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  1. I'm suspicious, but the 3.3 launcher seems okay, cleared by my anti-virus. False alarm, but we really need to update the old link on the front page,
  2. I got a virus, and so did my friends when we tried to DL from the main site. Two separate attacks, One was Trojan.Vundo within the actual installer, also (SONAR. Heuristic.120) on the installer. Double You Tee Eff Mate?!?
  3. Thank you! Looking forward to really digging in!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a new player from the USA. I've only just started. I don't really know anything about the game yet, so I'm just playing through. The reason I'm getting into it so late is that I saw my buddy play it for hours on the Dreamcast, telling me, "Just one more level..." I've Always wanted to play it myself but he was a bit greedy, but now, here I am!