-6700HQ GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M (2GB GDDR5) RAM: 16GB DDR4 I have tried a reinstall to no avail. I'm really stumped on this one. I don't usually have issues that I can't figure out on my own. Is there anything that I can look at in the actual game files?
  12. I am having an issue with my game. After install it worked perfectly fine. But now when I log on as soon as I see the "connecting" text when loading to the lobby, all sound will completely stop. And as soon as i walk into pioneer 2 the framerate drops immensely. Its a very consistent drop though. Its not choppy its just like I'm running in slow motion. I hadn't changed any settings prior to this happening, but after it happened I checked the forums and have messed with settings, reinstalled the game, restarted pc. Nothing seems to work. I even checked to see if there was anything eating up ram and nope. When the game is running I'm at less than 20% usage. As far as I can tell theres no third party app interferring(I have had issue with that in the past and learned how to fix it). Does anyone know any other reason this may be happening?
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