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  1. Thank you so much Soly! I'll be more careful next time
  2. The PoST is from a previous trade with SelahIsASpot, I paid her 15dts for it, u can check the pm if u like. I cannot speak for Scopedout but why the suspicion? Is there no way for u to check?
  3. Guild card: 42155524 Character: Slot 1 Date/Time: 20/11/2015 - 13:09 GMT Description: I was trading with Scopedout and lost a Sues Coat 4 slots and Proof of Sonic Team as I exited the room. Both items were in my inventory when I left. I dced afterwards and when I restarted the game both items were missing. Comments: I have confirmed with Scopedout that he still has the pds I traded him for the PoST. The sues coat was traded for 15dts. I have included the log details below, unfortunately I did not take screenshots as this is the first time this incident happened to me. Please help! many thanks. Log of the trade process: 3:03:05 42151051 WaRL0CK suescoat* 13:03:19 42155524 Yui oh hi 13:03:22 42151051 WaRL0CK hi 13:03:22 42155524 Yui ill make 13:03:25 42151051 WaRL0CK k 13:03:38 Enter ecoat 13:04:10 42155524 Yui kk let me do the pm 13:04:13 42151051 WaRL0CK ok 13:06:31 42155524 Yui kk all done 13:07:47 42155524 Yui ty 13:07:49 42151051 WaRL0CK ty 13:07:55 42151051 WaRL0CK enjoy 13:07:58 42155524 Yui btw sorry i only have 87pds 13:08:03 42155524 Yui cant afford the post:( 13:08:07 42151051 WaRL0CK ? 13:08:08 42155524 Yui thanks i will 13:08:11 42151051 WaRL0CK oh 13:08:17 42155524 Yui i enquired about the post aswell 13:08:20 42151051 WaRL0CK ya thats fine ill sell you 13:08:24 42155524 Yui oh tyty 13:08:25 42151051 WaRL0CK 87? 13:08:28 42155524 Yui yes 13:08:46 42155524 Yui ty bro 13:08:48 42151051 WaRL0CK ty 13:08:56 42151051 WaRL0CK ty2 13:08:56 42155524 Yui good luck with sales:)
  4. 15, 35 hit is not worth wasting the hp, plenty of 40-45 hit OS at cheap prices
  5. Lol just started this char 3 days ago and been playing solo only..
  6. lol dvs i was suspicious why he was randomly getting confused so i tracked him down lol
  7. Yup i wasnt sure whether to post it there first but kinda need a confirmation beforehand, anyways he is still afk in a room called S>HS 30hit if a gm wanna speak with him. I cant get his GC# cos he hasnt spoken a word yet.
  8. Lol no need for that, just thought it was amusing hence why it's posted in the general forum.
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