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Found 25 results

  1. B>Pycho Raven Thank you @Sergio2kx
  2. buying red ring max with dts send me a msg if u have one 15dts
  3. Hi, I'm looking to trade my RR for a Hylian shield. PM me if you want to set up a time to trade!
  4. Hello, I was playing from early, before starting HH, when HH started I went after the RED RING, and when we defeated Dark Falz the RED RING fell, and when I went to collect it I was disconnected, someone from the Staff can you help me? Why would I get this item :/ translated by Google Translate Guildcard: 42188000 Character Slot: 2 Date/Time: 06/11/2017 - 02:50 UTC -0 Description: Disconnected after killing Dark Falz
  5. PM me if you're interested in selling.
  6. Buy>Red ring for 10 DT
  7. Ban's Trade list Welcome to my trade list WANTS: DTs, d-photon core/gael gill, + offers Updated last: 29 Jan 2018 Master Sword 0/40/0/100|60 70 dts Centurion Battle 25 dts Psycho Black Crystal 20 dts Snow Queen 70 hit Macho Blades 15 dts red ring 10 dts Hylian Shield 10 dts Boomerang [0/0/40/0|30] 10 dts Great Fairy Sword +99 [35/40/0/0|45] 15 dts WEAPONS (PDs) Flowen's Sword (3079) +9 [25/0/0/0|35] [Charge] 40 pds Vulcan +2 [50/0/0/0|50] [Demon's] 10 pds Rage De Glace 30/0/0/35|30 50 pds Vivienne [0/0/0/40|35] Zanbacon +1 [4/0/0/20|69] raygun +6 [30/0/0/85|0] [Berserk] TYRELL'S PARASOL [0/0/50/0|0] RAMBLING MAY [0/40/0/50|0] LAST SWAN [0/0/30/40|0] SUMMIT MOON [0/0/0/40|50] DISKA OF BRAVEMAN +9 [0/30/40/0|35] RAINBOW BATON +24 [0/50/0/50|50] RIANOV 303SNR-4 [0/40/0/60|0] Glide Divine .00 ANGEL HARP [40/30/0/0|40] Soul Vulcan 40/0/0/0/45 Demon's Raygun 25 hit DISKA OF BRAVEMAN [35/0/0/0|35] DISKA OF BRAVEMAN [35/30/0/0|30] SLICER OF VENGEANCE [0/0/0/35|0] Raygun +5 [0/0/0/30|25] [Demon's] Raygun +4 [0/0/40/0|35] [Hell] Raygun [0/0/0/0|40] [Arrest] DAYLIGHT SCAR [30/0/0/35|25] FROZEN SHOOTER [35/0/0/0|30] ARMORS/SHIELDS Kroe's sweater 15pds Dress Plate 10pds Genpei 10pds DF shield 5 dts Agent K costume 5 dts Wedding Dress 10 dts Red Ring 15 dts other stuff Centurion/resist 5 dts Centurion/Tech Centurion/Battle 25 dts Centurion/Ability 5 pds LV 29 attack spells, LV 30 support def Material x99 evade materials x99
  8. Trade Hylian Shield for Red Ring PM Me.
  9. If you find something you like, just message me and we'll figure a price out. I try to be fair with prices. Accepting pds or dts, whatever you have, really. Most of the weapons have some kind of hit percentage.
  10. I have a Red Ring with +61 DFP and +13 EVP. Wanting to swap it for a min/low Red Ring + something. Don't have any really specific wants, but DTs and PDs are always good.
  11. I've got DTs and a few photon drops. Whats a Grill gotta do to get a RR? Fairly uneducated in the price and especially with the difference in possible stats so be nice.
  12. I am auctioning a Mid-level Red Ring. DFP + 206 I ask for the first bid to be 10DT, and the auction will conclude Wednesday, November 2 at 7:00PM CST Thanks for your interest, and good luck! *To protect integrity of the auction, please do not PM me offers.
  13. Morv

    Buy items dts

    Arrest Needle guld milla Mille marteaux yask demon and charge nug zooka C Ability Wedding Dress RR
  14. My Offer: -Min RR -Kroe's -30 PD's PM if you're interested cheers
  15. Guildcards: 42157672 and 42097545 Character Slot: 1 and 3 respectively Date/Time: 18/03/2016 - around 20:45 CET Description: I was playing Path to Salvation multiclienting with my RA (42157672 slot 1) and FO (42097545 slot 3). I am hunting stuff on Redria, but I always send the Redria FO to the lobby before Dark Falz so I can use the RAs Whitill ID for Red Ring. A Red Ring dropped, I picked it up and created a new room with the FO, had the RA join and only wanted to quickly drop transfer the RR to the FO. I saw her pick it up, but about maybe 5 seconds after that, both clients got disconnected. Turns out the whole server had crashed(?)/restarted at that time. When I logged in both characters a few minutes after the incident, neither did have that "new" RR in their inventory. Please note though both already did have "their own" RR equipped. Comments: I took two screenshots in the Dark Falz arena: the first one with the RR still on the ground as the "Happy Hour 60 minutes left" banner was on-screen. I then picked it up but since the HH banner was still active, my "Polar has found a RR" announcement banner got queued so I waited a few seconds until it appeared and took a screenshot of that. As my screenshot file names include the exact time (I use Fraps for screenshots, not the PSO BMP folder), the server logs should show a RR drop somwhere around 20:39 CET time on Guildcard 42157672. The two screenshots (note the file names):
  16. At level 200 most classes will have sonic team armor and red ring equipped most of the time putting their resistances to 110/110/110/85/85 so that gives you full immunity to all elemental attacks except light and dark ones. I notice a lot of max stat plans have using adept to max out being more optimal than centurion/arms because of the 6 resistances. What I'm wondering is what difference 91 resistance in light and dark will make. What do you survive or have a better chance of surviving with 6 more resistances in light and dark. Of course if you want full immunity you equip a wizard/resist.
  17. ultrajerky

    S>Min RR

    ill take pd's or dt's for this, but i'd prefer dt's. offer me up fellas
  18. PM me its stats, I'll give you an offer. I'm prepared to pay mostly in PD's. *The only items I would potentially trade are lvl 200 power Rati's or an FTD. You're welcome to poke around in my trade list in my signature, but that's mostly small scheisse. Grazie!
  19. Ok, I just recently got my hands on a RR. I am still on the lookout for anyone willing to sell off a Cent/Battle! Will offer up DTs in exchange, just PM me an offer of what you'd like for it! I am also looking for a Psycho Black Crystal or Psycho Ravens (Blank stats preferably) which I will pay up to 15 DTS for!
  20. Preferably, all will have hit, and maybe A.beast or dark. If it doesn't have hit or percents, it's fine! PM me if you have any of these bad boys here. Hunter Weapons CHAIN SAWD LAME D' ARGENT EXCALIBUR PSYCHO RAVEN RED SWORD ZANBA Ranger Weapons HEAVEN PUNISHER HEAVEN STRIKER SPREAD NEEDLE x2 YASMISNKOV 9000M Armor/Units ADEPT CENTURION/ARMS FROM THE DEPTHS HYLIAN SHIELD LIMITER RED RING WEDDING DRESS Reply here or PM if you have any, thanks for stopping by
  21. Hello, Since i got DTS i want to buy a WD and a RR. I'm looking for max stats,but ones with good stats will do too. Paying in DTS,make offers.
  22. Hi GM`s I just wanted to make an Status report about the exploited RR`s that we/i have found. /the other Topic was closed. Maybe its easier to find them all , if we List the Red Rings and the ones we have given to others. I have found 4 RR`s with Under9000 in some runs we shared them each of us got 2 1 of my 2 Red Rings i gave to Faki the last one back to Mio = - 4RR`s
  23. NOFEAR

    S>Red Ring

    Hi there ^^ Im selling Red Ring (a must in every class). Stats : DFP 150 EVP 232 ATP 20 ATA 20 MST 20 LUCK 20 Wants : Photon Drops! You can check my tradelist for more awesome stuff Thanks!
  24. vitorffo

    meu momento

    Bom...eu sei que muita gente tem RedRing mas esse foi o meu primeiro e nao poderia deixar de compartilhar esse momento de alegria minha ja que eu estava ha muito tempo procurando ! espero que essa seja uma das muitas coquistas que viram !
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