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  1. Sorry for bad English huh? Looks pretty spot on to me. Have fun on ultima!
  2. This is Halloween- marylin Manson. I think it would go great being October and all
  3. I hunted all over for that list! Thank you for linking it.
  4. So i just picked this game back up from god knows how long ago. Glad the sever is here, really missed this game. But any who your not here to read about me you want some tips!!! First tip: if you need to give items to another character you have but don't know/trust anyone to hell you drop trade. There is a server command to help. "/bank" just type it in as you would normally type in your chat. Without quotes of course and after pressing enter you will get a message on screen on the right side in the middle saying "bank:common: this means your bank is now an account bank not a character bank. Feel free to put items and meseta in here and with draw them on another character just make sure you enter the command back in so the new character is set to common as well. Same command bring you back to character bank setting when you are done. On to tip 2: this is for you mag farmers out there. "/magtimer x" x being a number either a 1 or 2. Entering this command with a 1 will give you a toast notification "small text on center right of screen" telling you when your mag is hungry. Done with a 2 will give you a full screen message as well as a sound when your mag is ready. Commands must be re entered at every login. I know the message work while out in the game. I am not 100% when youron pioneer or not. Anywho I hope this helps some people. And all the commands can be swapped back and forth between on/off and character/common by using the command again.
  5. Are you still trading? If so how much for all the pow mats?
  6. Hey if your still doing this I'll rake the 5 for 1 PD on the power materials. Lemme know when you are Hanna be on and I'll trade ya.
  7. How much do one of the power satos in black cost. I'm assuming PD are the currency used
  8. Well if that's the case then I'll be donating soon. Since its through PayPal can I use a prepaid card? Or do I have to do a straight transfer from PayPal to your PayPal?
  9. Curious about the donations for items as well. Going to donate next time I have a little extra $ laying around and I noticed that level 200 mags are 30. Do we get to pick the mag we want? I really want a sato mag with a good spilt between atp and mind and want to know if that is possible. Also can we pick color?
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