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Harmony of Despair


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6 minutes ago, Lemon said:


K, the best would be you and R-78 working together to release crazy stuff with your OP Qedit skills ;)

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On 13/02/2017 at 4:38 PM, Soly said:

What's wrong with peeking into the office when nobody is around?

Are you afraid of someone stealing your secrets documents?

Yes, I am afraid of someone stealing the office's hidden PGFs.


On 20/02/2017 at 9:06 PM, Lemon said:

Why you gatta be so creative? It makes me look bad >.>

Sorry, I'll try to be less creative then.




Both parts have been updated, and the HOD2 final room issue should be fixed.

The origin of the problem was those pillar traps :


For some reason, at some point of the quest, loading their models could make your game crash (when their white arrows appear on the minimap, as they are loaded only when you are in their radius) thus why crashes happened when you get close to the top left corner of the last room.

I've already had this issue when warping in front of that room (the reason why HOD2 was splitted in two levels actually).

Let me know if you still have any issue.

Edited by R-78
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[mention=29768]Kettor[/mention] It is back.
2 days ago a full run for hod1 and it's pretty damn cool and very well developed. I got my batch and ready to play hod2.

Thanks man hope to see more of your work in the future.!!

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what a wicked quest R-78!

played for 20 years now and have yet to see a quest like this one.

Part 1 was somewhat difficult solo, especially figuring out the lighting traps in long room, kicked my ass for a few min but got it sorted.

On to part 2 now, lvl 131 fo Sonic

i guess this is why Ultima kicks ass so much.... puts lame sega server of old to shame :)

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