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Rip my booma off ! [mini-event]


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My booma want to buy something cool and useful.

My booma doesn't have any PSO knowledge because it have been living in a well all it's life...

My booma got 35 PDs to spend, not one more !

Rip my booma off !


Event begin the 30 september and end the 2 october.

Your goal is to sell something to my booma as overpriced as possible (max is 35 PDs).

You just have to make a post in this topic with :

  1. What you're selling
  2. What is your price
  3. Why my booma should absolutely buy it

To make things fair, this booma will be played by a 11 years old girl that have absolutely no knowledge in PSO. So you gotta make it attractive for a newbie.


Also, take in consideration that this is not a fictional selling.

It may be an event, but if you say, by example, that you're selling a Dragon Slayer for 35 PDs, and my booma agree to it : I will give you those 35 PDs and you will give me the dragon slayer.


You can exaggerate as much as you want about how good is the junk you're selling, but you cannot lie about the stats. 


Prizes : One Donation Ticket plus the PDs you will earn by selling some junk to my booma.


This event has been organized by Necromant to show you how pissed she was that no one got a Gladius rank in Delsaber Gauntlet =P


Traduction Française (ouais parce que j'en ai pas eu à l'event précédent alors je me lâche là)


Mon booma veut acheter quelque chose de cool et d'utile.

Mon booma n'a aucune connaissance de PSO car il a vécu dans un puits toute sa vie...

Mon booma a 35 PDs à dépenser, pas un de plus !

Arnaqumon booma !


Cet événement comme le 30 septembre et fini le 2 octobre.

Votre objectif est de vendre quelque chose à mon booma aussi cher que possible (le max est de 35 PDs).

Vous devez juste poster ici les infos suivantes :

  1. Le nom et une brève description de ce que vous vendez
  2. Votre prix
  3. Pourquoi mon booma doit à tout prix acheter votre camelote

Pour mettre les choses au clair, ce booma sera jouer par une fillette de 11 ans qui n'a absolument aucune connaissance de PSO. Donc il vaut mieux que vous essayiez de rendre ça attractif pour un petit nouveau.


Aussi, prenez en considération que ce n'est pas une vente pour de faux.

Cela a beau être un événement, si vous dites, par exemple, que vous vendez une Dragon Slayer pour 35 PDs, et que mon booma est d'accord pour l'acheter : je vous donnerai ces 35 PDs et vous me donnerez la Dragon Slayer.


Vous pouvez exagérer autant que vous le souhaitez sur la qualité de ce que vous vendez, mais vous ne pouvez pas mentir sur ses stats (ATP, DEF, etc.).


Prix : 1 DT plus les PDs que vous gagnerez en vendant votre camelote à mon booma.


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S>Chu Chu mag for 25 pds! :D

You should totally buy this mag cause it's strong and the cutest thing ever!

Even if you out grow it you can even use it to make a armor with even more Chu chus!


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You can also provide picture if you think that will help your cause.

Be explicit if you describe it, but not voluble. Booma is smart but young, can get easily bored with long description (I guess).

I think Azen example is not bad. It get the job done =)

@Azen Remember that you can only sell something you have. So you gotta have those 3 Chu Chu mags in case my Booma want it =)

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S> 10 Telepipes 3 PDs each

I offer you a chance to take revenge, strike back and catch the evil Humars by suprise while they are asleep on Pioneer ! 

You will become a legend and the first Booma ever on Pioneer

You can use these telepipes to teleport whenever u want to Pioneer 1

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Hello Booma

ImTempted and i will sell you my friendship and help if misombre ever lets u make an account to play on : )

you want my help.. not because i'm the best... i am not the best.. but because i have patience and will explain things

step by step to you to help you learn as fast as possible..


Buying my eternal friendship (eternal means forever young one) comes at the low price of 15 Pd's

its totally worth the price offered and you want to do it because sharing is caring and i know u care about what

those 15 pd's are going to do for us (when u make an account ofc..)

even if you do not plan on playing the game and i wont be able to help u out... you never know when

you might change your mind and decide to play and i will be there for you when you do : )

these 15 pd's will carve the way for our future!!!

By the way booma this is what u call an investment u put Pd's into something u can be apart of

that will pay off wayy more then what u put into it in the future <3

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forgot to mention something....
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Selling: Telepipe + Monomate

Prize: 35pds

When ur parents dont allow u to go out, wherever u want, then this sweet lil Telepipe will save ur day.

Even when u get lost, THIS lil telepipe WILL save UR day.

With that Telepipe, u carry ur home everywere u want to.

Cause whenever u set it, u can go back home (or maybe meet some other strangers at pionier 2) ANYWAY!

And just because it doesnt even cost 1 meseta u only win by trading it for those (mostly) useless pds.

And also if u agree to the trade in under 20 seconds, ill also give u this delicious treat (Monomate) for FREE my lovely lil Bomma :D


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Young Booma il offer you some items that may interest you

v101 for speed with this youre hits gona be much faster 

3 centurion ability with those ones you gona feel how your ability increase drastically

robochao mag  with this little friend you will not be afraid  while fighting youre enemies, this little one gona help you fight =D and do thte dirty work with his pbs!!

You may be asking wow how much this cost   and the answer its simple young one 35 pds for this wonderful pack 

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Selling: VARISTA

Price: 35 pds

Who wouldn't want this legendary pistol??! With 155-210 ATP and 25 ATA, you'll be killing things from a long distance with ease! Got a pesky mothvert that you just can't seem to kill? Well, this will answer all of your problems! This pistol even has SEIZE!!!  Now you can even freeze them in place, so you don't have to go chasing those pesky f*ckers around! With that combination of power, there won't be anything you can't solo! Even with no stats, 35 pds for this VERY USEFUL weapon is very worth it!


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how   about , Selling,, DAYLIGHT SCAR !!! very good DLS it has 20 hit and a sweet and pretty berserck special, u can really usefull this, it has triple stats

-20 hit for no fail

-35 native for those fuck Bo, oh no nvm xD, For That F*ck Dragon of ultimate

- 20 abeast to make you self as a beast :'')

only for 35 pds, this is very usefull and  it has  62 of ata and 584 ATP u will be stronger than other classes

how about this, interesant offer? i hope this will helpfully u :V sorry for bad english i'm speak spanish more than english

i'm also bored :P

Good luck and Regards

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Hello Booma,


I heard you got bullied by the evil Hildeblue-gang yesterday when you decided to take a walk through Forest 2. Those 3 hildebears and their blue leader have been making lots of trouble in the past weeks...

I heard them saying the want to gang up on you tomorrow too.

I know how big, strong and scary they are :(


You should know I offer some... special kind of services and since you're such a nice fellow, I have a super special offer for you...

For only 35 pds, I will pay them a visit and teach them some manners. It's quite possible my Zanbacon might "accidently" cut their heads off, what a shame :rolleyes:

 As a friendship Bonus, their heads will be all yours, you can use them for quite a few things. They always make a nice decoration and you can show everyone in Forest how badass you are. You could even use them to scare the other Boomas for Halloween, wouldn't that be fun?:onion-head05:


Im also pretty sure their death will dramatically raise your popularity in the Forests, everyone is scared of these guys after all.

They will probably treat you as their hero after this and shower you with gifts. You always dreamed about that, right? I can make your dream reality.

Too good to be true? Wrong!

Sign here and we have a deal.


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I have JUST for you a 4 SLOT FRAME!

why would you buy a weapon if you CANT EQUIP IT?

a weapon is a weapon, but 4 SLOTS can be ANYTHING!!

You can equip ANY unit you want AND up to 4 OF THEM!

Don't fall for a silly offer for JUST a weapon!! When you can have ANY stat you want with 4 SLOTS!!!

You can have this AMAZING 4 SLOT FRAME for ONLY 35 pds! 


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Selling a dragon slayer and heavenly power combo!

This combo will not only allow you to use the awesome item, but it will have you swinging a sword in style!  You'll look like the Princess of Ragol!

Enjoy the fabulous pinks and purples of your fantastic sword! Be amazed as you are able to traverse normal mode like Dora exploring!

The price is a low 35pd.


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S>Booma's right arm, might get useful if you ever get caught in a fight with some guy with a dragon slayer. Or if you want to impress the crowd, I could throw a Gigobooma right arm, strongest booma upgrade by the way. I give you both for 35pds, I got told they go for more usually.

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