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  1. oh that sounds much easier than the step by step to earn them lol.
  2. Idk if it's been asked on here already, there's a lot of pages to dig through. What's the value of a blue-black stone and/or how does one obtain it? Also how does one obtain a two kamui that I saw on the weapon list?
  3. I know about live and learn, it's another one that sounds like it has a girl singing it. it might be the battle inside the spaceship, I'm gonna have to go spend a bunch of meseta to go find out in the near future.
  4. I know how to get them, and they are fun to have, but I'm curious if there's a list of the artists that did each song anywhere? I think everyone knows about Strange Blue, which is truly best played when fighting Dark Falz a.k.a. Penis Boss among my little GC group I played with a lot lol. But I'm curious because I can't remember what that punky energetic rock kind of song was, and I want to hear more of it, reminds me of jet set radio kind of.
  5. I was assisted in my goal, I don't know what the person's name is on the forum, but thank you
  6. that would be pretty helpful, I always name my room Rika after my character, so if you see that you're always welcome to join me
  7. I'm on another page ninja rip that page off!

  8. Basically, I'm trying to get the Delsaber shield and buster, I'm not necissarily asking for a free handout, but I won't say no if someone decides to do that lol. I'm more or less just looking for farming advice, what they are worth to trade for, or really just any way to help me speed up the effort to get those arms. So far everyone I've met in game has been quite nice, and I've found my bank filling up with a lot of neat stuff, but when I originally played this game, my friend had the delsaber shield/buster and I thought they were the coolest things.
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