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  1. Farewell for now

    well, November, December for forums but was actively on 15 hours or so each day and made lot of good friends, done the last 2 event banners and have been asked to continue to do so till further asked otherwise
  2. Farewell for now

    Goodbye peeps met so many lovely people here but after going through lot of family and personal problems feel the need to work more on irl stuff and design and leave gaming for a bit, I'll still partially be around to help out with event banners and such, but as I have been absent from ingame for the past couple of months, will continue to be. glhf all :3
  3. Valentine's Event 2018

    Sorry about the delay for the new banner but here it is, hope you're happy with it, if not don't feel the need to swap it
  4. Valentine's Event 2018

    Deeply apologise for the delay in banner, I've been at my parents place visiting for a month and been busy seeing a lot of people who haven't seen me for 2 years, I don't have my usual computer/tools to work on, but I'll have something made up with what I have soon.
  5. New Year Raffle Results

    May I get the handgun guld please, at a drawing class so won't be on till a bit
  6. New Year Cards Mini Event

    Can this be my attempt of being funny? post I made earlier today:
  7. Itchy's fanart dump

    Gotten really rusty with my art so taking time doing some fanart and practising. Fomarl portraiture, just trying to relearn a bit, >.< hands aren't as use to the pencil anymore: Booma's need love too: Was looking at love rappys, PSO2 ones look like cute anime birds, PSO ones just makes me think of fat chickens in comparison: When your friend high 5's you and doesn't know their own strength: Will update time to time.
  8. End of Christmas fanart

    Comment Edit: Moving this comment image to an art dump.
  9. End of Christmas fanart

    Thank you everyone for your positive feedback ^^. For that, I decided to redraw it digitally as a vector graphic, will edit into main post
  10. End of Christmas fanart

    With the end of this Christmas event, I'm guessing our little St Rappys are happy about less of a beating they're getting until next year. hope the event has been kind to you all, atleast kinder than for these little guys
  11. Justy-23ST, just for the reason a friend and I made an inside joke out of it calling it the best weapon after it kept dropping so often for us
  12. Christmas ^,^

    I wanted to let you know the Olga Claus was partial inspiration to making of the banner but I felt I couldn't say anything till the event was live
  13. Ultima Christmas Event 2017

    thank you ^^, I was happy to help
  14. Ultima Christmas Event 2017

    Hey, it's only mid night here
  15. Ultima Christmas Event 2017

    thank you for the credit on the banner ^^