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  1. A question for experienced players. I have two Psycho Ravens: Psycho Raven 0/45/45/0 Psycho Raven 0/0/0/0/0/60 I would like to give one of them to a friend. However I'd like to keep the better one. Since the special is negligible, I would, as a budding high-level character, choose without HIT. It is the agony of choice. Does anyone have any decisive clues?
  2. would like to buy Charge Vulcan+3 0/0/0/0/25hit 2pd or 4pc
  3. Grantz is already helping me out, but I'd like another AF for a buddy. That would be nice! Thanks in advance!
  4. I am looking for Armors like... Wedding Dress Virus Armor:Lafuteria Aura Field I know the Wedding Dress drops with different values. Is it the same with the others (Virus/Aura)? Is it possible to briefly explain which is a good/bad range? I hereby request a fair offer with price.
  5. to be honest, I don't know how much it's really worth. 5 pds!? 1 pd I won't be online for 3.5 hours.
  6. Here I present my small and cheap shop for low level gear (for now). Although there are a few highlights. Somehow you have to start ;-) I'm usually at home around 17:30 UTC and can trade until night (24:00 UTC). Please post here or PM.
  7. Haha, i also ran into few newbies, which I found sad and funny at once. I didn't think there'd be any here at a game this old. But some simply play the game with a different background or motivation. I wanted to give you another tip, in case you didn't know it. There is the episode 1 Quest IDS (Int. Defense System), in which you almost always get a photon drop that is in a hidden box hanging from the ceiling. I played them a lot on normal difficulty at the beginning, so that I had at least something to trade. So you can get a needle for a few PDs in case no one else calls. "Quote JanenbaDMS: If you're farming IDS just for pds I would recommend doing it on normal up to the room with the ceiling drop then resetting. Even though it doesn't drop 100% of the time it's very early on in the quest so more efficient to do that than run aaaaaaaaaaaaall the way to the end." The Member O9B066 showed it perfectly with screenshot in one thread, but I can't find it anymore. Hope it helps and sorry for OT again.
  8. Welcome Havoc, I don't have a spread needle for you, but a few days ago I was in a similar situation. Started a character 9 days ago and I'm about 110 now. It's pretty fast here. What I mean to say is that I have been offered a normal SN as a gift by several people. If you're kind, this will get you back. And Ultimate will really kick your ass, don't look forward to it too much :D. I need even better gear. Maybe see you ingame! Good luck!
  9. I think it's great there are people, like you, who are coming back after such a long time. That speaks very much for the server, since already it can assert itself so long and hopefully still exists for a long time. Therefore a warm Welcome Back! from me, Cobalt12. I'm also quite fresh here.
  10. Hey Hatsodoom Reiga, I'm not sure if you still want feedback on this, but I find your idea very charming. It has something of deceleration and back to the roots. I walked with you for a while yesterday and it was indeed very pleasant. As I already wrote, I'm even more focused on effectiveness at the moment. I'm still quite new, so I haven't seen much of the relevant quests yet, so I'm eager to run with other good players. Since I don't have a high-end gear yet, my possibilities to play Ultimate are very limited, so I use simpler methods. At the moment I'd like to leave the possibilities open, which is why I'm not joining this guild. But that doesn't mean that I don't like taking part in the Forest2Falz runs once in a while! In general: I can (partly with the help of an automatic translator) write in English to some extent, but I find it difficult to talk. So I'd never really have much to say in the discord. Regards, Ark
  11. Okay, that's comforting. It wasn't clear to me that a GM could check the chats and even the ingame items. Thank you, O9B066.
  12. I wonder exactly how DTs are traded. If I want to buy an item, I have to transfer the DTs to the trading partner before it is handed over, right? It takes a lot of trust, doesn't it? Anyone have any advice on this? I would sweat a lot if I bought a 30 DTs item, transferred it and then had to wait for the item to be handed over. The DTs are transmitted via the online form only. So can this be done immediately or must it be approved by a GM? If so, how quickly is this usually done.
  13. I'm sorry, I kind of missed your message. I've already been taken care of by another very friendly person. Thanks for your offer, though. This can be closed.
  14. Thanks, Jace, for pointing to v101. I just need something to get started. I already have a needle and so. I want another one for a buddy, except I'm out of PDs right now. I'll get back here then.
  15. Hey Folks, i want to spend my very first well-earned PDs. I would be very happy if someone sold it to me so that I could have my first good equip. I really dont know the prices. Is 2PDs for a normal SN ok? And 1 PD each H/B & H/P? If available, I would also buy 2 normal SN. Regards Ark
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