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  1. Just one more if-statement to check if the stackable item is present in the inventory. The disconnection probably happened because the client would allow it but the server wouldn't. Causing a synchronization issue between you and the player.
  2. Welcome to the ultima server. Hope you enjoy your stay
  3. Glad you appreciate the server, as for the Flowen's Sword AUW-3084 it might be easier to trade for one.
  4. Inspirational topic : http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/6581-comunity-memes/page-1 There are some good ones in there x)
  5. Don't blame us when you're the one duping items. Have some dignity at least instead of making it seem like it was Soly's fault. Don't you think it's reasonable to take away the items you copied and traded/gave away?
  6. Are you using any custom skins? Might want to do a fersh install to make sure your resources are set up correctly to play the game.
  7. Welcome to our server.
  8. Goodbye, make sure to drop by on the forum from time to time to say hi
  9. Thanks for pointing this out, I've corrected my tool and it will be fixed next time the tble gets generated. Probably after the event.
  10. It started out as a joke. I also hosted a mini event where the first person to collect 230 of them would get a prize. But yeah, maybe they should be removed for the next events, or at least droprate reduced.
  11. Well I've known issues with the combination of gamepads and PSOBB that caused blue screens, however it was usually with PS3 controllers when a micro disconnection occurred. Did you install a custom driver for the gamepad? What's your operating system btw?
  12. Are you using a controller? Like a PS3 Pad or anything? Is your PC cooled enough?
  13. Megid is an all or nothing spell, it has a higher chance on killing an enemy in one shot if thir DRK resistance is low. USually monsters in episode 2 are more prone to megid deaths. Grants is a wide range, 360° spell that lands on th closest targetable target in range. This can also be a box, so not super reliable in all situations but it does great damage on ep4 bosses.
  14. Welcome to ultima, and FOmarl/FOmar would be the most underplayed class as far as I can tell.
  15. That's new. Are you sure you're playing in the correct mode? Have you done any quests on that character?
  16. You're using a packed client, you need an unpacked one to edit the IP 'easily'. ANd unpacked one was avaialbe with the original tethalla server project.
  17. Maybe certain rares could become tradable for a pseudo currency that can be traded in another shop (quest) for some common items like materials, medium level tech disks, grinders, etc. Low star rares would be worth only 1 point, and depending on rarity it would be worth a bit more points. But it should be thought through as low rares are very easy to come by as mentioned by several people in this thread.
  18. Good work, but I'm sure there must be free alternatives to this program. I've seen a couple of open-source drivers for game pads floating on the net that can easily be tweaked with little programming knowledge. I will add this guide to the useful links topic but to get it pinned I feel it needs a bit more player interaction. There are already so many pinned topics that we try to only pin down the most relevant ones.
  19. The anti-hack is indeed easily bypassed, it's also pretty intrusive to the players as it reads in other processes and closes programs it thinks are related to hacking. Personally I was always thinking of making more use of "social control" to spot hackers with the help of the community. Making certain information public about accounts, game rooms, inventories etc so people who suspect someone can easily find evidence and report them.
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