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Living Pinata

Ending the 26/03/2017

Steps :

  1. Post on this topic to register
  2. Browse your bank and get 4-5 of your most stupid/funny weapons.
  3. Free 30 minutes of your time to play the event


What are we going to do exactly ?

  1. I will assign you a playmate randomly
  2. I will take you both for a walk into a random room (ep1, ep2 or ep4 depending on my mood)
  3. I will tank the monster and do nothing but watch and give the turn
  4. When it's your turn, you will draw a weapon a strike the monster once
  5. Then it will be your playmate turn, and he will do the same : one strike
  6. The first to kill the monster lose the round
  7. Rince and repeat for up to five monsters.
  8. The final winner is the one getting the most points*


Rules :

  1. You can only use stupid/funny weapons. Your level, armor, units, shield and mag doesn't matter.
  2. Force are allowed to use zalure once per monster (not counted as a strike, it's a plus)
  3. Cast are allowed to use damage trap once per monster (not counted as a strike, it's a plus)
  4. Non cast Hunters are allowed to strike once weaponless (not counted as a strike, it's a plus)
  5. Non cast Rangers are allowed to *ongoing* (not counted as a strike, it's a plus)
  6. You cannot use twice the same weapon between 3 turns
  7. If you miss your attack, you have to change your weapon and strike the monster twice instead. If you miss the two strikes you lose.

Score system :

1 monster killed by your playmate = 3 points for you

Then you get extra points (can be negative though) depending on how much attacks you both used to kill the monster :
1 - 2 attacks = +2 points
3 - 4 attacks = +1 point
5 - 6 attacks = +0 point
7 - 8  attacks = -1 point
9 or more attacks = -2 points

If the rules lost you, here is a nutshell :

You have to try to not kill the monster before your playmate does. Also, the less you had to attack the monster, the better your score will be. So trying to deal as few damage as possible, or dealing just enough so that your playmate have no choice but to kill the poor beast...

/!\ In the case you deal exactly 0 damage with a weapon, I reserve the right to prohibit the use of this weapon.


Prizes :



The winner get

  1. Raygun [0/50/50/0|50] [Demon's]
  2. DRAGON SLAYER [0/60/0/0|35] or DRAGON SLAYER [0/0/0/50|35]
  3. 99 Christmas Presents
  4. 99 Trigrinders
  5. 60 Mind materials
  6. 15 Scape Dolls

The second place get

  1. 25 Christmas Presents
  2. 99 Digrinders
  3. 30 Power Materials
  4. A pat in the back

The third place get

  1. Shifta lv 30
  2. Jellen lv 30
  3. Megid lv 27 or Megid lv 1
  4. 20 power materials or 20 mind mind material
  5. A pat in the neck

The fourth place get

  1. One Photon Drop from Dark Falz
  2. One Photon Drop from Olga Flow
  3. One Photon Drop from Harmony of Despair





Allowed weapons :


Any weapon with negative hit (-5 or -10 hit)
Any ID Card (like Skyly Card)
Any weapon made out of enemy part by Dr Montague
Phonon Maser
Sigh of a God

Madam's Umbrella
Tyrell's Parasol
Madam's Parasol
Rico's Parasol
Flower Cane
Amore Rose
Kan'ei Tsuho
Panther's Claw
Phoenix Claw
Wok Of Akiko's Shop
Sonic Knuckle
Tension Blaster
Akiko's Frying Pan
Harisen Battle Fan
Toy Hammer
Guld Milla
Rocket Punch
Samba Maracas
Bamboo Spear
Butterfly net
Chameleon Scythe
Plantain Huge Fan
Tree Clippers
Snake Spire
Angel Harp
Ano Rifle
Egg Blaster
Drill Launcher
Branch Of Pakupaku
Plantain Leaf
Rabbit Wand
Siren Glass Hammer
Striker Of Chao
5th Anniv. Blade
Akiko's Wok
Commander Blade
Evil Curst
Great Bouquet
Rainbow Baton
Akiko's Cleaver
Chain Sawd
Crazy Tune
Huge Battle Fan
Laconium Axe
Last Survivor
Game Magazine
Marina's Bag
Technical Crozier




Q : How do I know that my weapon is stupid/funny ?
A : There is a list of "allowed weapons" just above now

Q : Why should I play this event ?
A : You "should" not, but you "can" ; also you don't have anything to lose so, why not ?

Q : I did not understand how this event works...
A : Ok

Q : Am level 1 and have no stuff, can I play this event ?
A : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q : My question is not in the FAQ, how do I get an answer ?
A : What about asking me ? You can do so in this topic so that everyone will have the answer.



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How do we know the photon drops came from the places you say they did?

Also, register.

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Because I would feel really bad to reward you a photon drop from a booma.

Also you can trust me, after all I've been certified by Paganini himself ;)

Edited by Misombre
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14 minutes ago, Misombre said:

Because I would feel really bad to reward you a photon drop from a booma.

Also you can trust me, after all I've been certified by Paganini himself :


I want drop pics as proof.

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@radezz There is no level requirement. That is, I will try as much as possible to put people of the same level together. I'd not be fair to have a level 1 and 200 together by example, the level 200 would lose for sure.

It will start as soon as I get at least two people ready for it =)

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I have some questions for you


1) Can I ask them ?

2) Are we allowed to use any special ?

3) Does the difficulty depend on our stuff or our level only ?

4) Can I combo if I have to do two strikes ?

5) What if I miss my strike then miss one of the two next strikes ? If I have to do another two, then I could reiterate and do as many strikes as I wish ?

6) Are we allowed to hit once in the void to increase our chance of hitting with a hard attack ? (for things like gibbons and their high EVP)

7) Does Zalure stand for an attack ?

8) Why no love for HU and RA humans ?

9) How do I know that my weapon is stupid/funny ?

10) Why should I play this event ?

11) I did not understand how this event works...

12) How do I open the FAQ spoiler ?

13) What is a FAQ ?

14) Am level 200 and have stuff, can I play this event ?

15) What if I deal 0 damage ?

??) If I am first, can I swap my place with someone below me ? (I am highly interested in the Photon Drop from Harmony of Despair)

16) Can I get 99 Christmas Presents with 99 Noob/HP inside ?

16.5) Instead of the 99 Trigrinders, can I get 96 Trigrinders, 1 Digrinder and 1 Monogrinder ?

17) Can you answer my 14th question ?

18) What if the monster kills the Misombre ?

19) Why do you always make funny events ?

20) Why are you Misombre ?

78) Can you register me ?



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Make sure your weapons are valid also =)

I would make a list, but there is quite a lot of it and I will miss some.

Here is some items picked randomly here and there to give you all a rough idea :
Flower Bouquet, Rappy's Fan, Akiko's Cleaver, Login, Marina's bag, etc.


2) You can
3) Yes it does. If I got two people level 200, I will most likely take you into very hard / ultimate. If it's two level 1... well that'll be normal mode of course.
4) Yes you can.
5) No. If you miss, you have to do two strikes. If you miss one of those two strikes, it's fine and it stops there. If you miss both you lose. So at the very maximum, you will strike two times (in the eventuality that you missed your attack of course).
6) Yes you are. As long as there is only one strike on the monster. If you fail to time your attack correctly and end up striking twice, you lose the round. So that's a risk to take.
7) Not it does not. Also damage/freeze trap does not count for an attack either.
8) I dunno yet ; might do something about that but well...
15) If you deal 0 damage it's fine. Now... if you both deal 0 damage at every attack, I'll just pick another monster.
??) Yes you can
16.5) Hum... yes ?
18) The monster does not kill Misombre... unless they are told so of course.
78) You are registered.

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