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  1. I'm also a big fan of Chu Chu mag and Chu Chu Fever armor.
  2. This has probably been asked before but how long is the timer on account registration (for main server) between making accounts? I've made one, but I'm looking to make two more and am not sure how long I need to wait. Also, does retrying and getting the " Cannot register multiple accounts in a short period of time. " "reset" the timer?
  3. I'm taking pictures of the few frame/armor (armour) types with a player model (praise HUmar). What i want to know is which background i should use. Feel free to leave a comment about the specifics of an area if that's something you want.
  4. Im not sure if this has been mentioned because i haven't read every post, but being able to enter hard/vh/ultimate at lvl 1 would be nice is you could only prestige once.
  5. npnp, but definitely if you have any additional more detailed questions about type weapons you should go to @JanenbaDMS. He farms them more or less so if anyone knows about it its him.
  6. and for adding hit to them, you would use the donation ticket system. i believe you can use pds/spheres to add attribute% to them, but if not you can use DTs.
  7. specials can be added to certain weapons that don't have natural specials like the yas series weapons and "Type" weapons. S-rank weapons can't have hit added to them iirc but type weapons can, this is why type weapons are favored on this server.
  8. "Agree with me and ill give you DTs" probably isn't the best way to go about things. Just sleep on it, maybe play something else for a bit and come back... you'll be fine.
  9. No one leaves PSO... Welcome back!
  10. Is it possible to make it so hh is auto-enabled after "x" amount of enemies have been killed on the server? make it so n-vh mobs are worth less than ult and there is a cap of 1 hh a day so any additional kills get stored for the next hh. Edit: or maybe have it set to be enabled randomly between 2 different times (for Europe and America) to settle the complaints a bit.
  11. You don't need to lie... we will all still love you. <3