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    Bump With need items uwu Edited today 03/24/2020
  3. Hey!! what's up? make sure you have installed this dll, it's very important https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 Did you try to put the game in windowed mode? psobb is weird when it's used in full screen, check the resolution of your monitor and the resolution of the launcher!
  4. Hello family!! 😄 I want to do this so that those who want to get their TypeSH /Shot or another of the TYPE weapons mentioned below, can get it more easily :3 Feel free to add or correct me if i'm wrong or missing anything. Here's the Video-Guide on Youtube :3 Please watch if you lose reading all this lol, it's more easy i think... Thank you very much to saith @Fyrewolf5 for showing me the best route for this mission Muchas gracias a @Palutena y a @GrimNoiR Por ayudarme a grabar la vídeo guía :3 los amo ❤️ No saliste en los videos pero igual te menciono porque eres asi de wapo ❤️ @serverus Thank you all very much for viewing this guide, please support me so that in the not too distant future I will make a guide on how to obtain Type weapons in Beach laughter, I know that these weapons are already available with dts but, well, the satisfaction of having taken them out yourself with your sweat....That satisfaction is not overcome by anything 😄
  5. It should also be said that for those who are new to the game (which for me, are already more than the old players, if not, someone who denies me please) The missions "TTF RT and POD" are the most famous missions and "simple" so to speak. These missions for the new public are flashy and entertaining and are not so long, that is why sometimes there is a lot of spam from those missions, but after all they are the best! when you show the game to someone for the first time I think you take it to a TTF first, and that person feels good! Of course, as this person progresses, he will want to experience new missions, of which let me tell you, there are enough on the server
  6. What's up? What you are going to do is delete the entire pso folder, then you will have to download and reinstall the game but with your antivirus disabled. After the game is installed you will proceed to enter the configuration of your antivirus (which in this case is windows10 defender) and you will go to the exclusions section. Where there you will put as an exclusion to the pso folder. Then you will put as exclusions the following executables in the folder of pso "Launcher and psobb.exe". After having done this you will write the following in the windows search Bar "allow an app through windows firewall" you will change the configuration, then you will click to allow another application and there you will look for the executables of pso, that will be two, the launcher and psobb.exe, After doing this, it will activate your antivirus again. And everything will be fine make sure that before activating your antivirus again, the full pso folder and the pso launcher executables are in the exclusions of your antivirus !! because windows 10 detects the launcher as a virus, but it is not. So don't worry
  7. What's up?? I think you are trying to install an old version, try this Download the Dll from here: https://github.com/Solybum/psobbaddonplugin/releases/tag/v0.3.5.4 is the (bbmod.zip) unzip on your pso folder And dowload the Addons from here: (Direct download) https://github.com/Solybum/PSOBBMod-Addons/archive/master.zip (Unzip on the Addons folder) And that's all
  8. What's up everyone? :") I have a request for music in lobby!! A few years ago, this song was in the lobby, could I put it back on? It's a very good song for the lobby, if anyone else likes the idea, please leave a like in this post to be added again! You can also comment on other songs to keep in mind.
  9. Hello what's up??! check the launcher options and if IME is have check next to box uncheck it... then save option try game again. This setting attempts to read a Input Method Editor program that allows users to type in other languages that use more than the english alphabet instead of the keyboard input. And depending if you are using an IME or not it can cause all sorts of input problems.
  10. W10 recognizes the psobb launcher as a virus, deactivates your antivirus and reinstalls the game, and puts it in the exclusions of your anti virus and that's it
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