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Christmas Mini Event! Approved by Larva!

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Ultima - Mag Event On 19th December, bring the following to any GM in game: A baby mag (If you don't have one, make a new character and transfer the baby mag on the noob to another character). 10

nah that gives work to check any do

i regret opening some... but look at the positive side D: we still have time to hunt

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Ultima administrators and the GMs for making this mini-event come true.

A special thank to Rocky for helping a confused spellcaster find his new mag friends within short notice and with polite manner.

I managed to hunt down enough red nosed Rappy for two shiny new mags.... took quite a while though (understatement).

It also happens so that I was hunting for noOb/hp the day before...little did I know about this event hahaha.... no more temple for a while i believe!

Wish all the community a great weekend. Enjoy your hunt and good luck!


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Oh, are the presents no longer redeemable today? If so, what time tomorrow were you considering for the 30 minute rush redemption? I shouldn't have assumed that the event being on today was like, admins being available 24 hours... that was kinda dumb of me...

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i got the stuff for my 3rd mah but no gm isa om D:

edit pic for proof8f349014d8.jpg

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I was waiting for a GM aswell here's the proof I got the presents

Edit, I can't seem to find a way to upload the image, it tells me I'm not alllowed to use this image extension here's a link though.


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Might do a 30 minute rush redeeming tomorrow for the time the event was down.

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Might need more than 30minutes because of how many people been waiting, no gm has been available for many many hours now. Been holding on to ten presents that teammate wanted redeemed since he couldn't be on tonight, but it seems I didn't even need to since nothing is happening tonight from the look of it. good luck

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