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  1. Yeah , STA is usefull, but most of us started rocting without a STA it isn't needed at all, also once you got a STA you will still die 100 times, the only thing that can help you is the knowledge of spawns and how to deal with those, just keep playing and learn!
  2. wow help stork pls, medic medic!
  3. B> DF and DM 0/50/50/0/50 ps: i'm cooler of these 2 guys under me . _./

    1. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      if you cooler then those 2 guys under you then make me a sandwich pls with lots of bacon :""L

    2. BK-201
    3. theroyalrabite


      Instead of giving Wayne the sammich, sell it to Kitty, nya! 10^2 pds!

  4. B> excalibur native/dark/hit S> guld milla 10/0/0/35/50

    1. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      how much for the guld?

    2. Cyane
    3. BK-201


      Mmm, i think around 35 dts

  5. You can get striker of chao in blue burst without the mag, just finish a TTF and go in the medical center with a branch of paku paku, you will find a teleport. Go in it, you will find yourself in the ruins big room with a waterfall, go under the waterfall with branch equipped and you will see a message telling you a chao grabbed it. The check your inventory and you will find you have a striker of chao now.
  6. T>DF 0/80/0/50/50 for DF 0/50+/50+/0/50

  7. If i remember correctly redria should drop psycho black crystall from morphos too, and cent/battle should be skyly epsilons ( not 100% sure and drops might have been changed)
  8. Master Raven is kinda decent even combo locked, if just we could have hit on it so even Hucast could hard attack things it would be very strong for clean up and range. Don't need combo unlock at all. The thing is that master raven and psycho raven would have different purposes. Psycho raven is a mechgun, it's animation is very slow(has lot of ending lag), yes it deal tons of damage but very often you don't need all that damage to kill something. Master raven it's an handgun, has more range and is way faster. With the damage of an hard attack would be better than psycho ravens in many cases. (obviusly still situational)
  9. Yeah nobody cares about psycho raven, they don't even need hit since they have 100k base ata and crappy special. I just want a better clean up/ range weapon for hucast and hit master raven would help . _. Also Last Swan >> Dual Bird
  10. I personally agree with Soly, and anyways since many lobby are not used, you can just pick an empty one if you want to do team things, i don't think you will get disturbed.
  11. As shield i'd advice a ranger wall, it's +20 ata like red ring equippable at lvl 37 ranger only and it's free, to get it you just need to start gallon shop quest, and do minigames inside the gallon shop till you get enough points (300points iirc), then he will offer it to you
  12. I got curious about it after reading this post. In japanese tsumikiri j-sword name was ツミキリ(tsumikiri) and sealed j-sword was called 封印ノダチ(sealed nodachi) A nodachi is basically a japanese sword with the blade long more than 90 cm (according to wikipedia)
  13. Blame sega! Anyways it's not a big deal just make a new lvl 1 character and get carried by someone on normal to get another one . _.b Also i think that jsword= japanese sword => katana but not sure . _.
  14. if you want i'm up for some try
  15. i want that 30 hit as, can offer 2 cent arms . _.
  16. Speaking about challenge mode I'm finding challenge very fun! We still can't finish it but i think we got to last room. Oh i'm pretty sure that odelia is an hacker but who knows.
  17. BK-201

    B> HU Gear

    but % still influences damage
  18. I did the same during anniversary event. but some people were getting them. i feel like falz is really a bad guy.
  19. Last swan is already unlocked
  20. I'm very hyped for the centurion/luck!
  21. Usually you can use confuse trap to make enemies gather faster, like for example on lizards in ep 4 or gilchich, do a try and you'll see they'll gather pretty fast. Also you might think to get some arrest weapon and hell handgun 50 hit (or asteron striker but is very expensive with hit) with a v502.
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