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  1. I definitely need to look up some of these. I know there isn't really a 'best' in this game, but I do enjoy reading what people think are the most useful or powerful gear. Wait how do I get a mag with less than 5 def? Other than that I have everything but the C/battle I'm pretty much settled on armor. I'm wearing a Wedding Dress and Red Ring
  2. So, I've been playing on and off on this server and enjoy playing as a Hucast the most for as long as I've been playing PSO. And now I'm wondering, what would be considered best in slot in terms of Hucast gear, weapons and armor/units?
  3. Ah that sucks. I guess I'll try to buy one. Thanks!
  4. I heard about Psycho Raven and I plan to farm my own during the summer event, but how do I get a Master Raven with hit?
  5. Welcome, I haven't played in a while either so it's good to be back and still see poeple joining Ultima.
  6. I'm back! B> RR don't care about the stats.

  7. Still B> minRR Paying in PD's

  8. B> minRR 70pd

  9. S> Some mag cells

    1. Rsnemesis


      what you got

    2. Lemon


      I'm looking for puyo and chuchu, got either of them?

    3. Isai



      Heart of Morolian

      Kit of Genesis x3

      Kit of Master System

      Kit of Hamburger

      Heart of Devil 2x


  10. S>Cent/Arms

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    2. Shisui


      ok ;) ty! c:

    3. Shisui


      im on now how about you? c:

    4. Isai


      I'll be online in a sec.

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