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Starting small but will keep adding on! For now we will do offers, but will add prices with research!


Sil Dragon Slayer +35 0/0/40/30/55

Blood Tornado +33 35/0/0/0/30

Vjaya 0/0/0/0/30

Diska of Bravemen 0/35/0/30/40

Diska of Bravemen 0/0/0/40/35

Slicer of Vengeance 0/100/0/0/20

Boomerang 0/0/0/45/35*

Silence Claw 15/25/0/0/30

Sacred Bow 0/0/0/40/35*

Psycho Wand 0/0/20/0

Chain Sawd 0/0/35/0/40

Caduceus 0/55/0/0/40

Double Cannon 45/0/0/0/35

Red Handgun 0/15/35/0/25

Frozen Shooter 0/25/0/0/30

Red Mechgun 0/45/0/40

Sange & Yasha +30 0/0/0/0/75*

Sange 0/35/0/35/30

Mahu 0/0/0/25/40

Flowen's Sword +85(Spirit) 0/30/0/0/30

Demolition Comet 0/35/0/0/35

Rainbow Baton +24 0/0/0/5/50

Lame D'Argent 0/0/5/0/10

Excalibur 0/35/0/20

Mille Faucilles +250 40/0/0/35/55

Vivienne 0/0/0/35/35

Clio 0/0/0/20

Daylight Scar +25 0/15/0/25/35

Ultima Reaper +15 40/0/0/35

Fury of the Beast 50/0/25/0



Agent K Costume

From The Depths

Three Seals

Yata Mirror

Tripolic Shield

Standstill Shield

Kasami Bracer

Flowen's Shield

Rico's Earring


Stink Frame

Sense Plate

Flowen's Frame

Guard Wave

DF Field

Luminous Field

Aura Field

Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou

Cursed Cloak

Select Cloak

Alliance Uniform

Commander Uniform

Vampire Cloak














Ultima Magi 5/170/25/0


Cell of Mag 502

Cell of Mag 213

Parts of Robochao

Heart of Opa Opa

Heart of Pian

Heart of Chao


Dragon's Claw

Hildebear's Head

Hildeblue's Head

Gi Gue's Body

Sinow Berill's Arms

Heart of Chu Chu

Heart of KAPU KAPU

Pioneer Parts

Rappy's Beak






Looking for PDs/DTs at the moment. Will update prices and armors soon. Feel free to message me an offer. Thanks!










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3 hours ago, vash1717 said:

Lame D'Argent 0/0/5/0/10


:( how much for this sad silver blade :onion60:

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21 hours ago, vash1717 said:


Master Sword +70 0/0/25/40/70*

Mille Faucilles +250 40/0/0/35/55

Three Seals

Psycho Black Crystal



Cant DM you, Price for these thanks

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