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  1. There is another door on the far end of that room which is on an inaccessible balcony, with 3 green dots and 1 red. Is there a way to get there? Is there a second teleporter or something somewhere in the Seabed Upper Levels? A hidden doorway like in TTFU?
  2. So what kind of changes can you make to PSO without access to the source code? I have a little bit of programming experience, but it is pretty limited in scope (MatLab simulation programming, and a bit of Basic Stamp & C++). I would really like to help give you ideas for improvement that are actually workable. Unfortunately, I don't know much about what your limitations are, and how PSO itself is written (which as far as I can tell seems to be "badly"). Is there a thread somewhere describing PSO's structure and how you guys alter it? Oh I meant with an outside email address. Like a series of sockpuppet Yahoo accounts or mailinator or something. I would not recommend mentioning the server AT ALL unless you are talking to someone who is being helpful.
  3. Harass them until you get a response of some sort. Bothering our distributors and suppliers until I get results, or at least a response of some sort typically works for me. You're a programmer right? Automate it. Write a script to send the same email every day lol, cycled through different email addresses. Worst case: they ignore you.
  4. Or bribe somebody at Sega to give us the source code and then redo everything ourselves.
  5. Hey Lemon, can you open the locked door in the first room of Seabed Lower levels, or is there nothing behind it? I'm determined to do TTT until I discover all of your secrets . Or at least get a couple of PCB.
  6. Has anybody tried simply asking Sega for the source code recently? They probably don't care about it anymore and might be willing to release it. And if by some miracle they ever port PSO 2 to english, having an already existing/active player base of PSO fans would only HELP them get more players. Seems like they can only benefit from releasing it.
  7. Also, on an unrelated note, I was told (by Lemon I think) a while back that it is not possible to add unit slots to weapons themselves (I wanted to have weapon slots for attachments that would change their performance, like in KOTOR or Call of Duty). I think that there might be an alternative way to accomplish this to some extent. There are already units that alter the functions of specific weapons (Yasakani Magatama w/ Kusanagi), could we make units that alter the properties of other specific weapons, entire classes of weapon, or even armor/shields? For balancing purposes, they should probably also have some drawbacks to using them or be class locked. Examples: Backpack Power Cell: Adds +25% damage to rifle type weapons. Slows movement speed 15%. Rapid Charge Capacitor: Adds additional round to each mechgun burst, but reduces damage by 10%. Smart Sight: Adds Auto Aim to ranged weapons (like the Yasmikovs and Rianov have). Active Camouflage: Adds cloaking effect (like stealth suit). +250 EVP, DFP reduced by 100. Trap Fabrication Module: Manufactures new traps every 10 minutes. Requires Meseta, cost varies by trap type. Resonator: Makes blades vibrate at ultra high frequency for increased cutting power. +30% damage for melee weapons, -15 ATA due to increased handling difficulty. Useable only by HU.
  8. Any way to make those available in normal mode? The standard damage trap is nearly useless IMO. Could you create equip units that alter the damage trap? It would be much more useful if you could reconfigure it on the fly. Additional damage, slow, poison, cluster bomb (spawns 4-5 more traps on detonation around it) would all be awesome. If you could do that, adding a resta mod to make the damage trap heal allies in its AoE might also be possible.
  9. Got one with 20 hit if you can't find better. You could put more hit on it pretty easily at the next hit event.
  10. Noooo! You Lemony devil! Now we are even more reliant on zonde tracer fire for target acquisition. Last run his damn mags and the little grants mine things were drawing away the zonde, like flares would do to a heat seeking missile. We still beat it eventually, but it was pretty annoying.
  11. Got new stock available meatbags! Browse my wares! If the item you need is not listed, message me, I might be able to acquire it for you from one of my suppliers. Here at Crazy HK's our motto is: Customer Service With A Murderous Smile >:D
  12. I would love having a translation add on. Even a half assed one like Babelfish. Partial translation is better than none. I've tried learning french and spanish in the past, but never could really get a hang of them; Calculus III was easier for me than Spanish. EX: referring to objects as being feminine/masculine.
  13. Making a RACAST?
  14. I wouldn't do it on the clock. My boss was unhappy when I downloaded an emulator last year to play at lunch, even though it didn't require install. Couldn't do anything about it besides ask me to delete it though, because I technically hadn't violated company policy, and was not playing on the clock. In this case, since I'd be playing it off of a flash drive I doubt he could do anything. Might not even care. I love loopholes .
  15. Hell yeah. I was hoping it was that simple. Sweet, lunchtime PSO tomorrow.
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