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Ultima's Somewhat Secret Santa exchange

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It's almost here, that time of year,
where we set aside  time to spread Christmas cheer,
so gather 'round and hear, the instructions will be clear
Do not stress, do not fear
...something something drink some beer :onion97:

I’m sure you all feel it, that crispness in the air, the darkness at 4:30 in the afternoon, the Mariah Carey recommendation on your Spotify. Christmas is almost here! Now one of the best part of Christmas is having an excuse to make people a little bit happier and feel less alone. And in 2020 I think all of us could use something to lift our spirits. That’s why I’m organizing a secret Santa exchange for the server. I haven’t been here long, but since joining I have found a very kind and generous community. So over the next few weeks, lets remember that we are a community of people who love this game, love this server, and love each other. God bless us, every one!

- gift or gifts given must total to a value of 70pds or 10DTs minimum, and there is no limit on how generous you can be.
- unless specifically asked for, do not gift any one item worth less than 5pds (if you have any question about the value of something you can PM me)
- gifts will be exchanged the weekend before Christmas, December 18-20Please keep your Santa status a secret until that time. If you need to ask your assigned person a question, you can do it through me 😊
- your assigned person will be *random* if you would like to exchange presents with a specific person, you can do so outside of this event. The point here is to spread cheer and joy to everyone on the forum, not only the people you regularly interact with already.
- deadline to post and participate in this exchange will be midnight pacific time, November 16th. You will be PMed the name of the user you will be gifting by November 18th.
- you will then have one month to “shop” or hunt for something to gift that player. I encourage you to gift items rather than PDs or DTs (unless of course they as for it). We all know the feeling of getting a toy on Christmas vs getting a gift card. You will be able to refer to this thread to see the wish list of your player
- on December 18th, you will be responsible for either finding your player online, or PMing them to meet so you can gift them their present

How to participate
There's just a few things you need to provide in your post:
1. Acknowledge that you want to participate and that you understand the rules and guidelines
2. give a Christmas list to help guide your secret Santa. Please provide at least 8 items. (you may make changes to this list up to the Nov 20th, please refrain from making changes after that)

  • Please do not put items in your list that everyone would obviously want and are out of most people’s price range like STA, PGF, etc.
  • Please be specific with the items your list. If you want a mag specify which color and stats, don’t just write “ranger gear,” if your looking for a specific enemy %, etc.
  • Do not write the same item more than once or list a made-up item as a joke.
  • Do not write that you don’t want anything. Giving a gift is an exciting experience itself, we do not want to rob anyone of that
  • Please make sure at least 3 of your items are non-event items, so they can be hunted between now and the exchange

3. If you are unavailable to exchange gifts during the specified weekend (Dec 18-20) I would still like to try to accommodate you. please post the soonest available time afterwards that you can log on and meet your Santa and we will try and make it work.



- Le ou les cadeau(x) doivent avoir une valeur totale de 70 PDs ou 10 DTs minimum, et il n'y a pas de limite à votre générosité.
- Sauf si demandé explicitement, n'offrez pas un item d'une valeur de moins de 5 PDs (si vous avez des questions sur la valeur d'un item, demandez à moi ou Shiida).
- Les cadeaux seront échangés pendant le week-end avant Noël, du 18 au 20 Décembre. Veuillez garder votre cadeau secret jusque là. Si vous avez besoin de poser une question à votre receveur assigné, vous pouvez me le demander.
- Votre receveur assigné sera "aléatoire". Si vous souhaitez offrir un cadeau à une personne spécifique, vous pouvez le faire en dehors de cet évent. L'objectif ici est de répandre la joie et la bonne humeur sur tout le forum, et non seulement ceux que vous côtoyez tous les jours.
- La date limite pour poster et participer est le 15 Novembre à 9:00, heure française. Vous recevrez un MP avec le nom de la personne à qui vous devrez offrir un cadeau d'ici le 18 Novembre.
- Vous aurez ensuite un mois pour faire du shopping ou chasser pour offrir un cadeau à ce joueur. Je vous encourage à offrir des items plutôt que des PDs ou DTs (sauf si spécifiquement demandé). Vous pourrez voir la liste des items souhaités par votre receveur sur ce topic.
- Le 18 Décembre, vous aurez la responsabilité de trouver votre receveur / lui envoyer un MP pour lui offrir votre cadeau.

Comment participer
Vous devez renseigner plusieurs choses dans votre post:
1. Faites reconnaître que vous souhaiter participer et avez compris les règles du jeu.
2. Ajoutez une liste des items que vous souhaitez pour aider votre donneur secret. Veuillez indiquer au moins 8 objets désirés (vous pourrez changer cette liste jusqu'au 20 Novembre, mais ne changez plus après cette date)

  • Ne mettez pas d'items que manifestement tout le monde souhaite mais qui est hors de prix (ex: STA, PGF, etc ...)
  • Soyez spécifique dans ce que vous souhaitez : s'il s'agit d'un mag, précisez couleur et stats plutôt que juste "mag pour ranger" etc.
  • Ne mettez pas 2x le même item, et pas d'item inventé.
  • Ne mettez pas que vous ne souhaitez rien. Offrir un cadeau est une expérience excitante également pour votre donneur.
  • Veuillez mettre au moins 3 items qui peuvent s'obtenir hors Event.

3. Si vous êtes indisponibles pendant la période donnée, j'essayerai de trouver un arrangement, dites quand vous pourrez vous connecter au plus tôt.


I understand that Christmas is still a ways away, but we all have different schedules and I want to give people enough time to farm things for their assigned person. Plus, time seems to go by much faster during the holidays. I also understand that 70pds/10dts could be seen as a bit steep, but this needs to be worth people’s time, and I don’t think anyone wants “coal” (db sabers) for Christmas. Happy holidays everyone 🎄


download (1).jpg

ill go first:

"wow Jon this is such a great idea, I love the holidays and adding to my list of things I have to keep up with during them. here is my list..."

in no specific order
1. Slicer of Vengeance w/decent enemy% and/or hit
2. Crush Cannon/bullet with hit
3. S-rank needle (with or without hell)
4. Asteron striker w/ hit
5. Girasole or lavish blades
6. Glide divine
7. Magic rock heart key
8. Guld milla (or either of the two pieces)
9. power glove (stats don't matter)
10. Heaven punisher
11. Flowen's sword (spirit special) or Zanba with hit%

and I should be available anytime that week before christmas, if that changes ill make an edit here 😄

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Just want to give a shout out to my secret Santa @Duja aka DujaSanta, who managed to get me almost everything on my list, the highlight being a 45 hit crush bullet that I will cherish forever.  

It's almost here, that time of year, where we set aside  time to spread Christmas cheer, so gather 'round and hear, the instructions will be clear Do not stress, do not fear ...something somet

Thank you @Loïc Rl it took us a bit to get together because of time difference but we finally did it! he initiated a trade and had said he got me 3 different things. 1 Star Atomizer

Posted Images

Cool idea for sure! 

Sue's Coat

RR min

ID Cards besides Whitill and Viridia 

Laconium Axe


Heaven Striker

Hit Fire Rod

AN with hit

Red Sword 50hit or above

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This is a great idea! Count me in  🎁

1. Pbc 

2. Any S rank (special not needed)

3. proof of sonic team

4. bringers rifle with hits

5. red ring

6. anti dark ring

7. hylian shield

8. A special, put on a weapon for me 

9. d photon core

10. Mr nakas cards

11. serene swan (stats don’t matter)

12. yas 9k (stats don’t matter)

13.  Handgun guld 😭

14. two kamui 




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I'm in too, post our lists here?


-Luck mats


-Kiss of Death

-Cent battle

-Any ranged srank (slicer with zalure would be a plus)

-Hylian shield

-Red ring

-Red Sword with a little hit%

-Yas 9k with charge or demons 

-Wedding dress


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Brilliant! I'd love to be a part of this.

My list in no particular order

1. S-rank weapon (shot preferred for demon/hell but really w/e for zalure debuff as well)

2. Photon sphere

3. Anti-dark ring

4. Glide divine

5. TJS/sealed J sword Though.... That's a long shot. Just a dream :D.

6. Snow Queen/photon booster

7. Soul booster/100 souls

8. Zanba

9. Hylian shield

10. Ganadorf shield

11. My mother's love.

Merry Christmas all!!


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2 hours ago, jdhenry124 said:

PC<Mother's love?

mother grab https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item/&id=010143

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13 hours ago, RocketTots said:

Mom, not now. I am busy :onion-head28:

>Slap :onion119:<

Okay mom, be right there :onion118:

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This is fantastic. Yes count me in please.

In no particular order

  • Anti Dark Ring
  • Centurion/Battle
  • Crimson Sword/Red Sword with hit
  • Glide Divine
  • Lindcray
  • Neutron Skin
  • Ranged Zalure Weapon for Hunters
  • Rianov 5
  • Stellar Shard
  • Sweetheart
  • Three Seals
  • Wedding Dress
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Ahoy I would like to participate. Here is my wish list in no particular order:

  • max stat brightness circle
  • Laconium Axe
  • Hand Gun: Guld
  • Tension Blaster with hit
  • Any of the following ID cards: Greenil, Yellowboze, Blueful, or Pinkal
  • Prophets of Motov
  • all negative stat (i.e. -5 -5 -5 0 0) fo wep that ppl would use
  • Spread Needle or Arrest Needle with decent hit
  • Heaven Striker with hit
  • min stat rr to regift sry
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This is wonderful! As a new player, I'd love to share my spoils with other members of the community (hopefully somebody else relatively new)!

  1. Red Ring (min stats)
  2. Spread Needle/Arrest needle with more than 20 hit
  3. Demon/Hell Arms or Special put on my own Type/Wep
  4. Centurion Battle
  5. Wedding Dress
  6. Lindcray w/hit
  7. Crush Bullet
  8. Proof of Sonic Team

Can't wait to see who I get to gift!


Also, most may know me as Kisume in game.

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