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  1. Getting into this server I knew that it was on the edge of ethics. Distributing the game (for free) and hosting it (also for free) would probably upset Sonic Team after all their hard work on this IP. However, this community, and others like it, seem to be doing just fine. Do you think that a DCMA notice will ever come to shut down Ultima?
  2. I know that Ultima prides itself in adding valuable content to enhance gameplay and reinvigorate the game. But do you think the game has changed much all these years later? Or is it just the same that you remember? I know for me the game feels just the same, but different at the same time. Obviously, the mechanics don't feel different, but the environment has. I played almost exclusively offline on the GC for financial reasons (teenager, parents didn't want to pay), with occasional local multiplayer. However, with PSOBB being around other players is almost constant, and the community feel o
  3. So obviously there is no objectively best character to play, but with various playstyles and classes, it would seem that certain characters are better than others. I'm just curious to know why you play HUcast over HUmar or FOnewm over RAmarl. Personally I've always liked the look of FOmarl the best, and her balanced stats meant I could go from spell casting to slashing when I wanted. And I've always had a soft spot for HUcast (my first character) and HUcaseal because they have great ATP and using traps can be fun.
  4. Hey guys, just a returning player. I loved PSO since the V1 days, but mostly played a lot of Ep1&2 on GC. I never got into PSOBB when the game launched, but recently felt a need to return to the game. I'm really rusty, but this game is one that shaped my adolescence.
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