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  1. Well, if you don't remember your log-in name and password, and can't find it saved somewhere (email or whatnot) you really only have two choices I'm aware of... You can post a thread like this and wait for an Admin or GM to see it, or send a mail directly to the Admins/GM's.
  2. No one seems to have mentioned it yet... Early in building your gear collection, you can't go wrong with a Charge Gatling/Charge Vulcan that has hit %; they are a way to get decent damage output for negligible investment- basically just time spent on Ryuker/Telepipe back and forth to check the shop until you find one, then a few thousand meseta to buy it. Along those lines, a Charge Berdys with Hit % can be found the same way (teleport back and forth to the shop until it spawns) and is a good filler melee weapon until you can get your hands one of the top-tier rare melee weapons. This will be very useful if you plan to do any farming in EP4.
  3. If you're not going to increase the ATA requirement, isn't that a pretty substantial increase in ATP when coupled with berzerk? From what I remember, the ATA required for the Egg Blaster was only like 140 or so. That's not to imply I don't like the idea, though. I really do like it. Hell, I'd be happy just to see a new, second version of the basic Egg Blaster that just has a better special, lol. I'd also like to see an improved version of the Suppressed Gun, come to that... With decent damage for such a low ATA requirement, I love that thing for lower level characters- and it's not too shabby for FO's either. An upgraded version (even just raising the grinding cap) would be welcomed enthusiastically by me.
  4. Since people are tossing out Halloween-themed item suggestions... Halloween means Trick-or-Treat to a lot of people, which means CANDY. How about adding- and dropping for the duration of a Halloween event only, to make it actually something special- a buffed version of the Lollipop? Maybe something with just slightly higher ATP and ATA than the normal Lollipop, the same LCK, a decent MST boost, and a special ability... Sucker ATP: +250 (50 more than Lollipop) ATA: +40 (10 more than Lollipop) MST: +66 (33 more than Lollipop) LCK: +10 (same as Lollipop) Special: Geist or Gush (as a play on the name 'Sucker', it sucks either TP or HP from enemies) Requirements: ATP 275 (53 more than Lollipop) Yes, it's still a novelty item... But its more fun than the basic novelty item it's based on.
  5. Lulz... "Penis Boss" is actually pretty appropriate. I read that one of the ways considered to translated 'Dark Falz' into English from Japanese was 'Dark Phallus'. For those who played PS4, you might even remember that a variant of the 'Dark Phallus' name even made it into the English versions of the game... In the final area, the alternate-dimensional prison where the Profound Darkness is, there's an enemy that looks pretty much exactly like the Dark Force from PS1, called, IIRC, Protophallus.
  6. Since you liked the Picard meme, I hope you're not one of the anti-Star Wars kind of Trekkie, Kajex... I'm kind of on a roll making PSO memes now, lol!
  7. Take the full url from your hosted image and just drop it in your message as regular text; that normally works. Some sites that host images offer several different urls that vary depending on the intended purpose (forum, avatar, Facebook, etc.) so you may need to try more than one link to find the one you want. If you use the full post interface (the More Reply Options button) instead of making it a quick post, you can preview before posting to make sure it's working the way you want.
  8. Not really competing, but I felt like tossing SOMETHING out there...
  9. I'll be around off and on all the rest of today and all of tomorrow... Shoot me a PM and let me know when you'll be on, I've got a lot of spare gear you can have. And I don't mind playing tank at all, or just using Spread Needle to keep mobs locked down for you.
  10. You can customize the keys in-game as it is... Menu -> Options -> Pad Button Config The program I use for my controllers may or may not work for you. Google for MotioninJoy The app itself is called DS3 Tool. It lets you use PS/PS2/PS3 and Xbox/Xbox360 controllers with your computer and adds some custom functions (rapid fire, programmable macros, etc.). There's some custom settings to allow the use of third-party controllers, so it MIGHT let you use your GC controller. If I had a GC controller I'd check for you, but I don't. Sorry! ***EDIT*** Lulz... Ninja'd by Berry!
  11. Guild Card Number: 42006221 For some reason, every equipment item I have is showing the wrong names. Not only on my characters, but in my bank, in my common bank, and even new things that drop. This seems to affect all weapons, armor, units, and mags, on at least the characters in slots #1 and #2; I didn't test the other two slots yet. It's simply the item names, mind you; every item I've tested seems to have the proper appearance, stats, and function within the game. So far I have tried to re-log several times, and have twice done a clean install of the version 3.4 client from the link posted here: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/2612-ultima-client-download/ Everything seems to install and update properly. I'm starting to wonder if there's just a typo in one of the game files hosted on that link. I *can* play normally, since everything still seems to work right. It's still quite disconcerting to be looking for my Mille Marteaux or Heaven Striker or something, though, and have to take EVERY item with a gun icon own to the planet and scroll through them to find what I want. Not to mention, if the items keep the wrong names when transfering to another player, I'm going to get complaints with every trade- to say nothing about accusations of selling hacked items. Here's some screenshots of random items I checked. Note not only the difference between the weapons in my hand and what the inventory says is equipped, but also the weapon type symbol next to a few of them- who knew that Akiko's Frying Pan was a gun?
  12. I've been away from the game for some months, saving money for a new computer since my old one died. I'm installing the game right now on the new one, in fact, lol. But if memory serves, I've got 4-slot versions of pretty much all the non-rare armors in my bank as freebies to hand out to new players. I might have some tech disks, weapons, units, and/or mags in the bank you could have, too. I'll have to take a look once I have the game installed again. If you're interested, let me know, either in this thread or by dropping me a PM, and we'll work out a time to meet up in-game.
  13. Some general tips for new Force players- things I've learned the hard way, mostly, lol! -- Always keep a good level of Resta, as healing is one of your primary jobs when playing with others. (Sometimes your ONLY job, depending on the type of Force you play and the class composition of your group.) However, don't get over-zealous with the Resta casting until you know how the group plays... Some people are 100% comfotable being at 25% health and spamming Berzerk with a melee weapon, and will get annoyed enough to drop out of the room if you over-heal. (Not as big a deal here on Ultima as it was on SCHThack, but still...) -- Like Resta, you want as high a level of Shifta and Deband as you can manage. Buffing the party is also a major part of the job of a Force... Probably about 40% of your main benefit to any party, honestly, with another 35% being healing via Resta, 10% casting Reverser to raise downed members from the dead, and the remaining 15% of your usefulness to the average party being damage-dealing. (Unless you're playing a FOnewm, in which case it swings more in favor of dealing damage... By a little bit.) -- Barta is very useful against any enemy that can fly. Barta may only make a straight line, and not a super long one, but it has INFINITE vertical reach. You can tag enemies in flight regardless of how high in the air they may be, as long as the line of Barta rolls along underneath them. -- Zonde has one of the longest ranges of any spell in the game, and a minimal casting cost. It's good for tagging and making things flinch because of that, even if the enemy in question isn't weak to it. It also has a pretty fast casting animation, which helps a LOT at times. -- Make sure to keep your Gifoie as high level as possible... It's a "fire and forget" spell, in that once you cast it, Gifoie will expand around you for a moderate (a few seconds, at least, more with higher spell level) period of time, causing non-flying enemies coming towards you to flinch even if they don't take any serious damage. This gives you time to get off some real damage spells on them, or put more distance between you and said enemy or enemies. Gifoie has the added benefit of even being able to tag enemies in other rooms, so sometimes you can use it to kill things that don't even know you're there. -- Jellen and/or Zalure are two of your best friends if you've got some high level players willing to rush you levels. They can tag large numbers of enemies without interrupting the combos of other players due to knocking enemies back. And even a weak J/Z will help any time you're trying to solo grind. -- The non-rare 'official' weapons for Forces- Cane, Rod, and Staff weapons- are pretty much useless. The only thing they are ever worth equipping for is a few extra points of MST to learn a technique disk a level or two early. Don't ever buy them. Most of the rare Force weapons are pretty crap, too, for that matter, lol. -- As soon as you can manage it, if your chosen Force can equip it, get your hands on a Glide Divine. It's good on its own, what with having a built-in area afftect of Anti, and a solid boost to your stats, but the special will ALSO give you the option once per ten minutes if you keep it equipped to completely refill your TP at the cost of your HP... which you then refill damned-near for free with a Resta or two. Probably won't help in combat, but by using it when a room is cleared but before moving to a new area it can save you a lot of hassle in the long run by cutting down on trips to buy more Trifluids. --If you can get your hands on one, the Holy Ray rare handgun is a solid mid-level weapon for Forces, since it relies on MST rather than ATA as an equip requirement. The special is just kinda 'meh', without wasting slots on units to boost status effect rates, slots that are better used on other units. IT's still a fairly strong gun, though, giving you a ranged weapon which doesn't chip away at your TP. -- For solo farming a simple Handgun or Mechgun with the Geist special is a worthwhile find/buy. You can afford, when playing alone, to spend 2-3 minutes refilling your TP without use of a fluid. I prefer the Handgun class weapons, as the per-hit TP steal of them isn't reduced like the Mechguns, and since accuracy can be a problem with Forces I'd rather make my hits count. Plus, the combo doesn't have as long an animation. It's not super efficient for people who are all hurry-hurry-hurry, but if you don't want to keep getting TP refills the cheapest way (Ryuker back to the ship and hit the Hospital) but also don't want to drop 30k meseta at a time on Trifluids, it's not a bad way to go. Umm... That's all I can think of at the moment. I've been out of the game for months, saving for this new computer, so I'm a bit rusty.
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