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  1. Happy Christmas and have a great new year my fellow players
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  2. Welcome Ultima Have a nice bloody day ; may your blade remains sharp and cruel
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  3. Skyly Ultimate Komby confirmé Girasole
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  4. Damn sword almost hit me at the end! pso1482839934.bmp
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  5. Well now... that was a quick year.
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  8. Hahahahaha I achieved what I set out to do
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  9. Naughty Not everyone has a D: partition, true. Everyone has a C: partition, false. But that's irrelevant, I just tried and the installer prompts you that the default location is not found. I guess for most people that should be fine and they would select a different location, I guess I'll change it just to avoid any lazy people complaining that they have to click a button. It does work fine, as long as the antivirus doesn't crap itself.
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