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KajeX Summer Meme Mini Event - Add TP Sumbissions (Ultima Event Themes Only)


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This topic will be for submissions for Category 2 memes to earn max TP on a character. Please read the official rules here before submitting anything.

DO NOT ask questions here. All replies will be considered as a submission. Only post images here.

This thread is for Ultima Event themes only.

Acceptable example - About an ultima mini event for using photon crystals to add hit on weapons. Previous KajeX mini event.


Unacceptable example - Not unique to ultima and not an event.


Note: All of these meme topics will be merged after the event into a single Ultima-themed meme topic to reduce clutter. We may occasionally choose to post these on the official Ultima social media pages if they are awesome enough (and if you are okay with us sharing the awesomeness).

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Winners! Come see me for prizes!

1 - El Socko - Pub is closed
2 - Cyane - A photon drop?
3 - Mayte - Halloween belras
4 - MiniSoji - shut up and take my money
5 - Master Debaytes - summer event drop tables

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