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  1. ill trade 1 for an sta xD
  2. Petition to get "on the floor" by Icejjfish set as a lobby song option XD @Crank @MannyFresh @(Jay) @Light

  3. 35PD Love Rappy: 0/141/54/5 [M|E|P] "Red" This mag can be used for a HUnewearl Cent/Arms plan (replace 5 Mind Materials with 5 more Power Materials) or also a FOnewm Cent/Arms battle FO plan. I'd like to buy this mag, do you take DTS?
  4. Sure your allowed to outbid or compete, but you did neither. I gave my offer after the host said they had no set price, then you asked for a price... Just read the topic before you go asking dumb questions.
  5. Tellusis [Black] [0/156/44/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] I'd like to buy this lil guy 🙂
  6. lemme know what u got ❤️
  7. Hey, I'd like to custom order a mag build if you can do it, I have a ppp mag send me a pm if you are up for it 😊
  8. TSUMIKIRI J-SWORD +50 [40/0/0/0|80] 65DT id like to buy it ❤️
  9. josiah

    R-78 shop

    I'll take it, I'll be on most the day today, lemme know when works for you!
  10. josiah

    R-78 shop

    ppp mag still available?
  11. josiah


    PM me for any extra info and for prices, shoot me an offer and ill let yah know Inferno Girasole )/45/0/45/70 Blood Tornado 0/0/0/0/35 Egg Blaster 0/0/5/0/50 Madam's Umbrella 0'd SNOW QUEEN 0/0/0/40/45 Baranz Launcher 0/0/0/0/75 Flowens Sword AUW 3064 0/30/0/0/45 Hundred Souls 0/0/35/0/70 Hylian shield Kasami Bracer Yasakani Magatama Rico's Earing V801
  12. ur Trying to make a profit on lvl 25 techs??
  13. josiah

    sweet shop

    yea haha id only sell hylian for like 15
  14. josiah

    sweet shop

    please refer to first sentence of post.
  15. josiah

    sweet shop

    Serious inquiries only, dm me your offers Or for questions. 1-Inferno Girasole )/45/0/45/70 HOLD 2- Blood Tornado 0/0/0/0/35 3- Asteron Belt 0/30/0/45/30 4-Egg Blaster 0/0/5/0/50 5-Double Cannon 30/0/30/0/25 6-Master Sword 70/70/0/75 7-Madam's Umbrella 0'd 8-SNOW QUEEN 0/0/0/40/45 9-Psycho Raven 0'd 10-Baranz Launcher 0/0/0/0/75 11- Flowens Sword AUW 3064 0/30/0/0/45 12- Hundred Souls 0/0/35/0/70 13-Viviene 30 hit 14-Kusanagi 35/0/0/25/25 15-Flamberge 0/0/40/0/30 16-Bug Catching net 0/35/45/0/30 17-Hylian shield 18-Kasami Bracer 19-Yasakani Magatama 20-FTD(From The Depths) HOLD 21-Bewbs Costume 22-Rico's Earing 23-V801 24-Smartlink
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