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  3. flowgm


    i got one for sale. 5 dts pm if u want it.
  4. flowgm

    B>Cent Battle

    i got one. til u need it? pm me if u want it.
  5. flowgm

    S> Items

    suppressed gun 0/0/0/0|30 20DTS suppressed gun 35/0/30/0|70hit 35DTS yasminkov9k demons 0/0/0/0|35hit 27DTS outlaw star 0/0/0/25|40hit 25DTS adept 5DTS PM me if interested.
  6. Lobotomy


    If you are still interested 50 pds for a blank ring.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Thank you both @ink and @JupiterDeMars for your quick answers. I've reached the misty bridge but I couldn't pass through it so I used to go back to see if I had missed something. Thanks!
  9. When you get to the room with the warp in the middle take it, it'll take you to another room with a computer . Go near it and activate it so the door is unlock then leave the room and go back to the room and the door will be unlock (Note: you don't need to beat the enemies).After a few rooms, you be at the final door where you see the warp, take out the traps on the floor then use the auto walk to make it pass that mist because running will make the wind blow you back. being lazy credit to EJ psoworld a copy paste
  10. Surely this has already been solved but I'd like to know, how do you escape the mine in the 3-2 "Machines Attack" Mission?
  11. Hot damn! Back again. This time for good.


    Anyone remember me? Used to play a lot in 2015-2016.

  12. English: How's everybody? Riva here, I would like to know with which character you have more time in the game and why? I'll start: I have more time with my Ramar (Rivaille) I already have more than a thousand hours with him!!! He is my first character and I really love him, when I want to have fun and relax I always play with this specific character What about you? show me your character with more time in the game! Español: Como estan todos? aqui Riva, me gustaría saber con que personaje tienen mas tiempo en el juego y porque? Yo empiezo: Tengo mas tiempo con mi Ramar (Rivaille) Tengo ya mas de mil horas con el! Es mi primer personaje y la verdad le tengo mucho cariño, cuando quiero divertirme y relajarme siempre juego con este personaje en especifico :3 Que hay de ustedes? muestrenme su personaje con mas tiempo dentro del juego!
  13. Hey, sure, let me know when you're available
  14. Hey, would I be able to get the Glide divine v.00 and a proof of sonic team?
  15. did you get cent batlle? offer
  16. Yes x3 If you happen to be around, I'll be available for a bit since It's kinda late here (Otherwise not to worry It can be tomorrow or another day we get the chance )
  17. Hey! Would I be able to get a 2/182/15/0 Kama 199 mind Elenor with Leilla 0/75/124/0 Panzer? Thank you!
  18. Last week
  19. Mana

    S> Items

    Tsumikiri J-Sword [20/0/0/0|0]: 5 DTS Blood Tornado +33 [0/0/0/0|60]: 10 DTS Trade plz me
  20. Hawk

    S> Items

    Cool make a room bro I'm logging on
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