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Starlord last won the day on January 8

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    Dark Falz
  • Birthday 01/30/1991

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    Starlord, ace, Parker, Purge, Fitzgeral, yakuza

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    http://Find me on the Facebook..... If you dare

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    Rich part of Virginia, cherio :D
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    Working out, laughing awkwardly at people while driving, gaming and owning noobs, dance offs, starting from scratch on pso after server died. And I am magic too, pick a card... Any card .

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  1. Happy birthday R-76. May all your dreams come true to just you and no one else.

    1. JanenbaDMS


      Isn't it R-79 now?  I'm not good with machines :'L

    2. R-78


      Thank you Sturlerd but what if my dream was to realise others' dreams ? D: