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Just going to do a few a time.


Charge Ten Years Blades +200 0/0/100/100/80

Min RR + Halo Rappy Souls

Arrest Needle 0/0/0/75/80

Arrest Faust 55H


LF: High Hit Over 80 for DF or DM(Sword/Arms), can toss in extra stuff or DTS.

      Decent Stat Chao Mag(Pow highest)

      Sealed J Sword(not tjs :P) 80 hit or close

      High Hit Over 80 on weapons



Thanks all!


-Millions (>^^)> <(^^<)




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3 hours ago, vash1717 said:

Lame D'Argent 0/0/5/0/10


:( how much for this sad silver blade :onion60:

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21 hours ago, vash1717 said:


Master Sword +70 0/0/25/40/70*

Mille Faucilles +250 40/0/0/35/55

Three Seals

Psycho Black Crystal



Cant DM you, Price for these thanks

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