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  1. http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/26074-ultimas-feminist-event/ - Where are all my girlfriends at? Come sign up for Ultima's 1st Feminist Event! xoxo
    1. Voodoo Kitty

      Voodoo Kitty

      You should change the banner Foie, not trying to have a go at you, just saying it would resolve the issue.

  2. Give options in case you need to switch depending on the team. I should have been a bit more clear about that. Para los usuarios que hablan español, traducire las reglas del evento luego en la noche.
  3. http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/26074-ultimas-feminist-event/?p=148111 -- Ultima's 1st Feminist Event is in the sign up stage! Sign up girlfriends!
  4. Rules have been updated. Check the first and second post. Start signing up! Official Sign-Ups: 1. Example: Leilanie/FOnewearl/Level 200 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  5. Feminist Event sign up and rules should be up sometime tonight or tomorrow. Get hyped, girlfriends~

  6. Alright, let's do something. Lock this up until I'm ready to post rules and sign-ups next week. Let the troll go troll somewhere else.
  7. Also, expect rules and stuff to go up before the end of next week. I didn't think I'd be busy this week and I'm going out of town for the weekend but my schedule should be more open coming next week. Again, thank you for the interest/support! This is all for you guys to have something fun to do so the more support, the better the event will be! And maybe I'll be motivated enough to bring more events later on!
  8. Oh, I was confused at first with all the posts but now I know what's going on. He messaged me asking me to take the pictures down and then proceeded to link me to his deviantart. I got these pictures from google and none of them were from deviantart, I then proceeded to add my own personal touch with photoshop for event purpose. I was going to remake them at some point whenever I had the time to crack photoshop open because I've been super busy with work this week. So, I'm assuming I'm okay to use them since everyone is saying I can?
  9. Thank you! Is there anything that caused the bug in particular?
  10. I could be wrong about her levels but I don't care as much for that. I did have some decent ranger weapons on her though.
    1. foiexx


      Need a Lame or Excal pls! :)

    2. Malxerz


      Just make a guy do all of the hunting and killing for you, while you blog and watch netflix instead :v

    3. foiexx


      I don't watch Netflix D:

  11. So I haven't really played PSO today, I came online to do some purchases from someone on my main char [Leilanie]. I then switched to my RAmarl to figure out what items I had on her. I used the Dressing Room first to change her hair and color then noticed she was Level 1 when I made a room. Character name: Shameeka Level: 172 Guild Card: 42115839 Slot: 2 Let me know if you need anything else, she had weapons and I think some armor but no mag if I recall. Edit: this was around 6:10ish Eastern today. Eek.
  12. Update: I have figured out which quest I'm using, I've also figured out the rules for it and how things will work. I'm still trying to get some prizes together for the winning team. So bare with me on this, event rules and sign ups should be up in sometime during the week. Thank you everyone for showing interest!
  13. I can see an issue in having 4 people agree on a time. Otherwise, I'd have no problem mixing teams up as I think it could be fun. I just don't want things to get ugly because I know people take this game way too serious sometimes. And I'm already seeing drama come up if this is done. D:
  14. Omg, that would definitely be interesting but you know some people will be salty about not being paired up with friends/teammates.
  15. They will fail if they dual log this? Like, it makes sense to have more people for this. Idk, just a thought.
  16. It doesn't have to be a team event but having good teammates will most likely secure you more points. I think a good team of at least 3 people can absolutely win this if played right. But 4 people definitely increases the odds. I want this to open people up to playing with others because I know a lot of people are incredibly hesitant to play with others thinking that people could ninja their drops and situations like that. As a community we need to become more open to dealing with different/other/new people. Myself included, I see this as a chance of possibly getting to know other people outside my circle of friends and I hope it's the same for other people.
  17. It will NOT be ROCT as I think a lot of people are way familiar with it. I've been playing some other quests over the past couple of days that people don't normally play or talk about, and I find them incredibly fun as a team. I'm simply doing the event for fun but more so encouraging players to try other things than TTF, RT, ROCT. It seems like not a lot of people play other quests. I'm currently discussing 2 different quests with someone who is very experienced around here and I'll be able to make an informed decision on a quest that I think will challenge people, a bit different than just destroy whatever is on their way in a linear path and just have fun. I'm glad people are interested though! If anyone has any item(s) that they'd like to donate for the prize list then message me! I have some prizes ready for the winning team and I definitely am trying to make it so people see an incentive in participating.
  18. Get hyped! I'm currently working out the rules and prizes for it. I think it'll be something fun, most of you know I like to troll about feminism so I figured I'd incorporate that into this event. So find a girlfriend or 3 because you'll need a good team to run this particular quest.
  19. Team Scorecard Example: Official Sign-Ups: 1. HHawk4 - Cake/FOnewearl/200 2. Colorado Wilson - DarkCurs/RAcasseal/200 3. MudkipzJM - GLaDOS/RAcasseal/200 4. Misombre - Imosgid/HUnewearl/200 5. Ardh2005 - Shiranui/RAmarl/192 6. Lemon - Lemon/FOmarl/200
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