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  1. B> Rabarta Merge or amp. of rabarta

  2. Redria ult Falz: DF shield Vol opt: Kroes
  3. B> Rabarta Merge/ amp. of rabarta

  4. B> Rabarta Merge/ amp. of rabarta

  5. B> Rabarta merge/ amp. of rabarta

  6. B> Rabarta Merge or amp. of rabarta

  7. B> Rabarta Merge or amp. of rabarta

  8. How about saying after a particular hunting time, one should have >50% chance to get at least one drop? Assume 15 mins per pod (ofc some ppl can do it faster, but I believe 15 mins is fast enough especially if wc/coffee/cigarette break are taken into account) If the rate is 1/500, one needs 347 runs to have more than 50% rate getting at least one drop. That's like 87 hours or more than 2 weeks full time hunting. 1-(1-1/500)^347=50.07% For 1/700, one needs 485 runs, which is 121 Hr or 3 weeks full time hunting. 1-(1-1/700)^485=50.01% How much time does people need to work for earning 150 USD/dts to buy a STA? Obviously 1/500 or 1/700 is way too low.
  9. This is off topic. But multiply 2/64 by 3 is not 6/192 but 6/64.
  10. Uranus

    Trade shop

    I have a lot of techs 25+.
  11. lol luckily not another 5 am HH for european... even for american that's midnight.
  12. B> Rabarta Merge

  13. RR (any) Red Barrier Amplifer of Rabarta (or Rabarta Merge or Blue Barrier) PoST SB Glide Divine V.00 Paying in PDs/DTs. TY
  14. The only thing PoSS could be nice is that the ATA bonus in on the wep but not the character, so can go over the class max. However the only useful wep on this list is probably excalibur... Edit: Jizai/ S&Y good to use with PoSS?
  15. According to some Japanese data, can't guarantee this list is 100% correct. Red Saber Ancient Saber Elysion Kaladgolg Durandal Delsaber's Buster Lavis Canon Kusanagi Flamberge Excalibur Galatine Agito/Orotiagito Sange Yasha Kamui Two Kamui Yamigarasu Guren Shouren Shichishito Murasame Yamato Musashi Asuka Sange & Yasha Raikiri Jizai
  16. B> Foie merge, Rabarta merge.

  17. After testing, Glide Divine V.00 now does +100% si-techs boost.
  18. lol I am lagged. Just found my V.00 no longer has J/Z boost and wanna ask here. Now it is a extremely powerful simple-tech boost wep. TY Larva and CY/Fyrewolf/Midori for the comments and contribution.
  19. As title, buying AS with native/ a. beast, no hit is fine. Paying 10~15 PD depending on stats. TY Edit: Done. Can be closed ty.
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