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Valentine's Event - 2016


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Maybe it has something to do with the server kill count but not sure why it wouldn't be mentioned

Is there a way to see that information? Or do we just run lots of max attack S games? ^,.,^

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Thanks to all member of the staff for helping in making this event possible thanks!!

Larva, could you please turn on TTF ULTIMA quest for the event? You haven't turned it on for 2 years now, and it's one of the most fun quests the server has ever had. We really need some new quests to play, it's really a shame we haven't been able to play the one that is actually named after the server in so long.

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Don't forget max attack ver 1 on ep1 :I type weps

smells nice on whitill near rappies

Solving new wep issues;

pso folder > data >backup itemtextureep4.afs >rename itemtextureep4.pat to itemtexturep4.afs

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Oh so Lindcray is hunewearl only ? Well, if that's a useful weapon (people have confirmed it, which is good, but we still have no idea what that lindcray actually is and does), that's an excellent news and should stay huney only imo.

Now some stats please ! =)

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