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  1. Hi! I could use a Sacred Bow? May I get onde for my FO? Thanks.
  2. Well... Can't be bad at that!!! Happy New Year!!!
  3. What is New Year's Card...? Mmm.... The plot thickens!!
  4. Wow! Congrats!!! Now... Get some sleep!!!
  5. Oh! I got a question. In a Redria Room, can a player (with Viridia Id drop a Anti Dark Ring)? @Fyrewolf5 @David S. Wilson @Larva Thanks in advance.
  6. 1 /375 still better than nothing If no Whitiil, I'll take it
  7. @starscreme don't be late mate ;p If no Whitill we'll go for Anti Dark Ring
  8. Hi! Don't know if this is the proper way of asking this.... I would like to ask help from a (high level) Whithill id, in order do farm a RR. I would be free tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM (Lisbon time zone). I will be avaiable for a couple of runs. Thanks in advance. Good hunting and "Seed ya later ;)"
  9. omnipharios


    Balance always comes....
  10. Guys.... Come one.... Iam a noob and still enjoying the feel good part.... Let s calm down and cool down. No need for this "tilting". @Terrybriggs711 You are going away... :'( Nooo.... You helped me on my second day.... You made me take the game serious but lightly.... Hope to run into you one last time...
  11. Hi! Seed here! New objective! Farm 25 pd. Guess there's plenty to do! Larva, Iam just a noob around here but, thanks for all that you guys do! Let's "farm out". Good hunting and " Seed ya later." P.S. - Sooo.... About PD.... Random drop, right? Or is there a catch?
  12. Well... My next goals are get to lvl 200, finish mat plan, find RR and do PPP quest And farm liberta kit
  13. Mhm... About that... How when when do green names turn on? Happy hours is one way. What is the other...?
  14. Pso2? Thought that only came out in Japan. Teach me master! Red Ring drops all year? What is "troll shoutbox"?
  15. Hi! Seed here! So... This is my first post event time in PSO. Although nothing dropped to me, in my runs people got STA, Hand of Justice, Photon D Core and Sonic Magazine, so I really have nothing to complain. And luckily, I got some neet stuff thanks to all of the comunity. Now Iam hooked on BPD2. That being said, after an event, what does one do...? Good hunting and "Seed ya later;)"
  16. You made my day!! Was it on a quest? Did seaside and found no red robot... Oooh.... Seabed.... My bad. And Humar cannot equipa, right?
  17. So... For example... If Viridia ID is room ID, it's safe to assume that Viridia ID related drops are more likely to ocurr?
  18. Will keep doing that. By the way... Does the room ID mean anything to the drops?
  19. Hi! Seed here! At work, I came to that conclusion myself. So, can you give me a tip on how to do it? Just grinding ttf (and similar quests) in diferent levels, will help? Good hunting.
  20. Hi! Seed here. Soooo.... Made couple of runs and the only drop was Sonic Magazine.... So... Where can Viridia ID get a break...? Seed out.
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