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  1. i have beat about 10 event monsters and gotten PD's. i just beat the gryphon and my bud picks up wing and i get a pd. i haven't gotten anything really good in sometime. is there anyway there is something messed up with one of my files or something. my thumbs are going numb playing for PD's. i know i have bad luck, but dang. thanks.
  2. i know how you feel. everytime a event monster drops a red box, it's a freaking photon drop. it's happened to me like 5 times this event. i got nothing good last event either.
  3. i can't stay in you time limit due to the fact the greatest movie ever made is no where on your list. it was made in the 70's. Star Wars. movies Twister, Tombstone, wing commander, Die Hard, hitchhikers guild to the galaxy,pitch black, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones series, serenity Anime Rwby Rose. it's the only one i've watched. TV Fire Fly, dark matter, the magicians, shannara chronicles This is Rwby Rose btw
  4. LisaBurgin


    84 I guess. ill be on in ten mins. got a room?
  5. LisaBurgin


    you said one was almost max. 15 dts?
  6. LisaBurgin


    ok how much for almost max wd?
  7. LisaBurgin


    I can do 10 dts my game names cream pie. text me when you get back!
  8. LisaBurgin


    ill be there in a few
  9. LisaBurgin


    I could go 60 dts
  10. LisaBurgin


    how much for cent battle?
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