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Ultima's Time Attack Records

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My Best TTF Solo run so far with a lot of RNG Luck


14:39 As Hucast



Couldn't find any Hucast Speed Runs Not sure where this placed.

But needless to say, proud of my Attempt!



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I would like to challenge this record. I believe it is the Fastest TTF Record For Solo Hucast Ultimate On server. I really don't think i could of done much better, This was a Flawless run! Beats my Previous Record by over 1min and 45 seconds. Who has  a faster TTF Hucast Run?record.png.ea464dd50332251f5152b7438877c6f2.png

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2 hours ago, theancientsam said:

was tbat post removed? i dont see a video or time or anything

I can see the problem, kind of :rf-13: 

If you press Sylph's Time Attack Records that Is near the center of the window, It takes you to the first page of topic :onion-head70: but :rf-03: If you press Sylph's Time Attack Records that Is up, along Shoutgu's profile, which Is like the main title of the window, It takes you to Shoutgu's post of his Time Attack :onion120: 


(tl:dr Just press the first title you see up In the window :onion-head82:)

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ROCT TA with 46:20 remaining. We can still improve the time, but we're fed up with dealing with so many coin flips. 


Everyone's POV is linked in the description. Enjoy! 



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