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    why you stop trash again, my formarl now online..
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    Ultima Christmas Event 2018 Santa Claus is late because he had a sleigh accident and he is so sorry… But he finally arrived! And with all the children’s promised toys! Unfortunately, he actually lost all of them on Ragol… and the monsters ate them. (That was on purpose but don’t say it!) Santa Claus knows the children of Ultima suffered enough from boss farming during the 10th Anniversary of Ultima, so this year do not rely too much on the old drop tables because… Christmas items will no longer come from bosses! (…Except the Parasitic Gene Flow, but do I really have to write this?) New Year Cards are no longer usable to add stats to weapons. They will have a different use than past year. Indi Belras are back to normal. Drop tables have been totally reworked. Everything can be found on Ultimate. Most can also be found on Very Hard but the rates are better on Ultimate. Remember the Parasitic Gene Flow is not an easy drop so do not expect Olga Flow to drop it in a couple runs. Here is Santa Claus’ loooong present list: Asteron Belt (ep 4) Chameleon Scythe (ep 4) Crazy Tune (ep 2) Daisy Chain (ep 4) Galatine (ep 4) Girasole (ep 2) Harisen Battle Fan (ep 1) Murasame (ep 1) Sonic Knuckle (ep 2) Soul Eater (ep 4) Toy Hammer (ep 2) L&K38 Combat (ep 1) Phonon Maser (ep 2) Rambling May (ep 1) Tension Blaster (ep 2) Broom (ep 1) Earth Wand Brownie (ep 1) Game Magazine (ep 1) Kunai (ep 1) Syringe (ep 1) Valkyrie (ep 4) Kroe’s Sweater (ep 1) DF Shield (ep 1) Honeycomb Reflector (ep 1) Foie Merge (ep 2) Barta Merge (ep 2) Zonde Merge (ep 2) Gifoie Merge (ep 2) Gibarta Merge (ep 2) Gizonde Merge (ep 2) Rafoie Merge (ep 2) Rabarta Merge (ep 2) Razonde Merge (ep 2) Red Merge (ep 1) Blue Merge (ep 1) Yellow Merge (ep 1) Green Ring (ep 4) Blue Ring (ep 4) Yellow Ring (ep 4) Amitie’s Memo (ep 2) Heart of Morolian (ep 1,2) Tablet (ep 1) New Year’s Card (ep 1,4) Parasitic Gene "Flow" (ep 2) Saint Rappies will drop Christmas Presents (If you see a Love Rappy, please let a GM know because they are not welcome here!) in which you can find many mag cells like the pretty Ashura cell that makes Elenor, and Noob… HEART CONTAINER!! Yeah, I said Heart Container Use Parasitic Gene Flow to make one of those famous weapons Dark Meteor Dark Bridge Dark Flow This event will conclude a year of joy and happiness on Ultima… but is also going to start a fresh new one and hopefully even better!!! Happy Hunting and Merry Christmas Everybody! Thanks to @FALC0N for the banner, you are really helpful!
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    First can I say for myself and the community that not a single person likes, is impressed by, or wants to see the trash you put in your signature. Second, this isnt Destiny server; let's stop comparing crisp apples to rotten oranges.
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    Looks like I'll be the one doing it this time. Post here your event items findings and it will be added to this list. I need the following information: Item Name, Enemy, Room ID, Episode (area isn't needed unless you are 100% sure of which enemy dropped it) and Difficult. You can find most of the room information through /roominfo command. Use Ctrl+F to find the desired item information. If you can't find information (???), that means the item wasn't found yet or it doesn't drop on this event. Quoting from R-78: Swords Asteron Belt Del Rappy - Episode IV - Ultimate - Whitill Chameleon Scythe Astark - Episode IV - Ultimate - Purplenum Redria Crazy Tune Sinow Zoa - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Purplenum Daisy Chain Astark - Episode IV - Ultimate - Greenill Galatine Merissa AA - Episode IV - Ultimate - Bluefull Whitill Girasole Gran Sorcerer - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Yellowboze Harisen Battle Fan Mil Lily - Episode I - Ultimate - Skyly Murasame Pouilly Slime - Episode I - Ultimate - Skyly Purplenum Sonic Knuckle Sinow Zoa - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Redria Whitill Soul Eater Del Rappy - Episode IV - Very Hard - Whitill Toy Hammer Recon - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Greenill Skyly Purplenum Guns L&K38 Combat Baranz - Episode I - Ultimate - Bluefull Skyly Phonon Maser Recon - Episode II - Ultimate - Oran Redria Whitill Yellowboze Rambling May Canadine - Episode I - Very Hard - Whitill Canabin - Episode I - Ultimate - Bluefull Purplenum Redria Skyly Viridia Whitill Tension Blaster Epsilon - Episode II - Ultimate - Greenill Skyly Canes Broom Gran Sorcerer - Episode I - Ultimate - Purplenum Earth Wand Brownie Gran Sorcerer - Episode I - Ultimate - Greenill Viridia Chaos Sorcerer - Episode I - Very Hard - Purplenum Game Magazine Pal Rappy - Episode I - Ultimate - Oran Whitill Kunai Mil Lily - Episode I - Ultimate - Greenill Syringe Pouilly Slime - Episode I - Ultimate - Whitill Valkyrie Pazuzu - Episode IV - Ultimate - Greenill Armors Kroe’s Sweater Hildetorr - Episode I - Ultimate - Skyly Whitill Oran Shields DF Shield Sinow Red - Episode I - Ultimate - Bluefull Honeycomb Reflector Dark Bringer - Episode I - Ultimate - Bluefull Greenill Skyly Purplenum Whitill Foie Merge Mericarol - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Barta Merge Merikle - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Zonde Merge Mericus - Episode II - Ultimate - ??? Gifoie Merge Mericarol - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Purplenum Gibarta Merge Merikle - Episode II - Ultimate - Yellowboze Gizonde Merge Mericus - Episode II - Ultimate - Pinkal Rafoie Merge Mericarol - Episode II - Ultimate - Yellowboze Rabarta Merge Merikle - Episode II - Ultimate - ??? Razonde Merge Mericus - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Bluefull Red Merge Evil Shark - Episode I - Very Hard - Yellowboze Whitill Vulmer - Episode I - Ultimate - Greenill Purplenum Whitill Blue Merge Pal Shark - Episode I - Very Hard - Purplenum Whitill Govulmer - Episode I - Ultimate - Purplenum Redria Yellow Merge Guil Shark - Episode I - Very Hard - Yellowboze Melqueek - Episode I - Ultimate - Skyly Purplenum Green Ring Goran Detonator - Episode IV - Ultimate - ??? Blue Ring Goran - Episode IV - Ultimate - Greenill Redria Whitill Yellow Ring Pyro Goran - Episode IV - Ultimate - Greenill Mag Cells Amitie’s Memo Claw - Episode I - Ultimate - Whitill Yellowboze Gee - Episode II - Ultimate - Greenill Skyly Viridia Heart of Morolian Gee - Episode II - Ultimate - Pinkal Purplenum Redria Whitill Yellowboze Tablet Claw - Episode I - Ultimate - Bluefull Purplenum Redria Unique New Year’s Card Del-D - Episode I - Ultimate - Bluefull Greenill Purplenum Skyly Whitill Yellowboze Girtablulu - Episode IV - Ultimate - Redria Parasitic Gene "Flow" Olga Flow - Episode II - Ultimate - (All ID's can drop) - Bluefull Greenill Oran Pinkal Purplenum Redria Skyly Viridia Whitill Yellowboze Olga Flow - Episode II - Very Hard - (All ID's can drop) - Bluefull Greenill Oran Pinkal Purplenum Redria Skyly Viridia Whitill Yellowboze Christmas Presents St. Rappy - Episode II - Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Ultimate - (All ID's can drop) - Bluefull Greenill Oran Pinkal Purplenum Redria Skyly Viridia Whitill Yellowboze Regular Drops EPISODE I Diska of Braveman - Mothvert - Episode I - Ultimate - Whitill Flowen's Sword (3079) - El Rappy - Episode I - Ultimate - Whitill Guilty Ligth - Barble - Episode I - Ultimate - Whitill Yamato - Gulgus - Episode I - Ultimate - Whitill Magic Stone "Iritista" - Hildetorr - Episode I - Ultimate - Redria DF Field - Bulclaw - Episode I - Ultimate - Purplenum Morning Glory - Delsaber - Episode I - Ultimate - Bluefull DB's Saber (3069 Chris) - Arlan - Episode I - Ultimate - Bluefull Spread Needle - Merlan - Episode I - Ultimate - Yellowboze Red Scorpio - Merlan - Episode I - Ultimate - Bluefull Belra's Right Arm - Indi Belra - Episode I - Ultimate - Yellowboze Bringer's Right Arm - Dark Bringer - Episode I - Ultimate - Yellowboze EPISODE II DB's Saber (3067) - Crimson Assassin - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Flowen Sword (3060) - Hildelt - Episode II - Ultimate - Greenill Ancient Saber - Hildelt - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Windmill - Hildetorr - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Agito (1983) - Hildetorr - Episode II - Ultimate - Greenill God/Power - Hildetorr - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Magic Rock 'moola' - Indi Belra - Episode II - Ultimate - Greenill Justy-23ST - Indi Belra - Episode II - Ultimate - Yellowboze Flowen's Sword (3084) - Ob Lily - Episode II - Ultimate - Yellowboze Secure Feet - Mil Lily - Episode II - Ultimate - Yellowboze Custom Barrier ver.OO - Mil Lily - Episode II - Ultimate - Greenill Regenerate Gear - Mil Lily - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Windmill - Mil Lily - Episode II - Ultimate - Pinkal Victor Axe - Mil Lily - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Cross Scar - Gilchich - Episode II - Ultimate - Greenill Dragon Slayer - Gilchich - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Gae Bolg - Gilchich - Episode II - Ultimate - Yellowboze Chain Sawd - Dubchic - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Parts of Egg Blaster - Baranz - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Fatsia - Meriltas - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Partisan of Lightning - Gibbles - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Hitogata - Del Lily - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Plantain Leaf - Gi Gue - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Soul Banish - Delbiter - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Madam's Umbrella - Delbiter - Episode II - Ultimate - Yellowboze Standstill Shield - Dolmdarl - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly Yasminkov 2000H - Morfos - Episode II - Ultimate - Yellowboze Zanba - Sinow Zoa - Episode II - Ultimate - Yellowboze Cladding of Epsilon - Epsilon - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Yellowboze Wedding Dress - Epsilon - Episode II - Ultimate - Pinkal L&K14 Combat - Barba Ray - Episode II - Ultimate - Purplenum Gae Bolg - Barba Ray - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Twin Brand - Barba Ray - Episode II - Ultimate - Viridia Maser Beam - Gol Dragon - Episode II - Ultimate - Purplenum Asuka - Gol Dragon - Episode II - Ultimate - Whitill Dragon Slayer - Gol Dragon - Episode II - Ultimate - Yellowboze Gal Gryphon's Wing - Gal Gryphon - Episode II - Ultimate - Bluefull Gal Gryphon's Wing - Gal Gryphon - Episode II - Ultimate - Purplenum God Hand - Gal Gryphon - Episode II - Ultimate - Skyly EPISODE IV Cannon Rouge - Dorphon Eclair - Episode IV - Ultimate - Greenill Tempest Cloak - Dorphon Eclair - Episode IV - Ultimate - Redria
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    Okay, so, I feel a little bad about just disliking and carrying on, so I'm going to pick this post apart a little. Do you have data for this? Unless you've seen and logged every PGF drop, this can't be verified, which spreads misinformation. We've had confirmed drops from (I think) every ID - but results will be skewed by what the more popular IDs are. I'd hazard a guess that Pinkals have gotten less PGF this event, simply because there's less of them to begin with. Saying Pinkal drop chance is lower would be wrong. Apart from anything, having the drop rate be higher or lower on one ID would be a monumentally dumb decision, because if it was ever found out, the community would be livid that they'd wasted their time on characters with a lower drop chance without even knowing. I mean, I'll admit there are a number of things we don't know about the PSO code, but it's relatively easy to extrapolate what some parts might or might not do. Even with just the basic stuff I've looked at in terms of drops suggests that it's literally just a drop chance. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here. I don't think there's much about a 20 year old game that people would think to be unbelievable, considering the games we have nowadays. As for the second part, are you suggesting that server is sentient in that it decides who gets drops, or that we're psychic and can influence drops by wanting it really hard? I'm... not going to go into that. Ignoring the somewhat obnoxious wording of the first sentence, I can't imagine that people have hidden a "secret way of getting item drops" into the game. Apart from it being stupidly complex for any game, so many people have tinkered with the game over the years that it'd have come to light. Even entertaining the notion that doing specific things gets you a higher drop chance, how would the mods and admins here code that? Congrats on the epiphany, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Did you ever watch Avatar: The Last Airbender? There's an episode in there with a fortune teller, who tells one dude he'll meet the love of his life when he's wearing red shoes. So he always wears red shoes. And, surprise surprise, he meets his love when he's wearing red shoes. In Pokemon, people used to say that holding Down + B when catching Pokemon would increase the capture rate. It didn't, but people captured Pokemon whilst holding it down. Correlation does not equal causation. You're basing this on an incredibly small sample size. We'd be starting on the basis of one drop (yours) and the word of your friend, who... well, I'm not giving that any credibility. How do we test it? Even if you got more drops using red weapons, there's no way to have a control group to compare results to. There's no way to get a sample size big enough to produce accurate results. We'd need tens of thousands of runs. All in all, I can safely say that the drop rate is highly unlikely to be influenced by weapon type, run time, class, time on the server, age of character, how many backflips your character did in the Olga fight, or anything else.
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    Lots of enhancements to the gameplay such as: - ability to use Microsoft IME keyboard (allows usage of japanese letters) - several interesting commands for those who like taking pretty screenshots or enjoy aestethics like /cam command (lets you control camera), /hud (hides player hud), /npc (changes character costume), etc. - ability to reset challenge mode data (so you don't have to make an exclusive challenge mode character) - ability to change character names and ID each few months - interchangeable drop style (shared drops or PSO2 drop style) - ability to use vanilla experience rates if you think 3x/5x rates are too high. - ability to find players by guildcard number, ability to ignore them (so you won't see their messages) - ability to change lobbyevents to your preffered one (doesn't affect seasonal server events of course) - several commands and an exclusive item shop quest (Lemon's Shop) to help mag feeding proccess. - easy Photon Sphere (PS) to Photon Drop (PD) conversion through Lemon's Shop and vice-versa (Galoon's Shop) - easy creation of teams, with unlocked features by default (there is no Team Points system) - several commands to help players keeping track of material usage, as well as commands to reset material usage incase you messed it - ability to set room name and password on the fly - ability to change background music (BGM) and sound effects (SFX) on the fly (afaik this is the only server where you can change volume without closing client beforehand or lobbying) - ability to use hotkeys for specific commands, such as /cam (CTRl+C), /hud (CTRL+H), /map (CTRL+M), etc. (as you long as you activate Custom Hotkeys options on Launcher) - ability to see a bigger map on screen by using /map command or CTRL+M - ability to see item drops as printed dots on map, as well as being able to customize colors and which items will be shown - several other exclusive commands listed here: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/commands/ - PSO2 rare drop chime for rare items, as well as being able to customize dot colors and which items will play the SFX - ability to use Lua UI enhancement plugins (https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/psobb-addon-plugin-lua-ui-addons.4543/) - ability to see character banks through Character Viewer (https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/character-viewer/) - ability to see monster health points (HP) without using additional tools. - ability to lock rares from being sold accidentally to the shop - government quests are unlocked on all difficults simultaneously as you progress through them - Central Control Area (CCA) gate remains open after you activate all three switches (unlocked per difficult) - several exclusive new quests and translated quests (the few remaining untranslated ones will be available after server upgrade iirc) - client features HD resolutions, as well as being able to customize game resolution - allows usage of high resolution HUDs - allows usage of virtual full screen - happy hours system, which boost rare drops by 3x - rare enemies boost system (green colored names) which increases the appearance of rare mobs - seasonal 5x experience rates - buffed Ultimate mode as well as buffed seasonal mobs - allows usage of custom textures and models for mags, weapons and shields, without having to update ItemModelEp4.afs and ItemTextureEp4.afs files everytime a server update is available, which would normally overwrite your changes/setings - lots of enhancements regarding balancing classes that were considered weaker and undesired by most players. You can find Ultima's exclusive items here: You can also find informations about every item through Wiki: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/ - buffed max stats, each class have +100 ATP, +100 DFP, +100 MST, +10 ATA and +30 EVP compared to vanilla PSO. You can find max stats guide for Ultima server here: And you can build your own max stat plan using this calculator: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/ *those enhancements in pink are only available on Ultima afaik. *only available for Ultima and Ephinea servers In my opinion, the friendly community, GM's and all of those quality of life improvements on gameplay is what gives Ultima a much better experience than other severs.
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    I don't know what you were expecting from it. Heart Container gives 150 HP, which is 25 more than Centurion/HP (hence the best HP unit so far as Lemon said). That is specifically useful to withstand strong attacks like Vol Opt balls if you are soloing TTF with a weak class, Dark Falz slash if you are still low level and under 1090, Shambertin laser etc. At the beginning Noob/HP was never meant to be useful, it was supposed to decrease your HP but was glitched so you could increase your stats instead and not even use an armor slot for it. Basically was like cheating. Now it may not be as broken/OP as Noob/HP was but it still is useful, so I don't see where the lie is.
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    Im a hucast main as much as id like to see hucast using a multihitting AF or FF i think that'd be a little bit too broken even if the atp is like 100 or so. Maybe if he couldnt use them, like with macho blades, then they'd be nice for other HUs as they dont have his ridiculously high atp. As for ultima bringers i definitively agree that i was disappointed with it as i expected it to actually pierce but instead its literally the same weapon on RAs and Foney but its harder to find and also harder to add hit to. I agree that the droprates on these weapons is a bit too high considering what they actually are. I mean if they were what we thought they were then that droprate would be completely understandable but for a wep thats outclassed by non-rare weps...well i don't know man....but then again droprates for events keep getting harder each year so im not the least surprised about it.
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    This coming from the guy who wants unlocked CR on human rangers. These 'elitests' have probably been playing on the server for years and know the difference between actually good and stupid OP. I'd rather the server contain some semblance of balance.
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    Switching the actual shop requires a huge amount of manual labor (there are something stupid like 4 million permutations that would have to be edited by hand). It was discussed and concluded that since Soly is working on new server software, it will be a feature in that when it is released (where it'll be easier to implement and maintain). However, in the meantime, there is an Episode 2 solo mode quest called Lemon's Shop that sells all mag consumables all the time.
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    Lol, nah... is just that there is no other answer, sadly. Even worse with the fact that the project is in some sort of hiatus atm. Whenever I get back to it, news about it should come back in the dev topic whatever I had.
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    Yeah she has a disability cut her a break They probably didn’t know though
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    Several Lost Babies later here it goes!
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    dude why is that Ultima Veteran being so negative towards your creative efforts? Good job, man. It's cool to see someone engage this old game through modern channels. PSO is my all time favorite game and I am inspired by what you're doing. Keep it up! btw I love the Space Ghost C2C reference
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    My drew last oct. i idea add drew couple months.
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    Every year the same thing, you wait for the Christmas event to catch PGF and the olga from the babies last year was 5 Lost Babies and this year just started the event and the same already gave me 1 Lost Baby. I will continue to hunt the PGF but I think that because it is a very difficult item to get it should not be dropping babies in olga because it discourages everyone knows how it takes a RT or even a seabred and when it arrives in the boss what if it obtains is a Lost Baby ...
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    I would like to announce that several changes were made to the Max Stats Guide: HUmar (all plans), RAmar (No Units) - now plans achieves true max ATA, instead of relyng on yellow status numbers (which rounds low the current ATA and compared to the rounded max ATA), leading to a difference of up to 0.5 ATA below from true max; RAcaseal (single) Centurion Ability Plan - it was completely wrong, full of mistakes, now it is calculated propperly; Force Plans - Added more iterations allowing players to choose a max stats plan suited for their preffered playstyle; General: - Replaced non-PPP plans for more efficient plans. Old non-PPP plans are now present as calculator links; - Added calculator links for every plan, including iterations and the non listed non-PPP plans; - Removed orgodemir's Max Stat Calculator link (http://www.sandrenyl.com/pso/maxstatcalc.html) since it is no longer available and misses recent added units/armors/mags; - Updated ways to get Ultima's Engine! mag cell; - Improved grammar; I may add iterations for Alis' Resolve and Neutron Skin if I come up with good ideas and if people believe they worth having a specific place on our guide. Hope you guys enjoy the changes! Now it feels even more complete than before. I would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this guide If you find any mistakes and suggestions, don't be afraid to post here/PM me.
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    It's called an opinion, not being an elitist. An opinion it's not an absolute truth and doesn't make you an elitist. Some may agree others don't and there is nothing wrong of having different opinions and be free to express ourselves our personal point of view. If having a different opinion than yours makes someone elitist, well boy you are the only person in this world that is not elitist, because i don't see anyone agreeing with any of your point of views. Also Destiny and Ultima are different and offer you different ways of enjoying the game. Ultima doesn't have to be equal to Destiny and vice versa.
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    The rules were not clear cut enough in this tbh. Sure Rule 6 but if you look at the videos of rule 6 online, suicide is a preferred strat, keeping the gate closed is a preferred strat. I took a chance on my battle and lost. I suicided in order to try and get over to my opponents gate as I knew 2 minutes in it was going to be a turtle (I had planned for this). It was and I sacrificed my round because of it (although if it worked it would of been awesome I gambled and lost). I guess the point is Battle Mode is easily exploited, a win should of at least required a certain amount of point spread. I lost with zero kills against me and 8 minutes of waiting for a loss but I took the loss and never disconnected although I could of jumped thru my computer with anger. NPC skins should of been illegal but as with everything else it was not clearly defined as such none of this can be held against anyone.
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    i asked if you were free for our semi final battle. stop looking for attention, Starlord already said he lost. What does it matter if you know me or not?
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    You aren't playing this on a console gc/xbox or something like that. You aren't going to be able to manipulate RNG that way. Back on those you mightve been able to do 'some' stuff (e.g. in cmode, record attack hits/miss and restart cmode and change what attack orders you do to get all hits), but you aren't really going to be able to do anything special as soly explained. The real way to get PGF to drop is that you have to not just use red handgun, but ALL the red weapons in the correct order to spell out flowen's name, and then 360 no-scope him with flowen's sword to get him to remember who he is and drop the pgf.
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    So I got bored at work and did some research. Tethealla uses the Mersenne Twist algorithm to generate random numbers. Taken directly from the source code: 10153: rare_roll = mt_lrand(); 10155: if ( ( ( rare_lookup & 0xFF ) != 0 ) && ( ( rare_roll < rare_rate ) || ( l->redbox ) ) ) This means that even if you wanted to manipulate memory to get a better chance at a drop, you'd have to manipulate the memory on the remote server, at which point it'd probably simply be easier to just insert the item into your inventory in the database.
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    respective tomorrow- 2p no PB @Shoutgu - Hucast @Starlord- Ramarl Like @Saber +7 so eloquently put it on a post above, this should not be very hard to beat Submit your times please
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    I believe as well. I also believe some people don't read xD And since we are talking about this, here is some useful information... Olga Flow can also drop Parasitic Gene Flow on Very hard, all IDs!
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    The fact that conglomerate beings can congregate amongst each other is absolutely stunning. no other server really has this, or even the potential to be as profound or interrogative at that matter.
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    Here are the Ultima items and what event they fall under
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    ill warn snipe lets cut this here thanks and respect heather and other users
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    ill talk to him on game thanks for the report
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    What HOD2 would look like if all enemies had to spawn at the same time
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    Maybe he just enjoys what he does? I mean his Twitter account doesn't even have 30 followers, and the other sources are not necessarily in English. Seems to me (and this is just my opinion): What seems more unnecessary than him creating something from his heart would be someone else telling him not to. Are you threatened by the appearance of a new Phantasy Online news source? What business is it of yours? Besides, isn't "wasting time" kind of the whole point of videogames? But hey that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.
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    Yes. I underlined where the mistakes are. Incorrect monster. Location is correct but both section ID and monster are incorrect. I will say it again, this was wrong. Incorrect, that's Amitie’s Memo, as @gabriel123 said. Did you type /roominfo to check ID? Maybe someone in your room dropped it. This is not the drop on Ultimate for that section. Just a reminder: if you are looking for a specific item and don't know where to search, you can check in which episode it drops in the main event topic. Also, as it was in the introduction, PGF is the only boss event drop so do not bother checking other boss drops, there is none.
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    Ehhhhh boss, I see that you don't like that pd, can I hab it pls?
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    This is a guide with a compilation of plans used for reaching Max Stats on your characters. The goal is to achieve max stats in certain attributes. These stats are divided into: ATP (Attack Points) DFP (Defense Points) MST (Mind Strength) ATA (Attack Accuracy) EVP (Evade Points) LCK (Luck/Critical Boost) In Ultima server every class have increased Max Stats Boost compared to vanilla PSO, that means old max stats plans made for vanilla PSO wouldn't work on this server, since there would be an huge gap using old plans. Ultima Boost: +100 ATP, +100 DFP, +100 MST, +10 ATA and +30 EVP boost for every class. That being said, there's a possibility you won't be able to max everything from certain classes (and it's not really needed to max all stats) due to material slot limitation. It is standardized to max ATP, ATA, LUCK (to achieve maximum accuraccy and raw melee attack power) as a priority for melee based classes, and/or MST, for nuking and force classes respectively, and lastly EVP and DEF when necessary and possible. Generally DEF and EVP aren't very important stats, so these stats can be ignored in most cases as armor and barriers will take care of protecting your character. EVP is interesting for increasing the damage output of certain Photon Blasts like Estlla (final damage output also counts the Synchro and IQ percentage, that means 120% Sync and 200 IQ is needed for maximum damage/buff/heal). DEF is important to decrease the final damage you are getting, discounting Deband and Jellen level, very useful for players that uses sacrificial weapons like Excalibur, Heaven Striker and Dark Flow. There are some classes can only have maxed stats by using special custom mags (obtainable via Donation, Mini-Events or using a Console/Ashura Mag Cell) that can reach stats normally not obtainable with standard feeding charts. Otherwise, you will need a PPP Mag (a 0 DEF mag that is a reward players get from completing Power Plant Plight - Episode II quest), useful for having replacing 5 DEF points with more important stats. If you use a Console/Ashura Mag Cell/Ultima's Engine! Mag Cell on a PPP/Default mag that doesn't have PB's, you won't be able to add PB's anymore to the said mag, as it will not evolve anymore. Kit of Mark 3 (refer to this website to understand how console mag works) Ashura Mag Cell is obtainable as a random item from Easter Eggs and Christmas Presents Ultima's Engine! is obtainable on Anniversary Event as a drop from specified bosses You can find details of all armor/units/mags/shields used for these plans here: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/ You can build your own plan using Ultima's official calculator: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/ There are multiples builds for each character, depending on your preference. Generally it is more efficient to choose for plans that requires less Units, so you can use other interesting units that may improve your gameplay (Centurion/Battle, V801, V502, Smartlink, PB/Increase, Centurion/Resist etc.) Credits Fyrewolf5 - for collaborating with an huge ammount of max stats plans, sharing his PSO knowledge and contributing for the creation of this guide Soly - for developing Ultima's Max Stats Calculator R-78 - for collaborating with several plans available on this guide TripleR - for making '0 DEF and HUcast' C/Arms PPP mag feeding guides yanvbraz (a.k.a. Noob Saibot) - .... Honorable mentions Cyane, Lemon, Rodrigo Chacon, Night orgodemirk - for making the very first max stats calculator Misombre - for hosting orgodemirk's max stats calculator
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    Since the anniversary event is close to being done and I'm not going to be online for when the next event starts, I'm asking to close this thread. Thanks for everyone's support for the drop table and the constructive discussions. I'd also like to wish everyone happy holidays.
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    Was a great fight, never fought a cast before, that was fun Hope you feel better soon @Lucapy
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    I am just curious, why were you using a character skin in a battle tournament? Not saying that was on purpose, but anyone could be fooled using that skin. If I were @Starlord, I would not even join the game room without knowing which character I would be battling against. It may be too late tho...
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