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    This rose is almost as stronk as my love for @jezbuz
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    Maximum attack U: Ruins - Solo No PB - 5:23 - Aldrion (Hucast)
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    becoming GM dats the way Xd
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    Event has officially ended. Thank you @Larva Thanks to @Amaranthine and all the player drop table contributors as well for the good work
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    Seems like every 10 years I come back to this game. Started in 2000 on DC. Put months into the game before I stopped. Came back 10 years later on Schthack servers. Had a great run but decided to call it quits. And now I'm back again. Day 4 of playing. Already got 4 characters going and excited to hunt alongside all of you. With social distancing/stay home in effect, this game seems like a perfect relief to a stressful day.
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    If you think you can survive a Dorphin Eclair on ultimate in EP4,(or possibly with help, i.e. 3 other players) you can get your hands on a Cannon Rouge, arguably the strongest AOE launcher a RA can get year around. The Spread Needle, Frozen Shooter and Panzer Faust are all great staple weapons to try to acquire as well in the short term, acquire those with haste. Make every effort to try to get your hands on either some Baranz Parts or a Baranz Launcher in the long-term. Mille Marteaux is another weapon, some nice mechs with divine punishment that will come in handy in certain situations is also something you want to work on long-term. Also, while the Valentine's event is active, a photon booster will be great for the Panzer Faust to upgrade it to Iron Faust. Hope this helps, good luck!
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    Ahhh, my apologies friends and team mates for my recent absence... I've made a serious error (found DQ Builders 2 on sale on Steam) and been sucked into the world of Torland... There's no telling when I'll return. Holy crapsicles is this game addictive, Minecraft eat your heart out.
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    What's up everyone? :") I have a request for music in lobby!! A few years ago, this song was in the lobby, could I put it back on? It's a very good song for the lobby, if anyone else likes the idea, please leave a like in this post to be added again! You can also comment on other songs to keep in mind.
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    Maximum attack 4th Stage C - Solo No PB - 13:00 - Insetick (Racast)
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    Just wanted to wish everyone well during these hectic times across the world.
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    Photon drops can be used to buy items from other players or to add %'s that are not hit to your weapons in gallon's hunt via paganini. You have to unlock this ability by helping paganini on the east tower and west tower missions on ep2. Thus can be done on any difficulty. Also, a good shotgun is baranz launcher. Some ids including greenill get it from ultimate ep1 baranz. If you want to hunt it but cannot handle ultimate, you can unlock the 1 player missions on normal difficulty until you get soul of steel unlocked. The 1st enemy is a solo baranz on ultimate. You can kill him over and over with the right id to get the parts of baranz. Then you can convert it by talking to dr. Montague in doctor osto's research or unsealed door. You can add up to 50 hit with photon crystals on Claire's deal on ep4 once you have unlocked government mission 9-8. Make sure to talk to dr. Montague and elenor when you see them.
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    Keep your eyes open sometimes during events they'll ask you to he community to help design if adding stuff.... Hey if you know blender awesome but you can make skins for this game with pain.net then I used (forgot the name) to save and convert to the file type this game requires theirs info around on how. I asked about making new "levels" 3 Ish years ago long story short no, but you can make quests. And people have remodeled tons of this game theirs packs around also.
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    B> Psycho Black Crystal
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    Dem moves boiiiiiiiiii, you never told me about that! Straight 🔥
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    That all sounds like stuff only a Dark Flow using HUcast would dislike. Good thing you main FOmarl the best class! However this "-attacking the same enemies as others in the party" I can confirm it sucks big time when 50 damage over takes your 4-5K leaving you open to get squished.
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    Hi Auroreon! There are some class balance changes, mainly: 1) Ultima Boost: +100 ATP, +100 DFP, +100 MST, +10 ATA and +30 EVP MAX stat boost for every class. This slightly impacts how each class can be maxed out with their stats (or cannot be maxed out, for that matter), although it isn't a huge deal if you just want to play and enjoy the game. 2) Class weapon changes Ultima has quite a few new items. There are several weapon types that all classes can use in ultima which were restricted to certain classes in the original game. You may see forces running around with bazookas, twin swords, rifles, etc., hunters with launchers, rifles, or shots, etc. These weapons drastically change the gameplay for some classes, especially for melee forces and to a lesser degree, hunters and rangers. There are also some new weapons that are very strong and are either class-specific or sex-specific, so some male hunters and rangers can have a leg-up in some areas over females with items like Psycho Ravens, while females may have more alternatives for strong gear (Sue's coat, Kroe's sweater, safety heart/sweetheart items, etc). Forces also have more access to strong weapons, so playstyles like melee force are much more viable on this server. Weapons without a special (like most of the rianov rifles, yasminkov series weapons and several other weapons) can have a special put on them if you pay 10 donation tickets to a GM, so some classes that can utilize these weapons receive a buff (demon/charge yasminkov 9000s, for example, can help rangers tear through certain high hp/DFP monsters) 3) Monster stat buffs (mostly on Ultimate difficulty and especially in Episode II) The main stats (in my opinion) that effect class balance the most are the increased monster elemental resistances and EVP. Because of these enemy boosts, forces have a very difficult time using techniques as a means to kill enemies on Episode I & II in ultimate, but they still do a good job with nuking on Episode IV. Also, classes with a low max ATA like Fomar and Hucast need a good bit of hit% on their weapons in order to hit monsters reliably. Even with really high hit weapons and max ATA, Fomar can still miss a good amount in Episode II. As a result, classes with naturally high ATA are a little bit easier to play and tend to have smoother gameplay on ultimate difficulty (in my opinion). Also, nuking techs on non-force characters are pretty obsolete if you want to use them for damage on higher difficulties, except for a couple niche purposes. There have not been any major class rebalances (like drastically changing the stat proportions of a specific class) as far as I know, so generally each class holds a similar position in relative strength that it did in the original PSO. Hucasts still hit like trucks, Ramarl is still a great solo class, etc. I'd also say that traps are more useful on ultima because some of the endgame quests have very high monster density, so crowd control options like freeze traps become even more useful (although they were VERY useful in original PSO as well). While some classes might be a bit stronger than others, every class is still good enough to get the job done, so you should pick the class that looks the best and has the type of gameplay you prefer! Fomar has always been my favorite class, and their gameplay is really fun in Ultima. I'd suggest saving 5-10pds and buying a Godric's Cloak off of another player when you get the chance. It's an armor specific only to Fomar and its easily one of the top two best armors for the class; it will literally carry you all the way to lvl 200. Once you get Godrics, I'd probably invest in a cheap Lindcray, Rico's Parasol, Banana cannon, and Lame d'argent/Hundred souls as well as a Heavenly/battle and an ADEPT. If you can afford it, I'd also consider looking into getting a Hylian shield when you have the opportunity. I'd also farm some Ep. IV on normal/hard difficulty to get some Photon Crystals, which you can use to play the Black Papers Deal 2 quest to get a Smartlink, which will help your accuracy with ranged weapons significantly. I would also spend some time playing the Ep. IV solo quest "Restless Lion" to get some starter weapons with good specials (demons, hell, charge, etc) and high percentages and hit. The weapons that you take from the dead bodies of the enemy hunters have a very high chance to have percentages and hit, and they always have the best type of specials of their respective category (Blizzard, demons, hell, etc) Forces in general have the ability to automatically be worth taking in a party simply because a high level shifta, deband, jellen, and zalure drastically improves the safety and damage output of a team, so you'll always be an asset to your group, even if your gear isn't very good. Jellen/Zalure are also great ways to "tag" monsters so that you receive a lot of experience in teamplay. That being said, because of Fomar's low ATA and the force playstyle in general, you're going to have a lot of work ahead of you to get those really good items which make the class feel powerful in its own right.
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    Hi Restricted, If I'm on, I'd love to hunt with you, whether it be through a quest or just farming vanilla stages. I'll also gladly bank my best weps/gear so we can feel the struggle if you'd like that. Some of the most fun I've ever had in MMOs was when I constantly wiped to bosses or monsters with my friends, and I don't believe that being the "strongest" or "most efficient" always translates to having the most fun. I fell in love with PSO on GC by running through vanilla stages with my siblings (without quests), and you're absolutely right that this game has WAY more to offer other than RT/CCA/TTF. I feel like the massive XP quests are useful when you want your first lvl. 200 and just want to be able to access the endgame quests or play with really good players. But the way I see it, this server already rewards boosted XP and you can only hit lvl. 200 once on a character, so you should enjoy that journey how you see fit--whether that be hunting a specific drop, exploring different areas, or trying out new quests. I've actually kinda started to stray away from RT/CCA/TTF unless I'm running it for newer players on lower difficulties because I feel like leveling up is a big part of the game, and being powerleveled kind of takes that aspect of the game away from me. Hit me up if you ever see me online, and we can hunt together!
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    Thank you all so much for your support guys. I'm glad you feel the same- to tell the truth I was a little afraid that I was gonna get ostracized for not wanting to TTF/RT all the time. In fact, I think I might have found my answer to this issue. Had a great Vanilla group yesterday on EP2. I just called the room "Hunting" and we all just ran at the Vanilla experience of Episode 2. The OST in EP2 is so bombastically well done that I think I, in a bit of a guilty conscience, may enjoy it a bit more than EP1. However, I've done EP1 like a bajillion times. Maybe the key to finding a good group is just doing whatever the heck you want and naming it something cool so people will come in.
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    You played PSO on... N i n t e n d o 6 4? ( °_ʖ °) [As In, not In the Gamecube? :o)
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    Not a bad idea at all. I posted this link for them to pick one of those or several, there are some good options
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    Ep 1 Merlans (Purple guys in ruins) drop spread needle on ultimate. That's a staple item for a ranger. Ep 1 Hildetorr on ultimate (rare appearance of Hildelt) drops Frozen shooter. That's also a staple of a ranger. Ep 2 Baranz on ult drop panzer faust (cast only). Great for AOE after upgrade. Tbh, I think purple is a better ranger ID since you find range weapons almost everywhere, but if you want to look it up and down -------> https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/&type=1 You can familiarize yourself with some weapons, where they drop, from who, etc. You can always ask for pointers on good weapons on shoutbox
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    If I respond here do I have a chance to win an iPod? also, those items still have effect. v101 has same effect as H/Battle. They just aren't that significant to notice maybe? Try a c/battle to compare I suppose.
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    with Noesis, i can open and see untextured 3D models of everything in the game. then you click on "file" in Noesis menu and select "Export". then you will be presented with a window. source file: 😄 \Users\User\ ( main file location)\(pso bb)\Character or enemies model\name of the character file character files, npc files and model files are encoded with .nj output type Destination file: where it's gonna go Main output type: important. when you have this menu, choose the output type that you can work with. ex: blender can work with: .fbx - FBX .dae Collada .abc - alembic .3ds - 3D studio .bvh - Motion Capture .ply - Standford .obj - Wavefront .stl - Stl .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics .x3d\wrl X3D extensible 3D with output the output menu can do: .dae - Collada .fbx - Autodesk FBX .glm - GHOUL2 Model .gltf - glTF Model .iqm - Inter Quake Model .kvx - KVX Voxel Model .md2 - Quake II MD2 .md3 - Quake III MD3 .md5mesh - md5mesh (Doom 3, Prey, ect) .mdl - Quake MDL .mdr - EF/Raven MDR .obj - WaveFront OBJ .ply - Standford PLY .ply2 - PLY2 Model .psk - Unreal ActorX Model .rdm - RDM (model) .smd - Valve SMD .stl - Stanford Tessellation Language Model .vox - VOX Voxel Model Additional texture output: Default .anm - DeluxePaint Animation .astc - ASTC Image .bmp - BMP Image .crn - Crunch Texture .dcm - MRI - DICOM .dds - DDS Image .gif - GIF Image .hdr - Radiance HDR .ico - Icon Image .j2k - JPEG 2000 Codestream .jp2 - JPEG 2000 Image .jpg - JPEG Image .jps - Stereo JPS Image .Ibm - DeluxePaint Image .Imp - Quake LMP .m32 - M32 Image .m8 - M8 Image .mpo - Stereo MPO Image .pcx - PCX Image .png - PNG Image .spr - Quake SPR .tga - TGA Image .tspr - Text Spirite Set .wal - Quake II WAL Texture Additional animation output: .Default .bvh - BioVision Hierarchy Anim .dae - COLLADA .fbx - Autodesk FBX .gla - GHOUL2 Animation .gltf - gITF Model .iqm - Inter-Quake Model .md2 - Quake II MD2 .md3 - Quake III MD3 .md5anim - md5anim (Doom 3, Prey, ect) .mdl - Quake MDL .mdr - EF/Raven MDR .noefbxmulti - Multi-FBX Anim Sequence .psa - Unreal ActorX Animation .rda - RDA (anim) .smd - Valve SDM others options: -Flip UV's -No geometry -No animations -Rotate 90 -No textures Export that file and open it with Blender. now you can mod the 3D models
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    180 Thank you @SinowNeo617
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    Hey there, thanks for your interest Since Sega's code for PSOBB is such a pain to work with for developers, there is no new 3D models implemented on Ultima yet. For now the level of reskin here is about replacing the textures with new ones (color swap, playing with alphas etc) with the 3D ressources already ingame (model swap etc). Finger crossed to see this step-up one day
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    It should also be said that for those who are new to the game (which for me, are already more than the old players, if not, someone who denies me please) The missions "TTF RT and POD" are the most famous missions and "simple" so to speak. These missions for the new public are flashy and entertaining and are not so long, that is why sometimes there is a lot of spam from those missions, but after all they are the best! when you show the game to someone for the first time I think you take it to a TTF first, and that person feels good! Of course, as this person progresses, he will want to experience new missions, of which let me tell you, there are enough on the server
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    Lindcray Ep4 ULT Girtablublu Yellowboze Master Raven Ep4 ULT Girtablublu Skyly Rianov 303snr -1 Ep2 ULT Sinow Berill Viridia and Purplenum Ricos Parasol Ep4 ULT Pyro goran Redria Blue Black Stone Ep2 ULT Delbiter Viridia Last Swan Ep4 ULT Zu Skyly Rianov 303snr -3 Ep2 ULT Epsilon Viridia MagicRock Heart Key EP2 ULT Baranz Whitill Angel Harp Ep2 Ult Sinow Berill Pinkal
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    I'd recommend you to just whitelist the whole game folder.
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    Puedes unirte a la partida que se llama "Tenno" por favor. Fixed.
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    That mag is super cool. If you want, I could make you another sato with the photon blasts, stats, and color you want and trade it to you for that mag as long as it still has the 2 farlla photon blasts.
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    Don’t forget about your type/shot might wanna do the run/runs to get one to add freeze, hell or demons onto later. Definitely a must have
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    I just love gaming 👾
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    I understand that topic exists, but don't think it shows most of the recent quests / ultima quests, which is what you all probably use. Now the excel document in that thread had ultima quests, i'll peek at it.
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