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  1. Looking to buy > Iron Faust GuldMilla’s P.S. I’ll be on in one hour 12:00 Pacific Coast Time US, you can pm on forum or on discord Samanosukex2#3651 for faster respond.
  2. S> 1000000 gold for 1 PD or 5 PC or any good rares if you offer I’m seeking this by per stack of 1mill I got lots so offers can be made! S> 5 skeleton key gold chest loot gacha per Pd price as well! Note tiny Tina wonderlands game is cross play so any system can join in a game it doesn’t matter which system you have. Discord is Samanosukex2#3651 If you want instant responses the discord is my best bet of answering back to you fastest. P.S. Rare weapons offers that equal certain value or units or armors want to offer will be considered an option as well for payments. I am lvl40 so gold box drops will give that level! I have specific legendaries also for sale Pm for details!(Gold chest rarity goes from blue rates-orange legendaries it’s literally like a gacha system).
  3. Hi everyone, this is just a small shop i made, ill update it once in a while if i get anything else to sell. If there is anything new that i added in, i will add a (NEW), (WENT DOWN) or (ADDED MORE) label to it. Weapons NUG2000-Bazooka 0/0/0/0 65 Hit - 10 DTs Asteron Striker 35/45/0/0 - 20 PDs Asteron Striker 0/25/0/0 - 13 PDs Asteron Striker 0/0/0/0 - 10 PDs Asteron Striker 0/40/0/0 - 13 PDs Sacred Bow 0/30/0/0 - 10 PDs [Untekked] Sacred Bow 0/40/0/35 - 10 PDs Sacred Bow 0/0/0/35- 10 PDs [Untekked] Heaven Striker 0/0/20/0 - 15 PDs Heaven Striker 0/35/30/0 - 20 PDs Lindcray 0/0/0/40 - 20 PDs Lindcray 5/0/20/0 - 15 PDs Lindcray 40/0/0/40 - 25 PDs Lindcray 15/0/0/30 - 20 PDs [Untekked] Lindcray 25/0/0/15 - 18 PDs [Untekked] Lindcray 0/15/0/0 - 12 PDs [Untekked] Lindcray 0/0/0/30 - 16 PDs [Untekked] Master Raven 45/0/0/40 - 10 PDs Master Raven 0/40/0/0 - 10 PDs Ophelie Seize 0/0/0/45 35Hit - 15 PDs Ophelie Seize 20/0/0/0 30Hit - 10 PDs Sil Dragon Slayer +35 0/0/0/35 35 Hit - 45 PDs Sil Dragon Slayer 0/20/0/30 35 Hit - 40 PDs Dragon Slayer 25/35/0/0 35 Hit - 10 PDs Dragon Slayer 0/20/0/0 45 Hit - 10 PDs Dragon Slayer 0/0/30/40 35 - 10 PDs Glide Divine v.00 40/0/0/0 30 Hit - 10 PDs Glide Divine v.00 0/15/4/0 40 HIT - 10 PDs [Untekked] Glide Divine v.00 0/0/0/20 - 10 PDs [Untekked] Daylight Scar 10/0/0/15 15 - 2 PDs Striker of Chao 0/0/0/0 - 7 PDs Last Swan 0/25/0/0 - 3 PDs Last Swan 0/45/35/0 - 3 PDs Last Swan 35/0/0/35 - 3 PDs Last Swan 30/0/0/35 - 3 PDs Last Swan 0/0/40/0 - 3 PDs Angel Harp 40/40/0/0 - 3 PDs Angel Harp 0/0/0/0 40 Hit - 5 PDs Angel Harp 0/0/45/30 40 Hit - 5 PDs Lame D'Argent 0/0/0/15 - 10 PDs [Untekked] Lame D'Argent 0/0/20/0 - 10 PDs [Untekked] Lame D'Argent 30/0/0/0 - 10 PDs [Untekked] Lame D'Argent 20/20/0/0 - 10 PDs [Untekked] Lame D'Argent 10/20/0/0 - 10 PDs [Untekked] Lame D'Argent 0/0/0/0 - 8 PDs [Untekked] Lame D'Argent 0/0/0/0 - 8 PDs [Untekked] Rambling May 0/0/0/30 - 4 PDs [Untekked] Rambling May 0/0/0/5 - 2 PDs [Untekked] Rambling May 0/0/30/35 - 8 PDs [Untekked] Rambling May 25/0/25/0 - 6 PDs [Untekked] Armor Kroe's Sweater 0:Slots x8 - 2 PDs Kroe's Sweater 1:Slots x1 - 2 PDs Kroe's Sweater 2:Slots x2 - 2 PDs Kroe's Sweater 3:Slots x1 - 2 PDs Shields Rico's Earring [DEF: 24/EVP: 2] - 5 PDs Units Centurion/Luck - 2 PDs Centurion/Technique - 2 PDs Centurion/Technique - 2 PDs Centurion/Technique - 2 PDs Centurion/Legs - 2 PDs v801 - 2 PDs v801 - 2 PDs Misc's Proof of Sonic Team x1 - 20 PDs Magic Rock "Heart Key" x1 - 30 PDs Techs Zonde Lv: 15 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 15 - 1 PD Rabarta Lv: 15 - 1 PD Grants Lv: 20 - 1 PD Grants Lv: 20 - 1 PD Barta Lv: 20 - 1 PD Gibarta Lv: 20 - 1 PD Gizonde Lv: 20 - 1 PD Razonde Lv: 20 - 1 PD Rabarta Lv: 22 - 1 PD Razonde Lv: 20 - 1 PD Razonde Lv: 20 - 1 PD Razonde Lv: 20 - 1 PD Rabarta Lv: 20 - 1 PD Deband Lv: 25 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 25 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 25 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 25 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 25 - 1 PD Zonde Lv: 25 - 1 PD Foie Lv: 25 - 1 PD Foie Lv: 25 - 1 PD Gizonde Lv: 25 - 1 PD Gifoie Lv: 25 - 1 PD Gifoie Lv: 25 - 1 PD Gifoie Lv: 25 - 1 PD Gifoie Lv: 25 - 1 PD Rafoie Lv: 25 - 1 PD Rabarta Lv: 25 - 1 PD Rabarta Lv: 25 - 1 PD Razonde Lv: 25 - 1 PD Shifta Lv: 26 - 1 PD Jellen Lv: 26 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 26 - 1 PD Deband Lv: 27 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 27 - 1 PD Foie Lv: 27 - 1 PD Barta Lv: 27 - 1 PD Barta Lv: 27 - 1 PD Zonde Lv: 27 - 1 PD Zonde Lv: 27 - 1 PD Gibarta Lv: 27 - 1 PD Gifoie Lv: 27 - 1 PD Razonde Lv: 27 - 1 PD Rabarta Lv: 27 - 1 PD Rafoie Lv: 27 - 1 PD Rafoie Lv: 27 - 1 PD Razonde Lv: 27 - 1 PD Razonde Lv: 27 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 28 - 1 PD Shifta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Deband Lv: 28 - 1 PD Deband Lv: 28 - 1 PD Deband Lv: 28 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 28 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 28 - 1 PD Foie Lv: 28 - 1 PD Foie Lv: 28 - 1 PD Foie Lv: 28 - 1 PD Barta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Barta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Barta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Barta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Gifoie Lv: 28 - 1 PD Gifoie Lv: 28 - 1 PD Gifoie Lv: 28 - 1 PD Gibarta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Rabarta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Rafoie Lv: 28 - 1 PD Rafoie Lv: 28 - 1 PD Razonde Lv: 28 - 1 PD Razonde Lv: 28 - 1 PD Rabarta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Rabarta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Rabarta Lv: 28 - 1 PD Barta Lv: 29 - 1 PD Deband Lv: 29 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 29 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 29 - 1 PD Foie Lv: 29 - 1 PD Foie Lv: 29 - 1 PD Jellen Lv: 29 - 1 PD Jellen Lv: 29 - 1 PD Zonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Zonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Zonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Zonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Gizonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Gizonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Gizonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Gizonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Gizonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Gizonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Gizonde Lv: 29 - 1 PD Gibarta Lv: 29 - 1 PD Gibarta Lv: 29 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Resta Lv: 30 - 1 PD Deband Lv: 30 - 1 PD Jellen Lv: 30 - 1 PD Jellen Lv: 30 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 30 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 30 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 30 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 30 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 30 - 1 PD Zalure Lv: 30 - 1 PD Mag Cells Love Rappys Beak x13 - 6 Pds Each Tablet - 1 PD Each Cell of Mag 502 - 1 PD Each Cell of Mag 213 - 1 PD Each Heart of Opa Opa x3 - 1 PD Each Hear of Pian x2 - 1 PD Each Heart of Chao x2 - 1 PD Each Heart of Angel x1 - 1 PD Each Heart of Devil x5 - 1 PD Each Kit of Hamburger x2 - 1 PD Each Panthers Spirit x2 - 1 PD Each Kit of MARK3 x3 - 1 PD Each Kit of Master System x4 - 1 PD Each Kit of Genesis x2 - 1 PD Each Kit of Sega Saturn x3 - 1 PD Each Kit of Dreamcast x9 - 1 PD Each Heart of Kapu Kapu - 1 PD Each Pioneer Parts x5 - 1 PD Each Amities Memo x2 - 1 PD Each Heart of Morolian x6 - 1 PD Each Ashura Mag Cell x1 - 1 PD Each Things that im looking for: Trading PDs to DTs If any of the prices are not seen at good for anyone i will always be willing to fix the price. Im available everyday, however from Monday through Friday, I am available on 11:40 AM, and after 2:40 PM im available all day. I also accept DTS.
  4. Greetings and Welcome to my Permanent Shop. After amassing a few items I felt it high time that I design a shop and begin selling. I accept PSOBBU PDs, DTs and other fair offers made. I don't have a set schedule, but I'll try to be on so we can process any and all transactions. I also take a 1 DT: 5 PD rate, so if you want to use DTs instead, we can work something out. I hope you enjoy the shop and that we make some great deals in the future! Durandal 0/0/0/40/0 2 PD Dragon Slayer 20/0/0/0/30 10 PD or 1 DT Diska of Liberator 0/0/0/35/40 15 PD or 3 DT Diska of Braveman 30/0/0/0/30 7 PD Diska of Braveman 0/0/0/45/45 15 PD or 3 DT Diska of Braveman 35/40/0/0/40 13 PD or 2 DT Diska of Braveman 0/0/0/15/0 3 PD Diska of Braveman 0/15/0/0/0 2 PD Justy-23ST 0/25/0/0/40 11 PD or 1 DT Rianov 303SNR 0/0/0/0/0 5 PD Rianov 303SNR-2 0/40/0/0/35 15 PD or 3 DT Final Impact 0/15/0/0/30 7 PD or 1 DT Pheonix Claw 0/0/0/0/0 2 PD Stag Cutlery 0/0/0/20/0 1 PD Angry Fist 0/25/0/0/50 6 PD Angry Fist 0/0/0/0/0 2 PD Agito (1983) +3 0/0/20/0/0 3 PD Spread Needle +40 0/0/0/35/0 4 PD Yamigarasu 0/40/0/0/50 25 PD or 5 DT Elysion 0/0/0/0/0 7 PD Master Raven 0/0/0/45/0 8 PD or 1 DT Red Handgun 25/35/15/0/0 4 PD Red Handgun 25/0/5/15/0 3 PD Red Handgun 20/0/0/0/20 5 PD Frozen Shooter +4 35/0/0/0/15 10 PD or 2 DT Yasminkov 3000R 0/0/0/0/0 3 PD Yasminkov 9000M +10 10/0/0/0/0 5 PD Guilty Light 0/0/40/0/30 6 PD or 1 DT Talis 0/0/0/45/45 15 PD or 2 DT Talis 0/35/0/25/40 10 PD or 1 DT Demolition Comet 40/0/25/0/30 15 PD or 2 DT Demolition Comet 35/0/0/0/35 13 PD or 1 DT Demolition Comet 30/0/0/0/25 11 PD Mille Marteaux +12 10/0/0/0/0 10 PD Yunchang 0/0/0/0/0 4 PD Cannon Rouge +10 0/0/25/0/0 6 PD Daylight Scar 20/0/25/0/0 5 PD D-Parts Ver2.10 - 1 Slot 2 PD Guard Wave - 1 Slot 2 PD Guard Wave - 2 Slots 3 PD Brightness Circle - 0 Slots 6 PD or 1 DT Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou - 0 Slots 10 PD or 2 DT Red Coat - 0 Slots 2 PD Thirteen - 4 Slots 6 PD or 1 DT Tempest Cloak - 4 Slots 7 PD Spirit Cuirass - 0 Slots 1 PD Spirit Cuirass - 0 Slots 1 PD Spirit Cuirass - 0 Slots 1 PD Alliance Uniform - 0 Slots 2 PD Crimson Coat – 1 Slot 2 PD Crimson Coat – 1 Slot 2 PD Crimson Coat – 1 Slot 2 PD Secret Gear 3 PD Custom Barrier Ver.00 2 PD Custom Barrier Ver.00 2 PD Custom Barrier Ver.00 2 PD Tripolic Shield 5 PD Standstill Shield 8 PD or 2 DT Gizonde Merge 5 PD Regenerate Gear B.P. 4 PD Rupika 8 PD or 2 DT God/HP 1 PD God/Luck 1 PD HP/Revival 1 PD HP/Revival 1 PD Devil/Battle 1 PD Devil/Battle 1 PD Cure/Shock 1 PD YASAKANI MAGATAMA 4 PD V801 1 PD V801 1 PD V801 1 PD V801 1 PD SMARTLINK 5 PD SMARTLINK 5 PD Heavenly/Battle 2 PD Heavenly/Battle 2 PD Heavenly/Battle 2 PD Heavenly/Battle 2 PD Heavenly/Battle 2 PD Heavenly/Power 2 PD Heavenly/Mind 2 PD Heavenly/Arms 3 PD Centurion/HP 10 PD or 2 DT Resta LV 30 4 PD Mind Material X19 1 PD for 5 Evade Material X20 1 PD for 5 Def Material X 21 1 PD for 5 Cell of MAG 502 1 PD Cell of MAG 213 1 PD Parts of RoboChao 1 PD Heart of Opa Opa 1 PD Heart of Pian 1 PD Heart of Chao 1 PD Delsaber’s Left Arm x8 1 PD each Sinow Berill’s Arms 1 PD Heart of Angel 1 PD Kit of Hamburger 1 PD Panther’s Spirit 1 PD Kit of MARK3 1 PD Kit of MASTER SYSTEM 1 PD Kit of GENESIS 1 PD Kit of SEGA SATURN 1 PD Kit of DREAMCAST 1 PD Heart of KAPU KAPU 1 PD Psycho Black Crystal 15 DT Tablet 1 PD Heaven Striker Coat x2 1 PD each Pioneer Parts 1 PD Heart of Morolian X2 1 PD each Rappy’s Beak 1 PD
  5. I will keep this as up to date as possible to reflect accurate availability. I'll also try and post/update prices as I do the research and PC> things of interest. I will keep the prices list as well to try and give folks an idea of what some of them might go for. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to make them. Thank you for looking and happy hunting! Weapons: Armor/Shields/Units: Stuff and Things: Wants: PDs/DTs (7 PD:1 DT) are preferred. Currently looking for RR/costumes, Luck Materials, uwu's and CCA runs from @EDEN-senpai ~~~ Twitch Stream
  6. HI! This is my shop, iam not sure about all prices... whatever, you can send me pm or post here, thanks for your visit! Swords, etc. BAMBOO SPEAR[0/50/0/0|45] ------------------------- 2 pd blood tornado[Demon][0/0/0/35|45] ----------------- 6 dts bloody art[Devil][0/0/0/0|35] -------------------------- 3 pd bloody art[Devil][30/0/0/0|25] ------------------------ 3 pd Bloody art[Devil][0/0/35/0|35] ------------------------ 4 pd CRAZY TUNE[0/0/35/0|35] ----------------------------- 4 pd DB'S SABER[3062][0/35/0/0|45] ---------------------- 2 pd DB'S SABER[3062][0/0/40/30|25] --------------------- 1 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN+9[0/0/35/0|45] -------------- 4 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN[0/0/35/30|40] ---------------- 4 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN+9[0/0/35/0|35] -------------- 3 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN[0/0/0/45|30] ------------------ 2 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN[20/0/0/0|30] ------------------ 2 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN[0/30/0/0|20] ------------------ 1 pd DRAGON SLAYER[0/30/0/0|35] ------------------------ 3 pd DRAGON SLAYER[15/0/20/0|25] ---------------------- 2 pd ELYSION[0/0/0/0|35] ----------------------------------- 2 pd FLOWEN'S SWORD[0/0/25/0|40] --------------------- 5 pd GAE BOLG[0/0/35/35|45] ------------------------------ 2 pd GREAT BOUQUET[0/30/35/0|40] --------------------- 2 pd GREAT BOUQUET[0/0/40/0|35] ----------------------- 1 pd LAVIS CANNON[0/0/30/55] ---------------------------- 3 pd LAVIS CANNON[0/40/0/35] ---------------------------- 3 pd MORNING GLORY[45/0/0/0|45] ----------------------- 8 pd RED DAGGER[40/0/0/0|35] ---------------------------- 3 pd RED PARTISAN[0/0/0/0|30] ---------------------------- 2 pd RED SABER[0/0/0/40|25] ------------------------------- 2 pd RED SABER[25/0/0/30|25] ----------------------------- 2 pd RICO'S PARASOL[Charge][0/20/30/40] ------------ 20 pd RICO'S PARASOL[Charge][0/0/0/40] ---------------- 18 pd RICO'S PARASOL[Charge][0/0/0/35] ---------------- 18 pd SANGE[Fill][0/40/0/0|45] ------------------------------- 5 pd SANGE[Fill][0/0/25/0|40] ------------------------------- 4 pd SANGE[Fill][55/0/30/0|40] ----------------------------- 4 pd SANGE[Fill][0/30/0/30|30] ----------------------------- 3 pd STING TIP[0/30/0/0|25] ------------------------------- 2 pd VICTOR AXE[0/0/0/0|30] ------------------------------- 2 pd VJAYA[0/0/0/25|40] ------------------------------------ 6 pd YAMATO[Blizzard][35/35/0/0|35] --------------------- 5 pd Tyrell's Parasol [40/0/0/0|0] 10pd Tyrell's Parasol [0/0/0/0|0] 10pd Guns, etc. ANGEL HARP[0/0/0/0|50] ------------------------------ 4 pd ANGEL HARP[0/0/0/0|40] ------------------------------ 3 pd ANGEL HARP[0/0/40/0|35] ---------------------------- 3 pd ANGEL HARP[0/25/0/0|35] ---------------------------- 3 pd ANO BAZOOKA[20/0/25/0] ---------------------------- 1 pd ANO BAZOOKA[0/10/0/0] ------------------------------ 1 pd CANNON ROUGE[0/15/0/35] -------------------------- 3 pd CANNON ROUGE[25/0/30/0] -------------------------- 3 pd CANNON ROUGE[0/0/0/0] ----------------------------- 2 pd FINAL IMPACT[0/40/0/0|40] -------------------------- 3 pd FINAL IMPACT[0/40/0/0|45] -------------------------- 3 pd FINAL IMPACT+30[30/0/0/30|40] ------------------- 3 pd FROZEN SHOOTER[0/0/30/0|35] -------------------- 2 pd FROZEN SHOOTER[0/0/25/0|35] -------------------- 2 pd GUILTY LIGHT[25/0/0/0|30] ------------------------- 4 pd GUILTY LIGHT[40/0/0/0|25] ------------------------- 4 pd HOLY RAY[0/20/0/35] -------------------------------- 6 pd HOLY RAY[0/25/30/0] -------------------------------- 6 pd H&S25 JUSTICE[0/0/0/0|35] ------------------------ 2 pd L&K14 COMBAT[0/35/25/0|30] --------------------- 2 pd L&K14 COMBAT[0/35/0/25|20] --------------------- 2 pd PHONON MASER[0/0/0/0] --------------------------- 3 pd RAMBLING MAY+18[0/25/0/20|35] ---------------- 5 dts RAMBLING MAY+1[0/0/45/35] --------------------- 8 pd RAMBLING MAY[0/40/30/50] ---------------------- 10 pd RAMBLING MAY[40/0/0/40] ------------------------ 8 pd RAMBLING MAY[30/0/0/25] ------------------------ 8 pd RAMBLING MAY[25/45/0/0] ------------------------ 8 pd RAMBLING MAY[45/0/0/0] ------------------------- 6 pd RED HANDGUN[25/0/0/0|25] ---------------------- 3 pd RED HANDGUN[0/0/0/40|25] ---------------------- 3 pd RED HANDGUN[30/0/0/0|25] ---------------------- 3 pd RED HANDGUN[20/0/0/0|25] ---------------------- 3 pd RED HANDGUN[25/0/0/35|20] --------------------- 2 pd RED HANDGUN[25/20/35/0] ----------------------- 2 pd RED SCORPIO[0/25/0/0|40] ----------------------- 2 pd RED SCORPIO[40/0/0/0|25] ----------------------- 2 pd RED SCORPIO[15/0/20/0|25] --------------------- 2 pd RED SCORPIO[20/0/0/0|35] ----------------------- 2 pd RIANOV 303SNR-2[0/30/0/0|30] ------------------ 3 pd Last Swan +6 [0/0/0/40|0] 5pd Last Swan [15/0/40/0|0] 6pd Frozen Shooter [15/0/15/0|40] 4pd Iron Faust +4 [0/30/0/0|0] 30pd Baranz Launcher +4 [0/0/0/0|50] 20pd Phonon Maser [0/0/35/0|40] 9pd Outlaw Star [0/40/0/30|45] 10dts Mille Marteaux +12 [30/30/15/0|0] 15pd Mille Marteaux +12 [30/35/15/0|0] 15pd Banana Cannon [35/0/0/0|0] 12pd Banana Cannon [0/40/0/0|0] 12pd Wands, etc. ALIVE AQHU[0/0/40/0|25] ------------------------- 2 pd AMORE ROSE[0/0/30/0|50] ------------------------ 3 pd AMORE ROSE[0/0/30/0|30] ------------------------ 2 pd BRAVE HAMMER[Spirit][0/0/20/0|30] ------------ 3 pd BRAVE HAMMER[Spirit][0/25/40/45] ------------- 2 pd CADUCEUS[40/15/0/0|40] ------------------------- 4 pd CADUCEUS[0/30/40/0|35] ------------------------- 3 pd CADUCEUS[0/15/0/0|25] --------------------------- 3 pd CLUB OF ZUMIURAN[50/0/0/0|40] --------------- 3 pd Psycho Wand [0/0/0/20|0] 20pd Glide Divine v.00 [0/0/40/30|0] 14pd Glide Divine v.00 [45/40/0/0|0] 14pd Weapons whit special. Arms+6[Arrest][0/0/0/45|35] --------------------- 5 pd Arms+6[Blizzard][50/0/0/0|45] ------------------- 3 pd Arms+4[Burning][20/0/25/0|45] ----------------- 3 pd Arms+10[Chaos][0/40/0/0|45] ------------------- 3 pd Arms[Charge][0/0/0/0|45] ------------------------ 5 pd Arms+8[Charge][35/0/0/35|40] ------------------ 5 pd Arms[Demon's][0/0/0/25|40] --------------------- 4 pd Calibur+6[Burning][0/45/50/0|45] --------------- 8 pd Calibur+2[Charge][0/0/0/40|50] ----------------- 4 pd Calibur[Charge][0/35/0/0|40] -------------------- 4 pd Claymore+3[Demon's][0/15/0/30|50] ---------- 2 pd Diska+8[Blizzard][0/40/45/0|40] ---------------- 2 pd Diska+5[King's][0/0/40/0|50] -------------------- 3 pd Diska+2[King's][0/40/0/35|45] ------------------ 2 pd Gungnir+3[Arrest][0/0/0/0|45] ------------------ 3 pd Gungnir+2[Charge][0/0/35/40|40] ------------- 4 pd Laser+7[Arrest][0/0/40/0|50] ------------------- 4 pd Laser+4[Arrest][15/0/25/0|40] ------------------ 3 pd Laser+2[Berserk][20/0/0/25|30] ---------------- 2 pd Laser+3[Charge][35/0/0/0|50] ------------------ 3 pd Laser+4[Charge][5/0/0/0|45] -------------------- 3 pd Laser+5[Gush][0/0/0/40|50] -------------------- 1 pd Raygun[Arrest][0/0/0/40|35] -------------------- 1 pd Raygun[Berserk][0/0/0/20|40] ------------------ 3 pd Raygun[Charge][0/0/0/5|50] -------------------- 3 pd Raygun[Geist][0/30/35/0|45] -------------------- 2 pd Raygun[Hell][0/40/0/0|40] ----------------------- 2 pd Ripper[Hell][45/0/0/0|40] ------------------------ 2 pd Vulcan+2[Blizzard][0/40/25/0|35] -------------- 2 pd Vulcan+9[Charge][0/0/0/0|30] ------------------ 3 pd Vulcan+7[Mind][0/5/0/0|50] --------------------- 2 pd Vulcan +8 [0/25/40/0|45] [Hell] 3 pd Vulcan +4 [0/5/0/0|40] [Charge] 3 pd MAG'S DEVIL'S TAIL [5/174/21/0] [M&Y,Farlla,Pilla] - 11 pd GENESIS [5/0/0/195] ----------------------------- 11 pd Marica [13/133/54/0] [M&Y,Farlla,Golla] ------- 9 pd Diwari [Olive] [5/145/50/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 14pd RoboChao [Green] [5/124/71/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Leilla | Pilla] 14pd Devil's Wing [Cyan] [10/0/18/172] [Estlla | Leilla | Mylla & Youlla] 12pd Dreamcast [White] [5/0/0/195] [Empty | Empty | Empty] 13pd Sato [Turquoise] [5/137/58/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 14pd Cell mags Ashura Mag Cell ----------------------------------- 2 pd Heart of Angel ------------------------------------- 1 pd Heart of Morolian --------------------------------- 1 pd Kit of DREAMCAST -------------------------------- 2 pd Kit of Genesis -------------------------------------- 2 pd KIt of Hamburger --------------------------------- 1 pd Kit of MARK3 -------------------------------------- 2 pd Kit of MASTER SYSTEM -------------------------- 2 pd Kit of SEGA SATURN ----------------------------- 2 pd Love Rappy's Beak ------------------------------- 2 pd Panther´s Spirit ---------------------------------- 1 pd Tablet ---------------------------------------------- 1 pd Combinable Blue-Black Stone --------------------------------- 28 pd Magic Rock "Heart Key" ------------------------- 28 pd Frames AURA FIELD[DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 4] ----------- 1 pd AURA FIELD[DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 0] ----------- 1 pd CRIMSON COAT[DEF: 6/EVP: 6][Slots: 4] ------- 2 pd CRIMSON COAT[DEF: 3/EVP: 2][Slots: 1] ------- 1 pd CRIMSON COAT[DEF: 1/EVP: 1][Slots: 4] ------- 1 pd ELECTRO FRAME[DEF: 16/EVP: 3] [Slots: 1] --- 2 pd FLOWEN'S FRAME[DEF: 8/EVP: 10][Slots: 0] -- 2 pd GUARD WAVE[DEF: 13/EVP: 2][Slots 0] -------- 2 pd KORE'S SWEATER[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 4] --- 6 pd RED COAT[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 4] ------------- 2 pd SACRED CLOTH[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 2] ------- 2 pd SACRED CLOTH[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 0] ------- 2 pd SELECT CLOAK[DEF: 8/EVP: 1][Slots: 0] -------- 1 pd SELECT CLOAK[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 1] -------- 1 pd SPIRIT CUIRASS[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 4] ------ 2 pd SPIRIT GARMENT[DEF: 4/EVP: 3] [Slots: 4] ---- 3 pd SPIRIT GARMENT[DEF: 4/EVP: 1] [Slots: 2] ---- 3 pd STINK FRAME[DEF: 22/EVP: 32][Slots: 0] ------ 2 pd STINK FRAME[DEF: 18/EVP: 15][Slots: 0] ------ 1 pd STINK FRAME[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 0] --------- 1 pd Kroe's Sweater [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 2] 6pd Kroe's Sweater [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 1] 6pd Shields DB'S SHIELD[DEF: 8/EVP: 5] ---------------------- 2 pd HONEYCOMB REFLECTOR[DEF: 0/EVP: 0] ------ 2 pd RICO'S EARRING[DEF: 0/EVP: 0] --------------- 10 pd RICO'S GLASSES[DEF: 0/EVP: 0] --------------- 18 pd STANDSTILL SHIELD [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] ---------- 1 pd YATA MIRROR[DEF: 4/EVP: 7] ------------------- 1 pd Techs Barta 20 ------------------------------------ 1 pd Foie 20 ------------------------------------- 1 pd Gibarta 20 --------------------------------- 1 pd Gifoie 20 ----------------------------------- 1 pd Gizonde 20 -------------------------------- 1 pd Resta 20 ----------------------------------- 1 pd Shifta 20 ----------------------------------- 2 pd Zonde 20 ---------------------------------- 1 pd Resta 30 ----------------------------------- 1 pd Units Centurion/Body ------------------------------ 2 pd Centurion/HP -------------------------------- 2 pd Centurion/Technique ----------------------- 4 pd Heart Container ----------------------------- 4 pd Perfect/Resist -------------------------------- 2 pd V501 ------------------------------------------ 2 pd V101 (3) 5pd V502 (1) 5pd V801 (2) 4pd Materials HP Material ---------------------------- 99x 16 pd Mind Material -------------------------- 99x 13 pd
  7. Welcome to my establishment meatbags. I have a variety of protective equipment and implements of violence available for purchase or trade. Please message me with trade offers. This page will be updated on a weekly basis with my current stock and particular items I am seeking. I will accept rare item trades (NO TROLL ITEMS), especially exceptionally rare, event, or useful items, but will typically prefer the following as standard forms of payment: Photon Drops, Photon Spheres, Donation Tickets. This establishment does not provide credit or a tab. All transactions are final, with payment required immediately on receipt. LAST UPDATED ON: 6-22-18 Items Available For Purchase Or Trade:
  8. Hydro needs to pay the electricity bill! So I am opening a shop All items can be purchased with either PDs or DTs. Willing to trade BBS and Heart Key for a Chromatic Orb. Characters and Guildcards: hydrodmt : 42156510, mysterium, Tereianne : 42159494 Feel free to PM me for prices, buying and reservations. Thank you for browsing my shop!
  9. Here is my little shop im starting ! Most items have hit%% WEAPONS: 0) Sato Mind mag 5/0/45/150. (def,pow,dex,mind) 1) Gae Bolg 30/0/0/0/35 2) Diska of Bravemen0/0/35/0//35 3) VISK 0/0/0/0/ 50 4) WALS-mk2 0/0/0/0/40 5) justy-23st 40/0/0/0/40 6) L&k14 combat 0/20//25/0/40 7) STAG CUTLERY 0/0/0/0/25 8) BRAVE KNUCKLE 0/0/0/40/40 9) frozen shooter 0/30/0/0/25 10) frozen shooter 0/0/30/20/35 11) sange 0/0/0/0/25 12) red scorpio 0/0/25/0/30 13) DEmolition Comet 0/30/0/0/30 ARMOR: 14) DF FIELD 15) Sacred Cloth 16) Secret Cloak 17) Tempest CLoak 18) Select Cloak 19) SPirit Cuirass SHIELDS: 20) DB's Shield 21) Green Ring 22) Purple Ring 23) DF Shield 24) Honeycomb Reflector 25) virus shield: Volt op UNITS: 26) Devil Technique 27) v801 ( a few of these) 28) CENT/ LUCK 29) Heavenly battle x4 TECHS: 30) Anti lv 5 31) Anti lv 6 32) Jellen 20 33) Barta 20 34) Shifta 20 35) Jellen 28 36) Deband 28 37) Zalure 28 38) Rabarta 28 39) Resta 28 40) Gibarta 28 41) Foie 29 42) Shifta 29 43) Rabarta 29 44) Deband 30 OTHER STUFF: 45) Cell mag 502 46) Delsabers Left Arm 47) Sinow Berills Arm 48) Boomas Right Arm 49) Magic Stone "Iritista" 50) Magic ROck "Moola" 51) Panthers Spirit 52) Kit of master System 53) Kit of Sega Saturn 54) Amplifier of Blue 55) Tablet (x2) 56) Ashura Mag Cell ill keep it updated pm or post if interested in anything!
  10. Here I present my small and cheap shop for low level gear (for now). Although there are a few highlights. Somehow you have to start ;-) I'm usually at home around 17:30 UTC and can trade until night (24:00 UTC). Please post here or PM.
  11. Buying Bomb-chu for my hucast need a tagging stick if anyone has a low one message me please ! And Charged Yas 9000 I'm buying too
  12. Hello I'm searching on few items ..... * Dragon Scale * Sato 190+ ( with twins) blue or white pow/dex *glide divine ( not v0.0) * Hpunisher * Lame/ Excalibur ( dépends of price) * heaven striker * MKB * Basic Master Raven * H/MIND x3 * 11* addslot * Pioneer parts *v101 x2 * mag cells * grinders I will edit this when i need others Make an offer in PM I've some items to trade ( bbs-DC 45H-Littles Mats- Resta/shifta30.....) You can find me regulary in lobby one ( pseudos : Selene hucaseal-Orik Racast-Krystal RAmarl-Eilinel Fomarl- TEAM UPS) See ya
  13. All items listed below will be available for PDs with the option of DTs should it be necessary. PM me to reserve items or if you wish to purchase something. Reservations will only hold for a full 24 hour period, after that it's fair game again. All prices are final and non-negotiable so don't try to barter (most everything here is fairly cheap anyway). Certain items like one's that come from events I can trade for, those items will be marked with (trade). If I do not reply to your PM, do not spam me or I will ignore you.. I'll get to you, relax. I will update the list regularly, sorry for the lack of stock at the moment but more will be available soon.
  14. Hello to everyone! In this shop you can found items for 0.5 - 5pd also you can trade for photon crystal too (pc) But the most important thing is that you can pay with PCs, which is cheaper than paying with PDs! Let me know if you need somthing from here.
  15. As the publication says. (You do not have to upload a photo, but if you want to do it I recommend using this page to save your images and then you can copy and paste the link of the image https://imgur.com ) My favorite weapon is the TypeDS / D.SABER I love these types of weapons (Double Saber, Twin Brand, Stag Cutlery) I like it too much because it is white and of course you can add a special ability. You can turn it into a very efficient weapon if you know how to use it. @kajex So what is yours?
  16. Selling Some things That Sit in my Storage For Centuries! >.< "Weapons!" Bloody Art 0/40/0/35]35>>>30pd Blood Tornado 0/0/0/0]60>>>20DT Lindcray 0/0/0/25/0>>>25pd Cross Scar 40/0/0/35/35>>>5pd Diska Of Braveman 0/0/0/45/40>>>1pd Spirit Raygun+13 50/0/0/50/30>>>5pd Rianov 303SNR-2 35/0/0/0/40>>>10pd Rianov 303SNR-2 0/0/0/35/40>>>10pd Rianov 303SNR-2 45/40/0/0/50>>>15pd (charge) Rianov 303SNR-4 0/100/0/100]0 >>>20DT Rianov 303SNR-2 40/45/0/0/35>>>7pd Rianov 303SNR-2 0/0/45/0/40>>>10pd Rianov 303SNR-3 0/40/30/40>>>10pd Berserk Vulcan+9 0/0/35/0/35>>>2pd $Rambling May 0/0/0/35>>>10pd $Slicer of Vengence 0/0/0/35>>>35pd (Untekked lol) Hitogata 90/0/30/0]0>>>33pd Glide Divine V.00>>>30pd XX Psycho Wand >>>30pd >>> Arrest Needle+60 0/25/0/100/80>>>70DT Holy Ray 0/10/0/0/10>>>2pd Heaven Punisher 0/0/35/25>>>5pd Suppressed Gun+9 Hell 0/0/35/40/10>>>7DT Caduceus 0/35/25/0/45>>>1pd Suppressed Gun+9 0/0/0/0/20>>>15pd Hell yasminkov 9000M+10>>>8DT Meteor Cudgel 0/0/0/50>>>1pd Master Raven+9 (blank)>>>3pd Last Swan 50/40/0/35>>>10pd (1/2) Last Swan (blank)>>>3pd Frozen Shooter 0/0/25/0/30>>>10pd Evil Curst (blank)>>>1pd (2) Rabbit Wand (blank)>>>Free Marina's Bag (blank)>>>2pd $Glide Divine V.00, 0/0/0/35>>>35pd Plaintain Huge Fan 0/20/0/0>>>35pd Charge Yasminkov 3000R+60 (blank)>>>7DT Heart Of Poumn (blank)>>>1pd Yasminkov 7000V (blank+no special)>>>10pd S-rank Hell Needle (Jellen+70) 15DT S-rank Demon Needle (Illusion+48) 15DT Sange 0/0/30/35/30>>>5pd Guilty Light 25/0/30/0/30>>>1pd Red Scorpio 45/30/0/0/25>>>1pd Phonon Maser+36 0/40/70/0>>>2pd DB's Saber 0/25/0/0/30>>>1pd DB's Saber 0/35/35/0/40>>>1pd Angel Harp 0/30/35/50>>>2pd Angel Harp+50 0/25/40/20>>>3pd Angel Harp 0/30/35/50>>>2pd Angel Harp 40/0/40/40>>>4pd Angel Harp 40/0/40/50>>>4pd &&&&&>>> Demolition Comet 0/0/0/0/40>>>5pd Ruby Bullet 0/0/0/20/10>>>5pd &&&&&>>> Amore Rose 40/50/0/30>>>3pd &&&&&&>>> Amore Rose 30/0/0/0/35>>>5pd Amore Rose 0/70/0/25>>>3pd Amore Rose 0/0/40/0/40>>>5pd Amore Rose 0/40/40/40>>>4pd &&&&>>> Lame D'Argent 0/0/35/0>>>10pd Stealth Sword 40/0/0/0>>>1pd Ophelie seize 0/0/40/35>>>1pd Ophelie seize (blank)>>>1pd Ophelie seize 0/0/30/0>>>1pd Commander Blade (blank)>>>Free Yungchang (blank)>>>1pd Asteron Striker 0/20/25/0/20>>>30pd Cannon Rouge 0/15/0/0/30>>>15pd "Armor!" DB's armor>>>Free Rico's glasses>>>3pd Secure Feet>>>1pd Guard Wave>>>1pd DF field>>>1pd Electro Frame>>>1pd Sacred Cloth>>>2pd Scared Cloth>>>2pd Smoking Plate>>>1pd Red Odoshi Domaru>>>1pd Black Odoshi Red Nimaidou>>>1pd Blue Odoshi Violet Nimadou>>>1pd Kroe's sweater>>>2pd Red Coat>>>2pd Cat Ears>>>15pd Dress Plate>>>5pd Tempest Cloak>>>2pd Tempest Cloak>>>2pd Select Cloak>>>Free Spirit Cuirass>>>Free Crimson Coat>>>Free Infantry Mantle>>>Free >>> >>> >>> >>> Shields! (3/3) Red Ring (min)>>>9DT $Genpei>>>15pd >>> Rico's Glasses>>>2pd Secure Feet>>>1pd Rupika>>>1pd Cat Ears>>>15pd "Units!" Yasakani magatame>>>1pd V501>>>3pd (3) V801>>>Free Swordsman lore>>>1pd (1) Heaven Battle>>>1pd Centurion/Ability>>>3pd (3) Centurion/technique>>>5pd Godric's/Ability>>>1pd Centurion/Arms>>>10pd "Mags!" Tellusis 5/175/20/0>>>20pd Soniti 15/0/0/185>>>15pd Angel Wings 5/95/50/50>>>14pd Sato 5/150/45/0 (pink/purple)>>>15pd Sato 5/148/47/0 (blue/turquoise)>>>15pd (Pink)Love Rappy 5/0/43/152>>>16pd $(Pink)Love Rappy 5/0/45/150>>>20pd $Pitri 5/0/45/150>>>15pd $Elenor 5/0/45/150>>>15pd $Soniti 5/0/45/150>>>15pd "Spells!" Anti level 5>>>1pd Anti level 6>>>2pd Anti level 7>>>2pd Deband level 15>>>Free Shifta level 15 (x2)>>>Free Gizonde level 15>>>Free Zonde level 15 (x2)>>>Free Gibarta level 15 (x3)>>>Free Foie level 15>>>Free Gifoie level 15>>>Free Rafoie level 15>>>Free Razonde level15>>>Free Resta level 15>>>1pd Zalure level 15>>>Free Resta level 18>>>Free Zalure level 18>>>1pd Gizonde level 20>>>1pd Foie level 20 (x4)>>>1pd Resta level 20 (x5)>>>1pd Barta level 20 (x4)>>>1pd Shifta level 20>>>1pd Zalure level 20>>>2pd Zonde level 20>>>1pd Megid level 23>>>1pd Grant level 24>>>1pd Resta level 27>>>1pd Zonde level 28>>>1pd Gifoie level 29>>>1pd Rabarta level 29>>>1pd shifta level 29>>>1pd Gibarta level 29>>>1pd Barta level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Resta level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Zonde level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Rabarta level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Deband level 29>>>1pd Zalure level 29>>>1pd Resta level 30 (x3)>>>1pd Jellen level 30>>>2pd Zalure level 30>>>2pd "materials!" Monogrinder(s) x0>>>10;1pd Digrinder(s) x0>>>8;1pd Trigrinder(s) x0>>>6;1pd Def Material(s) 0x>>>10;1pd Mind mats(s) x0>>>5;1pd Evade Mats(s) x0>>>10;1pd Power mats(s) x0>>>5;1pd Luck mat(s) x0>>>1;1pd TP mat(s) x0>>>3;1pd HP mat(s) x0>>>3;1pd (1) Photon Booster>>>25pd Syncesta>>>6pd I shall add lot's more, but in the mean time... This is all i have for now =) What's someone's trash is another man's treasure!
  17. Ever since the creation of my Ultima's economy sucks thread I've been thinking of ways that we could try to make PD's more valuable and give an alternative way for people to add percents and hit to weapons without having to pay real money or at least use DT's... I've been cooking up this idea for about a month now, so hear me out on it. I'm not quite sure what I'd call the process... lets just call it... "Power Transfer" for now. With Power Transfer, what you can do is you can add additional percents (up to the cap, 80 hit, 100 double stats) using weapons that you find around PSO. For example... I have a 30 hit Excal on my RAmarl and it's blank otherwise... but I'd really like a stat or two extra on my Excal... but wait, I have another Excal on my HUcast that has 40 machine and 50 dark... that's perfect, those are both stats that I like and would love to have them on my 30 hit Excal. With Power Transfer, I would bring that 40m/50d Excal and my 30 hit Excal to a GM and tell them that I want to transfer over those stats on the non hit Excal to my hit Excal, which, in the process, destroys the item in question. But it wouldn't be a direct Power Transfer, you'd take both the stats, and then cut them in half. If you didn't cut them in half it'd be really easy to take a few high statted Excals and make a maxed out Excal instead for little PD's. So, going back to my example, my 40m/50d Excal, I'd cut both of those stats in half, which would make it 20m/25d and I'd add those stats to my 30 hit one. Simple right? The Excal I took the stats from would be destroyed (aka taken by the GM and sold to shop or whatever), but in order of PD payment, you'd combine those two stats together and then pay double that in PD's. The total amount would come to 45 total percentage, so I'd pay 90 PD's in total in addition to the destruction of my previous Excal. I believe this process could also be for hit. If you have an Excal that has a perfect 60/60 ratio in stats and you have another Excal that has 50 hit, but nothing else, take that hit Excal and Power Transfer it, adding the 25 hit over to your 60 statted Excal and you paying 50 PD's out of pocket for the exchange. The process could also be streamlined for combined items. Items like Arrest Needle you would only need a Spread Needle for to add stats to since it's created out of that. Or a Hundred Souls, all you'd need is a good statted Excalibur. I believe this would add significant value to PD's while also adding an extra option to those who have the PD's to spend but dont want to spend DT's. It would also be rewarding to those who hunt multiples of an item and would probably increase the value of some other smaller items for those that are interested to make a happy buck or two off of the trade. I could honestly see this being used a lot for people who refuse to pay or don't want to contribute to the DT problem but still want to max their gear out. It incentivizes hunting for items and putting in the effort while also making sure it's not too easy to add stats. Tell me what you guys think?
  18. directly below is my current sales list for items I'm selling please PM me directly on forums if you are interested in purchasing an item. (this is the easiest way to ensure I get it to you as swiftly as possible) If it has a * removed all not for sale items now I think from the list...however if a * exists next to an item means NOT for sale thank you for the understanding. Thanks and have a nice day! *Recently added items will be highlighted with bold, and italic print* If you see an item I have for sale your interested in make me an offer via pm.
  19. Hola a todos, deseo vender algunos itens que no estoy usando aquí la lista de objetos y su valor, si desean contactarme pueden hacerlo vía foro o servidores en cuanto me vean conectado. (tengo el mismo nombre en los servidores que en el foro) Puedo aceptar rebajas por los itens, no hay problema Hi all, I want to sell some itens I'm not using here the list of objects and their value, if they want to contact me can do so via forum or servers connected as they see me. (i have the same name in the servers and forums) I can accept rebates items, no problem Dragon Slayer+12 15/00/00/00 = 2PD Cross Scar 00/00/00/00 = 1PD Agito (1991) 05/10/00/00 = 2PD Soul Banish = 00/25/00/00 = 1PD Red Saber = 20/00/00/15 = 2PD Sange 00/20/25/00 = 2PD Mourning Glory 40/00/00/15 = 1PD Demolition Comet 00/25/00/00 = 1PD Daylight Scar + 6 00/10/00/00 = 2PD Panzer Faust 20/00/00/00 5PD
  20. Isai

    Ichi's Shop

    Hi guys I think it's about time I open a PD shop as well. Feel free to browse! HUnter Weapons Charge Ripper +8 0/5/0/0/50 1 pd Burning Ripper +8 0/0/25/40/20 1 pd Master Sawcer +4 45/0/0/0/40 1 pd Hell Diska 0/15/30/0/30 1 pd Cross Scar 0/0/0/0/40 1 pd God Hand 0/20/0/0/15 1 pd Vjaya +7 30/0/0/0/30 2 pd Agito (1975) 0/0/0/0/0 2 pd Sange & Yasha 0/0/0/0/0 3 pd Jizai 0/0/0/0/0 5 pd Demolition Comet +25 20/15/0/0/25 5 pd Vivienne 0/0/25/40/0 5 pd Madam's Parasol 0/0/0/0/0 5pd Slicer of Fanatic 0/30/30/0/0 7 pd Vivienne 0/0/0/40/30 7 pd Vivienne+44 0/25/40/0/25 7pd Excalibur 0/40/0/0/0 10 pd RAnger Weapons Charge Raygun 40/0/25/0/30 1 pd Charge Laser+6 0/0/35/0/45 1 pd Charge Laser+4 5/0/0/0/45 1pd Dim Laser+6 0/0/0/0/35 1pd Berserk Laser 40/0/0/0/50 1pd Charge Gatling+6 5/0/0/0/50 1pd Berserk Vulcan+9 0/0/0/45/30 1pd Rage de Feu+2 0/0/35/30/0 2pd Ophelie Seize 0/35/0/30/0 2pd Red Handgun+50 15/0/0/030 3pd Cannon Rouge 0/0/0/0/25/0 5pd Frozen Shooter 25/30/0/0/20 5pd Frozen Shooter 0/25/0/0/20 5pd Units God/Power x10 1pd God/Arm 2x 1pd God/HP 1pd God/Body 2x 1pd Perfect/Resist 1pd God/Battle 1 pd Cure/Confuse 1pd Cure/Freeze 2x 1pd Wizard/Technique 3x 2pd V801 3pd Heavenly/Body 3pd Heavenly/Ability 2x 3pd Heavenly/Power 5x 5pd Heavenly/Mind 5pd Heavenly/Arms 5pd Centurion/Arms 3x 20pd Abuelita/Battle 1pd Materials/Techs Razonde 15 1pd Gibarta 20 1pd Resta 27 1pd Foie 29 1 pd Resta 30 2pd Power Material 2x Evade Material 5x Defense Material 51x (All mats for 6 pd) Mag Cells 1pd each! Tablet Kit of Genesis x3 x2 Kit of Master System Kit of Hamburger Heart of Devil 2x Monster Parts 5:1 (42 in total) Dragon's Claw Hildebear's Head 8x Hildeblue's Head 12x Sinow Berill's Arms Grass Assassin's Arms 2x Booma's Right Arm 7x Gobooma's Right Arm 2x Gigobooma's Right Arm 3x Rappy's Wing 6x
  21. Okay so unlike some people who ask for impossible things and don't offer any ideas on how to implement them... most of the ideas I will offer I have personally implemented on my own local server and they took less than 10 minutes each to do so. Some are incredibly fun to play with. Weapons/Items Transmutation Stone (TS) - Use item for some of the items below... Bumstick - HU-only melee weapon, uses a rifle model but is a rod or partisan or something but only hits 1 target. No Special. Can use TS to turn into Boomstick. (doesnt need explanation.) Boomstick - HU-only melee weapon that explodes on impact and can hit up to 10 targets. Burning or Chaos Special. (just create a new bazooka weapon and change the range, targets, model, skin, and animation to that of a melee weapon, or modify a non-used bazooka like the ano bazooka or meteor rouge.) Psychogun - Twin Psychogun with TS used on it turns it into this handgun, it retains which characters it is usable by, gains an ATP and ATA boost and retains its special. The special is a great launcher alternative for HUmar and HUnewearl. (Duplicate Twin Psychogun and make it a handgun animation and whatnot.) Chained Gun - RA-only rifle that shoots slicer projectiles that bounce off of 4 enemies. Does not combo. No Special. (Create a new slicer and change the animation to a rifle and give it a rifle model. And combo lock it.) Chaingun - Use TS on Chained Gun for this stronger, combo-unlocked variant. Tempest or Chaos special. (Self explanatory.) Mindless Punch / or / Distracted Punch - either HU-only, FO-only, or fleshie-only weak fist type weapon, no special. (Nothing special here.) Mind Punch / or / Focus Punch - Use TS on Mindless Punch. Fist type weapon with mechgun range and hits 5+ enemies. Either Spirit, Geist, or Chaos special. (make a fist weapon and change the range and targets.) A Series of Tarot Cards for FO only, using TS on one changes it to the next and eventually back to the original, in the following order. The character will hold the card up and hit 5 enemies almost mechgun range in front of them. (Create a melee weapon that doesn't shoot projectiles, give it a card model and skin, and a handgun animation, make it have 75 range{mechguns have 85} and like 70 horizontal angle or whatever feels right, and hit 5 targets. {It will look like the FO is holding the card out and "magically" hitting the enemies in front of them.}) THE FOOL - The strongest Tarot Card. Has no special. THE MAGICIAN - Second strongest. Geist special. Increases MST as well. THE KING - Third Strongest. King special. THE DEVIL - Medium Strength. Devil or Demons special. THE EMPRESS - Weakest. Charge special. THE HANGED MAN / or / DEATH - Medium Strength. Hell special. JUDGEMENT / or / STRENGTH - Medium strength. Spirit special. Not all have to be used but they do give variety. They can also have different ATA and ranges or # of targets, as well as boosts or nerfs of different stats like DFP and EVA. Can boost different techs as well. Mystic Talisman - FO-only weapon. Casts lightning from their hand. No special. Drains TP while equipped. (Duplicate Maser Beam with handgun animation and fist model and skin.) Arcane Hex - Use TS on Mystic Talisman. Hits multiple target. No special. Drains TP while equipped. Maybe combo lock? Boosts Gizonde. (if you use Maser Beam and increase targets, it will fire multiple lightning bolts. or you can use Power Maser and it will shoot 1 chaining lightning bolt.) Alternatively, you can make something similar to a tarot card like above but have the special shoot gizonde so you kill two birds with one stone. (Just use Duplicate Sigh of a God as the initial weapon.) Damaged Katana - Moderately strong katana weapon. Dark special. (Description will read something like, "Once wielded by a legendary samurai, it is now a shadow of its former self.") Samurai's Spirit - Use TS on Damaged Katana. Strong katana capable of hitting up to 3 targets in a 360 degree radius around the character and with advanced range. Hell special. Boosts EVP and/or DFP greatly (Easy enough to make, except I'm not sure on the limits for boosting EVP and DFP. the description should read something like, "Invoking the spirit of a legendary samurai, you can make quick work of even three enemies at once.") Falcon Punch - Either a fist type weapon or a rocket punch type weapon built from a bazooka for an explosive result. (UNNAMED) - A RA-only shot type weapon that shoots either 4 or 5 piercing launcher projectiles. No special. Combo locked. (take a launcher, give it a shot animation and 4 or 5 targets, set appropriate range and angles. {I haven't tested this thoroughly on Caves boss so it may be super OP on him in particular...}) (UNNAMED) - Use TS on above and it weakens it but combo-unlocks it, can switch back and forth with TS. Maybe chaos or gush special? (This could be the only actually useful shot type weapon for damage dealing purposes.) Devil Harp - Use TS on Angel Harp. Hell Special. Can either be female-only or all. Shuriken - A very powerful clone of the flight cutter with extended range and only hits 1 target. Special can be Demons or Hell. Hades - A very powerful bazooka. Demons special. Hellfire - Use TS to switch between Hades and Hellfire. Weaker and combo unlocked. Devils special. Candy Cane - FO-only cane type weapon, skinned as a candy cane. Use TS on Lollipop. Moderately strong, 3 targets, with extended range. Has an inherent speed boost like a sugar rush. Special is either gush or geist from eating candy, or berserk from the sugar rush. (Create from that claw with the speed boost or sonic knuckle. You know the rest...) Briefcase - Briefcase skinned Marina's Bag, for men. Can have the same boosts or be completely different. Divine Favor - FO-only rod or wand that Boosts ATP and ATA by 1 but boosts DFP/MST/HP by 100+ and has divine punishment special. Can boost some techs as well if it can all fit on one weapon. should be difficult to get, possible PGF on a wand? Divine Punishment damage increases with MST so it is powerful on FO's (Create from Heaven Punisher duplicate, change animation, model, skin, range, etc.) Leviathan - Useable by all. Use TS on Demonic Fork. Becomes a very powerful partisan with extended range and attack angle and height. Phoenix Feather - Can only be used on a lvl 5 or lower mag, creates a Phoenix mag that when it becomes lvl 200, gets a use functionality that sets it to lvl 0. (could stay a phoenix or could turn back into a normal mag. I've seen the use functionality based on level done before but I never looked into how it was done.) Ultima Cell - Creates an "Ultima" mag, you can decide which model and skin is appropriate, should be a very good mag, possibly with 70% activation rates like the "Dreamcast" mag. Angel's Tear / or / Angel's Feather / or / Angel Dust - Creates a "Halo" mag which is just the Angel Ring model over the character's head. Rebirth Stones - Stones have different colors (Sky Blue, Viridian, Yellow, etc.) only characters above a certain level can use them, maybe above 150 or 180 or 200 only or even above 200 if that becomes a thing. Levels down to 0 and changes the section id to match the stone. It's not all that different from recreating the character but at least you can keep the name you like, your techs, and your mats. (I've done this without the section id so idk if that part is possible but the rest is.) Other Harder Difficulty levels. (Have another ship, alter the monster stats {including XP} so that normal mode is stronger than regular ultimate mode. Continue increasing difficulty on the new ship's hard - ultimate modes. {For the drops, since it would be time consuming to come up with an appropriate drop chart for these harder difficulties, just set it to a 1/1000 chance for a pd on normal and decrease to 1/100 on ultimate. Keep in mind, how much harder ultimate is than normal on the regular ship is, these monsters will be that much harder than the ultimate monsters on the regular ship so 1/100 will still take time and skill.}{you can work on a new drop chart to replace the pds at some point if you want as well...}) Higher character stat progression. (To keep up with the difficulty increase, characters should have higher max stats. To reach those new max stats, characters should either have greatly increased material capacity or be able to level higher than 200. If opting for the first choice, keep in mind it will get progressively harder to max higher ATA since there aren't materials for it.) 200 Luck. (This one I'm actually not sure if it is possible but since 100 luck = 25% chance for critical, 200 luck could work. If I remember correctly though, the game is hard coded to ignore anything after 100...) More quests - You can move all passive quests to the new ship to make room for more quests on the normal ship. You can also create new quests on the new ship which would inherently be very difficult because of the powerful monsters. Casino Quest - Has slot machines of different denominations. Has a 10,000 coin machine, a 100,000 coin machine, and a pd coin machine. Gives a random item from monomates and other similar things to any random tech disk drop on any difficulty (so it would automatically be more likely to give lower and mid level techs) to any random weapon drop on any difficulty (so it could be a ???Handgun that tekks to Bind or a ???Laser that tekks to Arrest and can have hit and possibly stats over 50 but is unlikely by default.) and has a small chance to give pds and unique rares. The prizes scale up based on machine. For 1 pd you have a very small chance of getting things like heavenly units/cent ability, heaven punisher, guld, bkb, msi, and other similarly valued weapons and even bunches of pds like 5 or 10 or 50. Maybe 1/500 - 1/1000 chance. But on the other hand you are way more likely to just get regular untekked weapons and low or joke rares like lollipop, bamboo spear, or that stupid throwing coin thing(Kan'ei Tsuho) with random percents, and you could even just end up getting an antidote for your hard earned pd... (Haven't made this quest in particular but it shouldn't be terrible to do, will take a few hours though.) Lvl 10 s/d and j/z for HUmar and RAmar respectively. If not 10 then at least more than 5... (You actually can do this on the crack ship only and have a quest that gives the tech disks for free that they can do each time they switch ships. When they switch back to the normal ship, the techs should disappear.) Higher tech lvls for FO's - Don't know the implications of something like lvl 40 megid but I know it is possible to allow forces to learn it... The disks can be special rewards or event drops only or drops on the super hard difficulties. (Again could be only on the new ship but idk what will happen if they go back to the other ship... probably would set to 30) Okay so I'm probably forgetting some really good things but this is plenty for now lol. Forgive any spelling and grammar errors, I have not slept. And Finally I apologize for not using spoilers, I don't know how, I almost never post on any forums but something made me decide to today. Any moderator can feel free to put spoilers and clean this up as they see necessary. Thank you for reading!
  22. EVENT IS OVER Thank you MIo for the support :3 Server time: http://phantasystaronline.net/ English: Good afternoon everybody! Tomorrow I'll be making a mini event that consists into adding hit into weapons. The price is 40 pds for 30 hit, if you only say you want 20 hit you will have to pay the 40 pds. I won't be doing hit splitting also. The limit of hit you can add is up to 70% and nothing more. I won't be adding hit on Dark weapons. The event will start tomorrow the 24th at 2pm server time and it will last 2 hours(ending 4pm server time) no more than that. Only gm redeeming hit will be Cyane(Cyanide/Santa Cy in game). See you all tomorrow in the HIT EVENT room! Español: Buenas tardes a todos! Mañana voy hacer un mini evento que consiste enc olocar hit en armas. El precio es de 40 pds por 30 hit, se me dicen que solo quieren 20 hit pues de igual manera tendras que pagar 40pds. No voy hacer division de hit tambien. El limite de hit que puedes agregar es 70% y nada más. No voy añadir hit en Dark Weapons. El evento comenzara mañana el dia 24 a la hora del servidor de 14:00 y durará 2 horas (hora del servidor 16:00) no más que eso. Solamente el gm Cyane(Cyanide/Santa Cy en el juego) agregará hit a tus armas. Nos vemos mañana en la sala HIT EVENT! Português: Boa tarde a todos! Amanhã estarei fazendo um mini evento que consiste em adicionar hit a armas. O preco é de 40 pds por 30 hit, se apenas quiseres 20 hit terás de pagar os 40 pds. Não farei divisão de hit também. O limite de hit que podes adicionar vai até 70% e nada mais. Não irei colocar hit em dark weapons. O evento começará amanhã o dia 24 às 14:00 y durará duas horas (hora do servidor 16:00) não mais que isso. Apenas o gm Cyane (Cyanide/Santa Cy no jogo) poderá colocar hit nas tuas armas. Vemo-nos amanhã na sala HIT EVENT!
  23. 5 for 1 SALE! Pay 1 PD, get 5 items! RABBIT WAND 0/0/0/0NUG2000-BAZOOKA 0/0/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 0/15/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 5/25/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 0/30/0/0 VIVIENNE 0/0/0/0 Arrest Diska +4 0/35/0/0/40%Hit SANGE 0/10/15/0 ANO BAZOOKA 0/0/0/0 H&S25 JUSTICE 0/0/0/0 H&S25 JUSTICE 0/0/0/0 BRANCH OF PAKUPAKU 0/0/0/0 BRANCH OF PAKUPAKU 0/25/0/0 WINDMILL 15/0/0/0 VARISTA 0/15/0/35 BLADE DANCE 5/20/0/0 CUSTOM RAY ver.00 0/20/0/0 BRAVACE 0/0/0/5 Chaos Laser 0/0/50/50/30%Hit Hell Laser +14 50/0/0/50 Gush Laser 0/50/0/50/30%Hit Berserk Laser +1 0/0/0/25/20%Hit Demon's Vulcan +1 0/0/0/15 Charge Striker 0/50/0/50/30 M&A60 VISE 25/0/20/0 L&K14 COMBAT 5/0/0/30 L&K14 COMBAT 0/15/0/15 L&K14 COMBAT 15/0/0/0 L&K14 COMBAT 0/0/0/0 METEOR SMASH 0/0/25/0 METEOR SMASH 0/0/0/0 ICE STAFF:DAGON 0/45/0/0 ELYSION 10/0/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER +9 0/0/0/35 FROZEN SHOOTER 0/20/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 0/25/20/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 0/0/0/-5 FROZEN SHOOTER 5/0/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 15/0/0/0 PHOTON LAUNCHER 0/0/0/35 GUILTY LIGHT 0/0/0/35 GUILTY LIGHT 0/20/15/0 TALIS 0/0/0/0 Holiness Armor (4 Slots) FLOWEN'S FRAME (0 Slots) DB'S ARMOR (0 Slots)SACRED CLOTH (2 Slots) STAR CUIRASS (1 Slot) CUSTOM BARRIER ver.00 SECURE FEET YATA'S MIRROR x2 Amplifier of Barta God/Arm x5 God/Body God/Mind x4 HP/Revival x5 Cure/Slow x2 Heavenly/Battle General Battle Abuelita/BattleDelsaber's Left Arm Hildeblue's Head x8 Grass Assassin's Arms Gobooma's Right ArmRappy's Beak
  24. I have an assortment of rubbish, like cure slots and easy to come-by weapons, I dont have prices. nor a list (ill make one) so just hit me up if you see me ingame! ((for now)) Note: selling in bulk, cheap
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