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  1. Really love the idea of some new mags and other assets.
  2. What are those 70 DTS going toward in that case? Type shot of some variety?
  3. I think buffed personally. Higher drop rate is nice, and a little danger with friends is a lot of fun.
  4. Thanks for all the reccos guys, gonna go with hit
  5. I mainly use Ramar and wondering if I should triple stat or go with hit and 2 stats. Prob Machine and Dark? I guess I'm asking what are the important ata thresholds throughout the episodes and when is hit on PR necessary with each class?
  6. Ayyy happy bday!

  7. Love Rappy' Beak - Crimson Assassin - Bluefull - EP1 - Ultimate
  8. Big thanks to @jdhenry124 for organizing this event and coming in super clutch as my Secret Santa. He gifted me a Red sword, Psycho wand, and a bunch of Jack o' lantern stocking stuffers. Then initiates a trade and hits me with the Cent/Battle, absolutely floored. Super thankful and love to see these community things, really got me in the holiday spirit. Looking forward to more mini events with you folks. 😎
  9. This is awesome man! I'm also a musician and arranger, love to see this kind of thing.
  10. Ultimate - Redria- EP4 - Shambertin - SonicTeamArmor
  11. I'm in too, post our lists here? -Luck mats -Psychowand -Kiss of Death -Cent battle -Any ranged srank (slicer with zalure would be a plus) -Hylian shield -Red ring -Red Sword with a little hit% -Yas 9k with charge or demons -Wedding dress
  12. This is really nice, thanks for sharing. Ultima has been a great social zone, especially these last few months.
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