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  1. Should be more scared of boomas
  2. WAIT!!! there was an even? Here? u sure u r not talking about schtserv or ephinea?
  3. http://de.silenthill.wikia.com/wiki/Nurse stil the same opinion?

    1. Shiva


      stumbled over it, so gonna share it.

      made it a few years ago, while making tests for someones.

    2. McLaughlin86


      not bad dude.

    3. Shiva
  5. u r in the "mean and rich list" so cheating is not allowed for u
  6. Well, temple isn't the best example here, but some areas have more waves in an area, right? Also dun think people would cheat, except for a few I could imagine.
  7. make a "record the run" instead of pics, since the can be easily faked
  8. Shiva


    move this topic to server development pls
  9. oh oh oh... and also a nurse at each doorway in every area pls, thx, ok bye
  10. https://mega.nz/#!vYgCiKhA!MA3JizFk70llSGMmvS6Gs-IGse8CNBlj-yHylIMSHYc
  11. stop living in the past bro.... u need to look forward..... its wedn(e)sday
  12. Sunflowers spin in gaps in the sky, where clouds go.
    When flower petals cascade like Fireworks, you hide.
    I sigh...
    The line that comes to my lips is no good.
    Its a lie...
    Its a dream...
    Welcome summer days.
    A lost picture of summer.
    But... Lets draw it one more time.
    The peeled off picture of a sunshower.

  13. i would only agree with u for the other post he made. But for this one, if its only till he gets bored, then its a waste of his motivation.
  14. Probably way less then this will happen tbh
  15. glad to see u back in action :3
  16. u missed many birthdays, u know that
  17. Happy b-day man

    and have a good One :D

  18. finally some quality content on this server
  19. Our hearts lash out to mourn,
    which salty eye water form.
    For the loss ones from tyranny,
    in return gain purity.
    We rest assured till a new day,
    where we may pray.

  20. send me the files and ill check if u want to. with some model, if they have more or less space for textures, they got replaced by Textures in rooms. but cant say for sure which ones r affected. (only tested it with Momoka so far)
  21. yea, but now it leads to something completly different. an unfinished just made website
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